Online campaign for Google Doodle to celebrate 40th anniversary of Rush's debut album

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 11:27AM

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#20 - Posted 12/12/13 @7:01PM by SlappintheBass [contact]

I was 17 when this album came out. Played my auto 8 track over and over on volume 11 for two years. Don't think I ever took the tape out of the deck for that period of time.
What great writers Alex and Geddy are together. Even as kids these guys ripped it.

Even without Neil some of my favourite stuff is on that album.

40 years?

Can't be!
#19 - Posted 12/11/13 @10:17AM by MGRushFan


And a little more. Have fun sucking up to google folks!
#18 - Posted 12/10/13 @7:57PM by MGRushFan


Just a little documentation for those who feel the need to beg google for recognition.
#17 - Posted 12/10/13 @7:54PM by MGRushFan

I doubt it. Google is a big supporter of right wing entities like the Heritage foundation and Grover Norquist. Not to mention their collaberation with the NSA to track and surveil the American people. But hey, if you wanna suck up to an entity like that, have at it.
#16 - Posted 12/10/13 @11:58AM by TMMB [contact]

Well...fortunately, we have a Peart of 2013 who has progressed since 1974-1986 and I think would be honored by such a gesture.
#15 - Posted 12/10/13 @11:56AM by Jodeo [contact]

Sent the following:

Google People,

How can you NOT honor a band whose first track on their first record was "Finding My Way"? Please consider the 40th anniversary of this fine band on March 1, 2014 with a Google Doodle.

Ever onward
#14 - Posted 12/10/13 @10:56AM by MGRushFan

@#12, yes, exactly, which is why i wrote the Peart of 74-86. Mystic Rhythms came out in 86.
#13 - Posted 12/10/13 @6:37AM by deslock [contact]

I'm a huge Rush head... however, I don't see this happening. Google Doodles tend to be for holidays and people who've had a tremendous impact on society. Rush is important to me, and they've influenced many musicians/listeners, but they're still just a rock band (with a medium-sized fan base).

That written, July 29, 2014 is a more important date: it's the anniversary of Neil Peart joining the band (and, coincidently, Geddy Lee's birthday). 40 years with the same line-up is impressive.
#12 - Posted 12/9/13 @8:09PM by Rob [contact]

The Peart of 74 thru 86 couldn't have conceived the concept of an internet search engine.

Also, don't remember Peart or any other member of Rush balking at the use of Mystic Rhythms for the NBC news show 1986. In fact they approved it.
#11 - Posted 12/9/13 @5:12PM by Ian Harris

I'll get the obvious one in first: two Rush star men over the 'oo' of Google, like two bass drums. Now we've got that out of the way, perhaps someone else can think of something more creative!
#10 - Posted 12/9/13 @4:30PM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

I like the March 1st release date best since that is my birthday. I think the iconic RUSH lettering on the first record spelling out 'Google' would be the most effective, though I don't remember Google commemorating to many rock album debuts.
#9 - Posted 12/9/13 @3:20PM by Runkerry

Agree it's a great idea. The e-mail hit my spam folder so I deleted it, but having now seen this post, have duly e-mailed in support with a suggestion.

Yeah, I guess it might not fly but I think this would be pretty damn cool, and a fitting recognition of 40 years of excellence from the boys. If nothing else, the majority of people using Google that day, would wonder what the hell it meant!
#8 - Posted 12/9/13 @2:27PM by TMMB [contact]

I think it's a neat idea and I for one will send an email to Google requesting consideration.
#7 - Posted 12/9/13 @2:21PM by MGRushFan

Has it really come down to this? Rush fans actually caring if Google decides to acknowledge the first Rush album or not? gimme a break. The Peart of 1974-1986 would be spitting on all of those so-called fans.
#6 - Posted 12/9/13 @2:17PM by What-A-Rush

I agree that this is a cool idea but I wonder if the LAC ( Library and Archives Canada) might have info. on the exact date of the Moon release. According to Robert Telleria's biography 'Merely Players' from 2002 he states that the first album was released in Canada in January 1974. Likewise, I'm sure that the Library of Congress could determine the date of the Mercury release in the U.S. In both cases, they should have the correct release date documented in the archives when it was initially available for commerce as a "sound recording". Just a thought.
#5 - Posted 12/9/13 @1:38PM by mayfield703

"There are countless other albums from other groups that could be considered candidates"

it isn't about the album it is about the start of Rush.

" and I am pretty sure that Google is not going to do a doodle for every one of those. "

of course not, their fans aren't insane like Rush's fans and won't pester them to death with countles emails like what happened with the rock hall of fame.

plus there's 360 days a year they need to fill with doodles.
#4 - Posted 12/9/13 @1:30PM by CraigJ [contact]

#1 I was wondering the same.
#3 I agree. Maybe for ?
#3 - Posted 12/9/13 @12:50PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

I doubt that this will fly. There are countless other albums from other groups that could be considered candidates and I am pretty sure that Google is not going to do a doodle for every one of those.

Yeah, but this is Rush, you say... Well, ok, but let's be realistic
#2 - Posted 12/9/13 @11:49AM by byteme [contact]

I would also be interested in knowing how they got the list of email addresses, as I received the same email.

I think it is a great idea but I question how successful the effort will be.
#1 - Posted 12/9/13 @11:39AM by Ian Harris

It would be good to know who's behind this. And how they got my email address if it isn't tied to the band or an obvious site like this or tnms.

Good idea, if the dates are right.
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