Rush Hemispheres SACD from Audio Fidelity now available

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 4:56PM

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#3 - Posted 10/3/13 @3:27PM by MrBill

A few people on Amazon have said this new SACD sounds amazing. Would like to hear more from the Rush community on this release. I do not have an SACD player but would hope for a DSD download in the near future. Curious if this wins out over the 96/24 HD Tracks download or not. I was not overly impressed with the Sector hi-rez download as it is not much different than the CD version. This being, maybe, my all-time favorite - I want the best possible version!!!
#2 - Posted 10/1/13 @7:43PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

MG, your use of commas needs some work xD
#1 - Posted 10/1/13 @5:29PM by MGRushFan

5,999999,3737363839373930938938 th!
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