Rush Clockwork Angels Tour limited edition deluxe package

Posted on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 2:02PM

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#23 - Posted 10/31/13 @2:07PM by ReGorLaTroy [contact]

I'm pretty excited about this release.

Order my copy and a few for Christmas presents as well.

I completely agree with Rush21122's post.

I'd love to see some older shows released as well.

I would love a cleaned up and complete/Deluxe version of "Exit...Stage Left".

Happy Halloween Net Boys & Net Girls!

#22 - Posted 10/28/13 @7:52PM by kjbird [contact]

T4E!! T4E!! T4E!! T4E!! T4E!!
#21 - Posted 10/28/13 @9:04AM by Cajava [contact]

#14 & 16 Agreed T4E is way overdue. Would love to see 2112 in it's entirety.
#20 - Posted 10/28/13 @1:00AM by robertrobyn [contact]

Amazon does not charge till they ship. But Showtech did charge me for this.
#19 - Posted 10/27/13 @11:29PM by limelighter [contact]

aren't there any concerts from the test for echo tour on youtube?
my buddy filmed one from the front row at the molson amphitheatre. a keeper for sure.
this is the concert where neil had his right elbow taped up or had an elbow pad on.
#18 - Posted 10/27/13 @9:33PM by jiminseattle [contact]

A resounding yes!
#17 - Posted 10/27/13 @8:48PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

Nope. Nope. Nope.
#16 - Posted 10/27/13 @7:54PM by buff9 [contact]

Just ordered mine!!!!
#14 Amen, where is the TFE DVD????? With today's technology, they should be able to easily fix the syncing issue. Would LOVE to have that concert.
#15 - Posted 10/27/13 @7:02PM by michinman [contact]

@ Modern-Day Warrior Yeah, I agree, the price is inflated quite a bit. $59.99 maybe would have been a more reasonable price and even that sounds like a bit much. Also, considering many folks feel physical media like blu-rays and DVDs are going the way of the do-do really make it a hard decision. That said, I'm a sucker and ordered one already.
#14 - Posted 10/27/13 @6:37PM by joerock213 [contact]

When will they release the T4E tour DVD? 2112 in its entirety!!!
#13 - Posted 10/27/13 @2:44PM by Zyrannix [contact]

Sounds tempting indeed, are the bluray & dvd multiregion does anyone know?
#12 - Posted 10/27/13 @12:54PM by Modern-Day Warrior [contact]

Tempting, very tempting, but I'm not so sure of the value. A hundred bucks is pretty steep.

The Blu-ray is $20 on amazon, the DVD is $18, the CD is $19, so that's only $57. The Blu-ray and DVD have the exact same content, and "Extensive bonus features include a full version of Limelight from soundcheck and an exclusive backstage documentary shot throughout Europe." (from the amazon description).

So as far as I can tell, you're not actually getting any extra footage with this set, even though they make it sound like it. I could be wrong though. I just don't see any indication of footage that is exclusive to this set, namely behind-the-scenes stuff.

So really, you're paying an extra ~$60 for a limited tourbook and nifty packaging. Doesn't seem like much incentive to justify the price, but that's just me. Not saying that it doesn't seem cool. I am still tempted...
#11 - Posted 10/27/13 @9:15AM by rush21122 [contact]

wish they would start relelasing older concerts like from 1980-1992
#10 - Posted 10/27/13 @4:15AM by tasman7 [contact]

Is there a release date for Australia?
#9 - Posted 10/27/13 @3:59AM by michinman [contact]

#8 - Amazon doesn't charge a penny until they ship. You can safely cancel your order with them (even if it's bundled with something else). I'm doing the same thing.

#5 - A lot of blu-rays are sold as "combo" packs with both formats. Not sure why exactly, but probably because DVDs have been around for so long and were so popular that a lot of collectors have to be weaned off the format and the studios want to cover all bases.
#8 - Posted 10/27/13 @3:21AM by palidrummer11 [contact]


I know this is a stupid question, but are you still charged now that you've cancelled your Amazon order? I'm considering doing the same thing, but I want to make sure I get my money back. Thanks
#7 - Posted 10/27/13 @2:46AM by robertrobyn [contact]

Ordered and cancelled my other order from Amazon!!
#6 - Posted 10/27/13 @12:36AM by limelighter [contact]

sure it makes sense. keep the blu ray if you have a blu ray player and give the normal dvd to a friend.
or vice versa.
#5 - Posted 10/26/13 @10:41PM by flyingmelon53 [contact]

I'd get this, but why would I want the DVD AND the Blu-Ray in the same package? That makes no sense.
#4 - Posted 10/26/13 @9:23PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Ed, your pre order link to Amazon is not directing properly...wouldn't want you to miss a sale my friend!

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