New book Behind the Stage Door from concert promoter Rich Engler features foreword by Alex Lifeson

Posted on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 5:05PM

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#5 - Posted 12/9/13 @2:08PM by clohrox_bleach [contact]

Oh, Engler's from my hometown! Rush have a rich history and special connection with Pittsburgh--after all, the first show Neil played with Rush was at the Civic Arena (now, alas, torn down). Might check this out!
#4 - Posted 12/9/13 @10:26AM by winstontizzer [contact]

Hi all
Ive got the bluray disc and like others I am disappointed by the audio quality of the drums. I have tinkered with it on my low budget soundbar but it still leaves a lotto be desired. By the way, I was led to understand that the disc contains a behnd the scenes documentary of the tour but in the disc extras all I can track down is a very short piece pre-show where the string section are present etc. Am I missing something or does this snippet constitute the documentary. Or is the documentary only on a package of the bluray and audio cd?
#3 - Posted 12/9/13 @12:11AM by drummerboy2112

So almost 3 weeks with the blu ray.

I have a few systems in my home, one a theater room that's 7.2 and our family room that has an installed in wall/ceiling 5.1 system. The 5.1 corrected almost all the faults that I found. Not sure if losing 2 speakers made up for it, ie sending the cymbal and snare sounds to the front speakers, but I hear everything a bit better. Not totally perfect, but def listenable. This follows the line that if I keep removing speakers, down to 2 (ear buds) then the signal containing all the instrumentation will be easily sent either left or right. The most obvious sounds that cut through the best are all of Neil's electronics (synthetic), Ged's keyboards (synthetic), and the guitar (with all his effects, basically synthetic). The bass guitar destroys my rooms even flatlined, so I roll off some bass to make it more palatable.

After a few more listens, and views, the video cuts are not as drastic once the sound improves.

I got the DVD, and it seems to be more clear.

The mix is still the rate limiting factor and needs to be addressed, but I would recommend watching the blu ray or dvd firstly thru just your TV speakers or 2.0, and add speakers per your personal preference.

My rec to the boys:

1) Forgo the loudness war - Over the past 10 years, Ged is trying to keep up his volume, bless his heart, and something usually gives. Either his will to sing or control and strength of his voice (or both). He used to sing with tremendous economy on stage. He began using pre-amps (SansAmp PSA-1 since TFE 1996) that BOOST!! his sound greatly and that has changed the overall tone of the bass. Also, the in-ears (starting in 2002) could also be affecting how he thinks he should sound and exert. Try talking to someone with cotton in your ears and they are going to quickly tell you to stop shouting! lol, That being said, he still sounds good (to me) and he nailed the ending of Grand Designs every time I saw them and on the video. Neil's drums (DW since TFE 1996) are (to me anyways), WAY louder and boomier than the past Ludwigs and Tamas, ie greater volume. That boominess is fighting for space with Ged's bass. This only serves to occupy just enough more frequencies at the lower end, to affect the overall sound. Also listen to The Body Electric and The Garden during the verses on the video, the overall sound of the band KILLS! So damn pleasant, I could listen to these verses, all day.

But to be fair, to be on the road, is HIGHLY demanding psychologically (we know the physical toll) so I love the boys and crew giving it all they have on stage and this video shows it (again).
#2 - Posted 12/8/13 @9:47PM by jiminseattle [contact]

No life on this thread. Come owwwwnnnnn!
#1 - Posted 12/8/13 @5:59PM by Alexfan [contact]

Go Lerxst!

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