Rush video director David Davidian wins Parnelli Award for his work on Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 5:14PM

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#6 - Posted 11/28/13 @9:48AM by jaeger [contact]

Congrats to DD! And wicked screen...
#5 - Posted 11/27/13 @2:39PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

The picture captions should be on top of the pictures :|
#4 - Posted 11/27/13 @1:13PM by jiminseattle [contact]

That is funny #3.
#3 - Posted 11/26/13 @11:35PM by EverydayImRushallin [contact]

Neil likes donkeys.
#2 - Posted 11/26/13 @6:17PM by TARKUS [contact]

Really cool stuff.

I wonder how often they look at all of that stuff and think back to their early bar days?

"Hey Alex - remember when you bought your second amp and we thought that was the coolest thing ever!? And that you had spent WAY too much money on it!"
#1 - Posted 11/26/13 @5:21PM by tr1gger [contact]

First !!!
Awesome by the way
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