Rush to release 10" picture disc of The Garden for Black Friday

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 8:17PM

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#29 - Posted 10/15/13 @8:35AM by OperationRush [contact]

#27--we all know you're a doc.
#28 - Posted 10/11/13 @8:03PM by Xanadu_2112 [contact]

Will this be available on How can I get one if I live in Puerto Rico???
#27 - Posted 10/11/13 @2:05PM by drummerboy2112

No Black Friday specials at my office any time soon, but we run discounted asthma test screens called spirometry for those without insurance, (is that similar, not sure)

but a funny, shady if you will, holiday (called Black Friday) is not that different than the clothing fashion season to who cares, just like people need new styles, they need a reason to spend, and it becomes an occasion, like, birthdays, or hump day, or Friday, there are various reasons why people's moods change that leads them to spend all their cash.

Here's another (I think universal point, I've bought so much Rush related crap, that I'm not sure if a holiday special would matter. We'll buy shit anytime anywhere, and again, the average Joe has NO CLUE that the Garden will be released soon anyhow (hell, if I didnt visit this site I wouldnt have known), so how much money will really they make?

As a Pakistani, Lamb Saag has been a staple of my diet for decades so thank you LS for carrying the torch

Asif Khan MD
#26 - Posted 10/11/13 @1:47PM by The One True Neo [contact]

This would have been much more appropriate for National Record Store Day in April.
#25 - Posted 10/11/13 @12:48PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

The point I was trying to make - and the point my detractors are missing - is that this is marketed for BLACK FRIDAY.

It's Black Friday which is the low, unclassy, reprehensible thing here. The new "holiday" which usurps the real holiday we celebrate the day before. It's a day where we're urged to forget what we're thankful for, and instead part with our money on consumer goods we're convinced we must have.

Black Friday, WOO-HOO!! I'm gonna stand in line and fight crowds for a new plasma TV, a talking bathroom scale, a 20-piece screwdriver set, and if I can find any left, the new picture disc from Rush...

Again, marketing this for Black Friday is crass commercialism. Selling it by any other method is just selling, and I don't have a problem with that.

P.S. - Dr. Khan, is your clinic having any doorbuster specials on Black Friday? *wink*

#24 - Posted 10/11/13 @12:01PM by michinman [contact]

#23 - Posted 10/11/13 @12:00PM by michinman [contact]

Rushannadanna... you have the CD to fall back on. 4.7 inches...
#22 - Posted 10/11/13 @11:18AM by SA [contact]

Agree with #16, If you don't like it, don't buy. How many thousands of dollars have they lost to illegal music downloads. They've got to make it up somewhere as do all bands now a days. Personally, I'm glad to see them marketing themselves anyway they can, and they do it tastefully!
#21 - Posted 10/11/13 @11:02AM by Rushannadanna [contact]

Hmmmm, not sure i'm in the market for a big ten inch.

sorry, just had to.
#20 - Posted 10/11/13 @10:56AM by RushFanForever [contact]

I think RUSH's intentions for providing the 10" picture disc of 'The Garden' is similar to the release of 'Moving Pictures: Live 2011' from the Time Machine Tour. It's another great novelty gift for the fans.
#19 - Posted 10/11/13 @10:05AM by michinman [contact]

I think it's perty.
#18 - Posted 10/11/13 @9:49AM by Runkerry

I agree Marty, you are right on the money with your views, just as post 7 is in paragraph 3 about the integrity of our boys.

Some items are indeed collectables. And I am inclined to think this is WAY more relevant/interesting than Vapor Trails Remixed which has had far too much airtime on this blog.
#17 - Posted 10/11/13 @9:39AM by miater [contact]

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE. This is one of the greatest if not the greatest, SONG, the band ever did. I don't have much vinyl but I still have a turntable and I can't wait to buy this. It's a great idea.
#16 - Posted 10/11/13 @9:35AM by conniemack99 [contact]

As our friend Eddie Trunk is prone to say, it's called Show BUSINESS for a reason. You don't like it, then don't buy it. Pretty simple.
#15 - Posted 10/11/13 @9:32AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Even if Geddy, Alex, & Neil were the only one's involved in this little project, how is that dishonest, crass commercialism, or any other moniker?
#2 Lamb -- There is a difference between creating art solely in order to make money and making money off the art you've already created.
It's their song, and they can market it any way they like.
And little collector items are just that: collector items for collectors.
Nobody is forcing anyone to buy it.
Rush fans can be so weird.
#14 - Posted 10/11/13 @9:31AM by lerxst68 [contact]

#2 L.S. you said it right but have you noticed that "Art as expression, not as market campaigns" is out of the song "live" since VT-tour and S&A-tour ;-)

I love all the vinyl being released and I am still hoping for a release complete box set records " The Mercury Years" and " The Atlantic Years" would be great:-)))) And yes it's all about the money ;-)
#13 - Posted 10/11/13 @8:28AM by OpenSecret [contact]

Screwed up my initial post in a most unfortunate way. Should have read: I've never got the impression that Geddy, Alex and Neil sit at home conjuring up ways to make money off their fans.

Anyway, the organization is helping indie record stores - it's a good thing. And there are lots of stores registered as participating - three in my little town alone, so it's actually a worthwhile effort. Peace out folks.
#12 - Posted 10/11/13 @8:19AM by OpenSecret [contact]

From "While there's only one Record Store Day a year, the organization works throughout the year to create contests, special releases and promotions in order to spotlight these special stores on the other 364 days of the year".

SPECIAL RELEASES. It's kosher. Relax. Think about something important. I've never got the impression that Geddy, Alex and Neil don't sit at home conjuring up ways to make money off their fans. Besides, this organization is actually doing something good.
#11 - Posted 10/11/13 @8:07AM by Will Collier [contact]

Looks to me like they intended this for Record Store Day, but couldn't get it done in time. Otherwise the RSD copy on the bottom makes no sense.
#10 - Posted 10/11/13 @5:06AM by Xaromir [contact]

This fucking sucks. :< It's one of my favorite songs, and i was excited till i've noticed that it's that strange Record Store Day crap again, in which one single store, on the other side of the country (who does not ship) participates. Great fucking way not to make a business.

I gladly support my local record stores, especially since most vinyl that i order comes banged up, but this stupid bullshit needs to die. I wonder how the business meetings for these things go. If i wouldn't know better i would question the record companies will to make money.
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