Rush 2013 Clockwork Angels Tour official US attendance and sales figures

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 10:05AM

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#11 - Posted 11/20/13 @8:25AM by yyz11 [contact]

Billboard Boxscore numbers are wrong! The Tinley Park, Illinois venue holds a little less than 28,000- I suggest someone review the seating capacity of all venues. I can see being off 1000 or 2000 but not 20,000.
#10 - Posted 11/16/13 @10:14PM by eshine [contact]


Your post could have been taken, verbatim, from any given message board during the Vapor Trails tour, when many fans voiced concern about the bands future due to disgracefully poor ticket sales.

- and as I said back then, I think they will be just fine :)
#9 - Posted 11/15/13 @12:38AM by sooboy [contact]

#4 This year was the first time Rush sold VIP tickets in the UK so top ticket prices were much higher. They also sold discounted tickets closer to the show to fill the top corners of the arenas.
#8 - Posted 11/15/13 @12:36AM by sooboy [contact]

What is really going on:

(1) Heavily increased ticket prices since Snakes & Arrows (compare S&A attendance figures to the tours thereafter).
(2) Over exposure - great for die hard fans but how many regulars will spend top dollar to see Rush over and over again (especially in a recession)?
(3) Rush's bread and butter are the hardcore fans and they know it. They don't mind raising prices while playing to smaller crowds... that is obvious!
(4) How many younger people (regardless of opening band) will pay the top dollar ticket prices... none.
(5) As long as the revenues continue to flow, promoters will be happy.

Rush do not operate a high volume low margin business but a higher margin niche business. e.g. iPhone vs. Android smart phones.
#7 - Posted 11/14/13 @4:31PM by Runkerry

Great to see London lead the way on attendance : )
#6 - Posted 11/14/13 @4:28PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

I'd love to see them play Australia and the Far East and stuff.

#5 - Posted 11/14/13 @4:24PM by Sean

Those east coast numbers are a disgrace. FYI that is not the capacity of the arena/shed that they are reporting but the number of tickets made available due to poor sales. BB&T Center for example can do a concert for 19,000 with no problem with Rush's stage set up. They got 6,245 people on a Friday night. The fact that the fan base has dwindled to next to nothing in South Florida is nothing short of amazing. Where have all of the Rush fans gone in Florida? The numbers are down across the board there and their last show in Jacksonville they couldn't even fill the lower bowl with the upper deck completely closed. Even if you go back to Vapor Trails or R-30 Rush was always able to put 12,000 into a venue in South Florida. Miami Arena used to sell out every show through Counterparts. Test For Echo had nearly 16,000 people in West Palm.

5,307 in VA Beach? That's not even selling out the pavilion! 4,500 in Atlantic City on a Saturday night? Not even a sell out? Not even 10,000 in Long Island on a Sunday in the Summer? You'll have to forgive me but add these numbers with figures from the last leg and it appears half of the fan base has either vanished, died, is dead broke, bored with them, or just no longer interested. Tarped off arena's where the upper deck is completely shut closed is not a near sell out.

Time to bring out strong opening act's with them and get different and possibly younger faces in front of them. Promoters will only put up with this crap for so long before putting them into 6 to 8,000 seat theaters only.
#4 - Posted 11/14/13 @11:12AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

The highest grossing date on the tour was at The O2 London back on the 24th May 2013 my 57th birthday party.
Tickets cost (top price) £75 each around U.S.$120, or £60(second price) around U.S.$90 when over the pond (the U.S.A) tickets started at just $35.

Old prog rock fan.
London England.

P.S. today in London Tickets went on sale for Steve Hackett at the Hammersmith Odeon Apollo, I picked up 2 front row tickets in row A at face value just £35 thats around U.S.A $50 each!
#3 - Posted 11/14/13 @11:03AM by Fear [contact]

85% capacity is still very good considering this has been the band's second trek through some of these locations for the CA Tour. Let's keep in mind that they have been touring extensively for quite some time now which drives the overall demand down for a live performance. It would be difficult for me to name another band who has been in my area (NY) as often as Rush in recent times. If they haven't been here in 5 years or so, all of these shows would've probably sold out.
#2 - Posted 11/14/13 @10:17AM by KenNJ

always interesting to see the difference in avg ticket prices: 4500 in AC grosses $566k but 9900 in Cincy grosses $487k
#1 - Posted 11/14/13 @10:16AM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Loved the Clockwork Angels show in San Jose. Can't wait to watch it on the big screen on Monday here in Redding, California. First! (first time first)
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