Rush limited edition denim snowboard jacket from RipZone

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 3:04PM

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#29 - Posted 10/28/13 @7:59PM by kjbird [contact]

#27 - that's actually a very interesting clip from Gene. Things that make you go ummmmm.
#28 - Posted 10/28/13 @7:54PM by kjbird [contact]

#11 - NICE!
#27 - Posted 10/28/13 @12:08AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Gene Simmons: "The fans killed the record industry"
#26 - Posted 10/26/13 @6:37PM by random_sample [contact]

Not sure why anyone is making a big deal about this jacket ,or that it means Rush is being greedy or "selling out",etc. I can't see that thing selling more than about 1000 units (obviously I could be wrong!!) . Not like that jacket is going to make a lot of money for them or anyone, is what I am saying.
Personally, I'd like it better if it was one solid colour. Either black or grey. Not the different colour sleeves.
#11- That was funny!
#25 - Posted 10/25/13 @8:43PM by jaeger [contact]

As you say, you didn't care whether they were cool or accepted before. So why care now. I don't!
#24 - Posted 10/25/13 @2:59PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

I've really been lamenting the rise in exposure Rush have had over the last 4-5 years. For me Rush was always cool because well, they weren't really cool to anyone else (minus the true fans). I didn't care if they were 'accepted' or 'credible.'

I like this jacket, the over exposure and fair weather fans as much as the Rush fans that can't accept they made an album after 1981.

I feel so conflicted.
#23 - Posted 10/25/13 @2:13PM by joerock213 [contact]

Before they cash out--can they please release a DVD from the TEST FOR ECHO tour? 2112 in it's entirety!!!!
#22 - Posted 10/25/13 @11:27AM by jaeger [contact]

Wait, isn't Rip Zone the wrong sort of name to have if you are producing _jackets_?
#21 - Posted 10/25/13 @11:06AM by kevin [contact]

On the other hand these guys know the end is near and why not cash out. As long as they don't compromise the music, fuck it, get paid...
#20 - Posted 10/25/13 @11:01AM by kjbird [contact]

Uh, yeah....ummm...i can see the marketing lyric-to-product now on one of those items, jupe....."Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand".
#19 - Posted 10/25/13 @9:39AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I remember an article from years ago when Neil stated that they really hated how groups and solo artists were "selling out".This was around the timeframe when Micheal Jackson was doing the Pepsi commercials and maybe his tour was "sponsered" by Pepsi or something like that, but I remember Neil saying how he thought that was wrong, that they were all about the music and would never sell out like that. Now I realize that times have changed, they don't make money selling albums anymore etc. but I gotta tell ya, if we ever see RUSH- oven mitts. RUSH- condoms. RUSH- denture and or hemorrhoid creams....stuff like that, then I will cry FOUL against Mr. Danniels AND the boys!
Have a great weekend everyone!
#18 - Posted 10/25/13 @8:57AM by Alexfan [contact]

My favourite "Logo" of Rush was the Hemispheres cursive font.
#17 - Posted 10/25/13 @8:34AM by Will Collier [contact]

C',mon. That frickin' original logo was ugly, and Mercury made it uglier, 40 years ago.
#16 - Posted 10/25/13 @1:20AM by KLR2112 [contact]

Outdated yes.. I bet it sell out..
#15 - Posted 10/24/13 @11:24PM by Mr. K

Ugh... really?

I'm beginning to wish we wouldn't see the Rush logo as a brand on seemingly more and more merchandise.

Concert shirts are great, but baby-onesies and snowboard jackets? Yikes.
#14 - Posted 10/24/13 @10:43PM by conniemack99 [contact]

I think I'll pass on the jacket. Saving up for the Rush coffin!
#13 - Posted 10/24/13 @7:53PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Oots, you nailed it my friend!

Gene would sell tickets to anyone willing to pay to watch him take a leak. OMG, Ray Danniels, please ignore this post....
#12 - Posted 10/24/13 @7:20PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#11-I am rolling over here OotS!!
#11 - Posted 10/24/13 @7:11PM by OotS [contact]

Ray: Hey guys, it's Ray. If you're really taking a couple years off, we're going to need some revenue to keep the office open. Any ideas?

Geddy: Hmmm. No. But let me make a quick call.

Geddy: Hey Gene, have any merchandising ideas that you haven't used yet for Kiss?

Gene: Sure, but I get 25%. Geddy: Fine, whatcha got?

Gene: How about Rush corn on the cob holders? Geddy: No.
Gene: No? OK, how about a Rush garden hose 21 feet 12 inches long? Geddy: (laughs) No.
Gene: No huh? How about a Rush denim snowboarder jacket?
Geddy: Ray will be in touch. Thanks!
#10 - Posted 10/24/13 @7:02PM by jaeger [contact]

A snorting jacket?
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