Yes, Deep Purple, KISS among nominees for induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2014

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 10:28AM

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#37 - Posted 10/17/13 @10:24PM by conniemack99 [contact]

Great discussion, and so nice that OUR BOYS are in so we don't have to gripe and dwell on that anymore! Not including the ones nominated, there have been at least a half dozen more bands mentioned in this thread that are no brainers to be in the HOF. So crazy that they are not in.

So how about let's shift the discussion to the ROCK artists/bands that ARE in but don't deserve to be. I'll start it off: Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, The Crickets (separate from Buddy Holly), Guns n Roses, Lovin' Spoonful, and Traffic. Not even going to get into all of the disco/pop/rap groups as that is a whole other discussion.

Tawk amongst yourselves......
#36 - Posted 10/17/13 @7:38PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Enigmaticus! I LOVE your Sade argument. When you've gone 30 years now, & you're still playing arenas, even though you come out with an album every almost 10 years, that's something. But what's really something is Sade essentially became THE sex music. That's gotta be acknowledged somehow ;o)
But Chic being in over Duran just strikes me as, I dunno---Duran were bigger (& had a longer career), but Chic did really well, & literally, there is no Duran without Chic. If Duran ever get in I'll be shocked (think the Rush critical bias, & multiply it by 10), but they were pretty great for a while, & had a certain level of quality for 30 years.
But how is ANYONE who's ever used electronics in music in over Kraftwerk, I'll never know. Again, this is RS's stupid BS about "If it don't have three chords & the (socialistic) truth, it's not good music". Heyzues.
#35 - Posted 10/17/13 @7:27PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Connie Mack! Yeah, I think Nirvana & Chic are like the Gale Sayers in the NFL HOF---so sublime/cut short, that they have to be considered. Nirvana's songwriter killed himself, so we didn't get the chance to hate/judge his 4th or 12th record. I could argue Kurt's musical knowledge was so limited (& his music was so based on anger), I wonder where does he go with it. But Nirvana legitimately shifted the popular paradigm away from Warrant & Michael Jackson, & there's something to be said for that effort.
& Chic WAS disco, & that met a violent end as well ;o) , but they cut such a swath thru the 80's, PLUS the better pop purveyors today love them so (the songwriters, I mean), I see them as important.
Priest & Maiden...sure, I guess...just not a huge metal fan (& Metallica & Zeppelin & Sabbath are in, so I'm good ;o) , but just like Deep Purple, a lot of important (& previously marginalized) people think they should be in, so I acquiesce to them. Def Leppard I always saw as Mutt Lange's band. The minute he left the producer/co-songwriter chair, the (popular) output seemed to dry up. Again, I'm sure I'm wrong on that (& lord knows Lep had two massive albums)...I think it comes down to, again, the "caretaker/gatekeeper of culture" mentality...& RS thought they were keeping Rush out based on that mentality---till too many cultural/musical touchstones came out & said "Rush are cool. Address this".
& yeah (& on the day Morrissey's autobiography seems to be a big deal), the Replacements over the Smiths is f*cking comical & asinine. SO beyond dumb. I'm ok with the 'Mats getting in eventually (because SO many critics thought they were great), but you're right...Duran (controversial, but important & good), The Cure, Depeche, NO/JD not even being nominated yet is such a "We're an American Hall of Fame" move, it's almost literally criminal.
#34 - Posted 10/17/13 @4:53PM by conniemack99 [contact]

The Replacements also not deserving. Talk about niche...I bet 95% of America has never even heard of them. If not 99%.
#33 - Posted 10/17/13 @4:25PM by conniemack99 [contact]

In order of "deservingness": 1. KISS, 2. DEEP PURPLE, 3. YES, 4. HALL AND OATES, 5. GABRIEL.

Sorry, but in my opinion, Chic and Nirvana do not deserve to be in. Both were too limited in their creative output.

Where are Priest, Maiden, and Def Leppard? We shouldn't even be wasting our breath on Chic and the like until they are in. And if we are talking about "early influencers" (as RS likes to call them), what about Blue Cheer, Budgy, and Grand Funk?

Also, to #9's point on "1st alternative" bands, it's pretty amazing that none of these are in or even nominated. Not that they are my musical cup of tea, but you can't deny the influence of The Cure, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode. Not to mention the record sales. Did you know that A-ha has sold over 60 million albums?
#32 - Posted 10/17/13 @9:57AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I was somewhat disappointed with the nominees list this year. However, I was delighted to see Yes and Peter Gabriel's nomination.

I have been an aficionado of Yes' music since the summer of 1981. They are my co-favorite band musically. Even though they have a few albums which leave little to be desired: "Big Generator," "Union," "Talk" and "Open Your Eyes," for example, much of Yes' work is superlative. When I had first heard 'Roundabout,' I thought that this song was by an earlier version of Rush. Please keep in mind that Rush is nearly as old as Yes, they just did not release a single or album for their first five years.

I still think that Yes ranks in the top 10 of all rock groups, as far as future rock historians are concerned. This past year, I have really been pushing for the nomination and induction of the following artists: The Moody Blues, Duran Duran, Carly Simon, Sade, Electric Light Orchestra, The Doobie Brothers and Foreigner. Therefore, I was disappointed to not see any of those artists on the nomination list.

As far as Yes is concerned, I could see all three members of Rush inducting them. Overall, I think that Nirvana is the shoo in. Nile Rodgers is a brilliant producer, but I would have much preferred Duran Duran to be chosen, in lieu of Chic.

As far as the other nominees are concerned, I had voted for: Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple, Hall & Oates and The Zombies.
#31 - Posted 10/17/13 @9:07AM by helix [contact]

I voted for YES, KISS and the Replacements; all significant in different ways . . .

-YES for it's musical virtuosity as well as contributions to Rock sound and tech industry (after the Grateful Dead, YES really were the front movers in developing rock music for arena presentation)

-KISS for it's contributions to youth culture and rock merchandising to the entertainment industry

-the 'Mats for bringing actual song writing to the American punk movement and for being a true regional and independent "punk" band to the major labels via their eventual signing to Sire records, something that Nirvana certainly benefitted from a decade or so later

I agree whole heartedly with the mentions here regarding Joy Division and the Smiths.

it's also a crime that Iron Maiden haven't been nominated

Sonic Youth also should be in consideration
#30 - Posted 10/17/13 @8:13AM by MRM45 [contact]

For me personally, I'd induct: Yes, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, CHIC and Hall & Oates.

Realistically: Yes, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Kiss and Nirvana. I'm not a huge fan of either Kiss or Nirvana and think that both are extremely over-rated, BUT I do recognize the impact of both bands on music as a whole.
#29 - Posted 10/17/13 @6:57AM by holeinone53575

I think you have to give it up for Kiss. Otherwise you're being just a dick head.
#28 - Posted 10/17/13 @12:44AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Heck, me again (sorry, I love this stuff ;o) What A Rush, I think Kiss is the "elephant in the room" band, as you put it. Sure, if that room only comprised older hard rockers, Deep Purple getting in is a "FINALLY" moment...but I think Kiss getting in is the big deal. Their fans will rival Rush's in terms of presense at the show, & even Grohl brought up Kiss as a cultural touchstone during his Rush speech. To be fair, Kiss influenced SO many bands & musicians across the board. Sure, most of them dropped the *musical &/or show-y" influence early, but Kiss get a shout out from SO many people, because they made being a musician seem like you could join the Justice League or something ;o). & people almost rightfully bag on Kiss' music, but they would've been dead mid-76 if the music just sucked (why aren't Gwar or dare I say it Alice Cooper more popular?). They've got a lot of catchy jams, & when every key hard rock or alternative artist for the last 30 years seem to have a Kiss story, that just needs to be acknowledged in some way. Rolling Stone tried to be the tastemaker for music, so they veered to political folk rock, & then U2 & Pearl Jam...but Rush was a blind spot for them, because they didn't know how credible they were to a lot of important artists. In a cheesier (or at least earlier in life) way, so was Kiss.
#27 - Posted 10/16/13 @10:55PM by donnahalper [contact]

As I have said elsewhere, I will always be grateful to Kiss for befriending Rush in those early days. When other bands did not believe in Rush, Kiss always did. I had a great time meeting and chatting with the members of Kiss, who were very down-to-earth, just like Rush. I'm happy that Kiss might get inducted, because for me, it's all about loyalty as well as talent-- Kiss are talented performers, but more importantly, they have always been loyal to Rush, and that makes them OK in my book!
#26 - Posted 10/16/13 @10:31PM by What-A-Rush's that time of year again as the music community debates who should or shouldn't be inducted into the Rock Hall. Like last year, at least there seems to be an EFFORT on the Hall's part to right a few wrongs specifically over the last five or six years. That said, that's also due to public pressure to a large degree without question. Which is fine by me!

Of course, Nirvana's nomination is no surprise, and their induction will follow the first time out, just like Guns 'N' Roses before them in 2012. For better or worse, that's pretty much a given, no matter how overrated I think both bands are. But I digress...however, their impact is undeniable. For that I'm happy for them AND their fans!

Without further ado, here are MY picks:

KISS: LONG OVERDUE...and MORE deserving of induction WAY BEFORE the aforementioned Nirvana and Guns 'N' Roses. Perhaps Grohl and Slash would even acknowledge that!

Deep Purple: In short order, this induction will complete the HOLY TRINITY of British hard rock alongside Black Sabbath AND Led Zeppelin, and RIGHTFULLY so! Arguably the new "elephant in the room" for 2014.

Chic: THE dance band who actually wrote and produced their OWN material and actually PLAYS instruments! It's too bad that MANY of the artists who continue to SAMPLE ( i.e. PLAGIARIZE) them to this day can't honestly say the same thing! Hopefully this time they'll be inducted. HUGE influence!

Peter Gabriel: Arguably more worthy of induction as a solo artist rather than as a member of Genesis. However, prog "purists" would certainly disagree, and understandably so. Well respected by musicians, critics, and the general public. Most likely he'll get in on the first try.

Replacements: In short order, they were Nirvana BEFORE Nirvana! Pleasantly surprised by their nomination, however, they do garner a lot of respect on a critical level, similar to how the New York Dolls were received in the 70's.

Great comments everybody and congratulations to ALL the nominees! Overall a VERY decent list I must say. Thanks RIAB.
#25 - Posted 10/16/13 @7:47PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Toad---KC is back?! (off to check the news after this)---but yeah, King Crimson not being in is a crime. If we're going to lavish "One great album" Nirvana with immortality, let's examine one of Kurt's favourite records, "Red", the record that killed Crimson until they emerged a few years later with their Talking Heads Evolved album trio of the early 80's. & Tool (who had better be a 1st ballot HOF, imo) have come out & said they basically stole their sound & ethos from KC. Fripp & company are in with the Rolling Stone cool kids (U2 producer Brian Eno, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails), so how the hell is Crim not in their Hall of Fame?
#24 - Posted 10/16/13 @7:40PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

IT---yeah, that's the problem with this "Hall of Fame" nonsense, as us Rush fans know all too well---if you just have a subjective echo chamber of taste, a whole slew of bands that 1)were influential 2)(eventually) sold big numbers (built in the underground) might actually not get in your little Hall, because you (Jann), a coterie of editors, and David Geffen don't take a liking to the music. I remember Depeche just played for 60,000 in an American stadium in the 2nd biggest media market (LA), & 2 years later Rolling Stone gave Violator a pithy review, with a dismissive "& it almost sounds like it has a guitar in there!". Meanwhile, Depeche were more influential than Pere Ubu (or something of that ilk), and RS would probably lavish a minor-league/afterthought U2 record like Zooropa with 4 & 1/2 starts, a major write-up, & maybe even a cover.
#23 - Posted 10/16/13 @7:32PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Ajax! Yeah, U2 have literally acknowledged they basically aped Joy Division, & JD were as far as I can tell the 2nd Alternative outfit after Bowie. & New Order as you said were so beyond huge in carving what is THE template for music today (electronics), along with Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.
#22 - Posted 10/16/13 @6:00PM by Ajax5 [contact]

#9 and #21 - I'm an 80s kid, and the band that holds second place in my heart right after Rush is Joy Division/New Order. The former only really made 2 1/2 albums, but their influence has been incredible; the latter paved the way for the evolution of club music--and I don't know that they've even ever been nominated (JD would have been first eligible about eleven or twelve years ago; NO three years later). Side note: if they ever do get in, it would be interesting to see if all of the surviving members would actually grace the stage together. Big schism there right now.

So I'm absolutely pulling for Yes and Peter Gabriel, but am thinking the RRHoF still has some glaring blind spots when it comes to nominees.
#21 - Posted 10/16/13 @5:38PM by ITheJury [contact]

#9. Couldn't agree more re. Kraftwerk and what you said about 1st alternative '80s bands. Adding to what you said, it feels like in the RRHOF's eyes, new wave / pre-new wave begins and ends with David Bowie, Talking Heads, R.E.M., and U2. RE: Talking Heads, it also astonishes me that Talking Heads are in but Roxy Music has never even gotten a nomination. Roxy Music and Kraftwerk should be in NOW.

For influence on new wave, I'd also argue for Ultravox - like Rush until pretty recently, a band that's a much bigger influence than it gets credit for. Neil even mentioned Ultravox in Traveling Music. To that - anyone who is a fan of '80s Rush might really enjoy the albums Vienna (1980), Rage in Eden (1981), and maybe Systems of Romance (1978). Sorry, I'm turning this into an Ultravox post. :-)

#9 and #19. I also agree that Chic is worthy, for all the reasons you mention. Interesting how Chic has had the opposite problem to Rush - the RRHOF nominating committee has put them on the slate year after year. I'd argue the attention to Daft Punk's album is going to do more than help, it's going to put them over.

#16. I hear what you're coming from about Nirvana, but... that one album has arguably been THAT influential. The template for '90s rock - punk attitude with the fundamental catchiness of hair metal and classic rock. That said, I'd be perfectly happy if Nirvana didn't get a first year induction. So many bands that influenced Nirvana have yet to get recognized (including ones #9 mentioned).
#20 - Posted 10/16/13 @4:59PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I am sooooo pissed that Milli Vanilli didn't get nominated again this year!
#19 - Posted 10/16/13 @4:54PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

Yes, Hall & Oates, Chic, Kiss, Deep Purple, LL Cool J have to get in (maybe Cat Stevens)

Anyone questioning Chic look at the work of Nile and his production of albums of the like of David Bowie. Legendary song and person!
#18 - Posted 10/16/13 @4:30PM by conniemack99 [contact]

They better get a REALLY big stage for this year's induction. For all of the YES members. And for Gene's head.
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