Official music video for Cyril Neville's cover of Rush's Working Man now online

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 9:35AM

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#25 - Posted 12/17/13 @7:14PM by jaeger [contact]

#14 Maybe Ziggy Marley could do it?!
#24 - Posted 12/15/13 @6:59PM by 5andman [contact]

I like it!
Great rendition by Cyril Neville, he really made it his own and kept the essences of the song intact.
#23 - Posted 12/12/13 @7:06PM by conniemack99 [contact]

love it! and it's very rare that i say that about any rush cover.
#22 - Posted 12/12/13 @2:17PM by mitch18ss [contact]

#14: Hilarious!
#21 - Posted 12/12/13 @1:18PM by CraigJ [contact]

I just sampled most of the album on Amazon. If you like that kind of music it's really good.
#20 - Posted 12/12/13 @7:01AM by jaeger [contact]

#11: Exactly!
#19 - Posted 12/11/13 @6:16PM by Hill

I love it!

Honorable mention goes to Steel Assassin for their take on Red Sector A. That one was one of the better Rush adaptations also.
#18 - Posted 12/11/13 @5:08PM by Tom [contact]

Brilliant cover by Neville - i think it is probably the best cover of a Rush Song I've heard because it retains the essence of that song but doing it his own way. Have just purchased it!
#17 - Posted 12/11/13 @3:36PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Hey RR,

Thanks for the shout out. This is one of the finest covers of Rush I have ever seen. Hope all is well for all of you out there. Happy Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas or whatever you practice or don't to all.

#16 - Posted 12/11/13 @3:30PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

So, the poor dude has a heart attack at the end and the kid picks up the tool and continues the concept and nice video, great cover!

Watch out Lance the Shred, this dude is giving you a run for your money in the air guitar world!


P.S....jiminseattle...get this thread a poppin! xD
#15 - Posted 12/11/13 @2:48PM by Lynne G [contact]

WOW!!! Beauty eh!!
#14 - Posted 12/11/13 @2:20PM by snowdog20 [contact]

Awesome! Love to see what he would do with Digital Man...
#13 - Posted 12/11/13 @2:19PM by Narpetof2 [contact]

It comes full circle: Black bluesman interpreting a white rock group interpreting black blues. Rush's version still holds up today!
#12 - Posted 12/11/13 @2:05PM by Tom [contact]

Pleasantly surprised that they are above David Bowie (who is also fine btw)
#11 - Posted 12/11/13 @2:00PM by weirdharold2112 [contact]

That is how you make a tune your own without screwing up what made the original great to begin with. Awesome version.
#10 - Posted 12/11/13 @1:59PM by ccbentley [contact]

Best Rush cover I've heard yet! The video really captures the "soul" of the song.
#9 - Posted 12/11/13 @1:58PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Very tasty indeed.
#8 - Posted 12/11/13 @1:51PM by TheLivingNight [contact]

I love it.
#7 - Posted 12/11/13 @1:50PM by CraigJ [contact]

Works for me!
#6 - Posted 12/11/13 @1:35PM by rushfreak101 [contact]

wooow that was fantastic yeah I agree boys will be happy with this cover
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