Customizable Rush Christmas cards again available at

Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 10:15AM

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#4 - Posted 11/28/13 @12:12AM by OotS [contact]

What better way to celebrate Christmas...send your loved ones a Christmas card featuring three 60 year old atheists. Calm down, I'm just joking. I get it, Rush cards for Rush fans to send out, I've got no problem with it. How many products are we going to see rolled out between now and the next record? This is going to be painful.
#3 - Posted 11/27/13 @4:48PM by King Lionhead

Thanks driventotheedge. This is pretty cool. Reminiscent of "The Buggles". I like it
#2 - Posted 11/27/13 @11:35AM by driventotheedge [contact]

Off topic but I found some amazing YouTube covers of our favorite band including after image Gives it that special Christmas feel

#1 - Posted 11/27/13 @10:29AM by Runkerry

First! And cool.
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