Geddy Lee weighs in on effort to save iconic Sam the Record Man sign

Posted on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 3:02PM

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#19 - Posted 10/1/13 @11:41AM by random_sample [contact]

#18- Tell me about it. It's funny, too, how the first comment made usually way overshadowed by the attacks that happen after, by others and then it snowballs and goes on and on..blah,blah,blah...yadda, yadda...
#18 - Posted 9/30/13 @2:07PM by RushFanForever [contact]

In a perfect world, it would be nice if RIAB members didn't bicker with one another over petty issues.
#17 - Posted 9/30/13 @1:48PM by random_sample [contact]

#15- Ok. It wasn't creepy. I take it back. :)
#16- I haven't watched Breaking Bad, but have been thinking about watching it , actually. Just didn't get your reference, because I haven't watched the show yet. Dexter, Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos were my last 3 favourite series, so I doubt I will find Breaking Bad creepy , smartass. :P
#16 - Posted 9/30/13 @7:01AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#14- random. It was in reference to the final episode of Breaking Bad.You probably wouldn't like's kinda creepy.
#15 - Posted 9/29/13 @8:36PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Well, Random, I read an article in a Toronto mag that Ed had posted here the included, amongst other pics, one of Alex's new kitchen. Creepy of Ed, eh?
#14 - Posted 9/29/13 @8:24PM by random_sample [contact]

#11- No idea what you're talkin' about, buddy.
#13 - Posted 9/29/13 @8:24PM by random_sample [contact]

#10- Kinda creepy, that you know what Alex's kitchen cabinets look like what and colours would go with them. That's what I meant. But, I did say "kinda". As long as you aren't a weirdo stalker type, like the guy who followed Alex around with a "Free Alex" sign, when Alex was getting out of jail after the Ritz Carlton "incident". Now that guy...was creepy.
#12 - Posted 9/29/13 @6:10PM by RushFanForever [contact]

Comment Deleted

#11 - Posted 9/29/13 @6:01PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Ya random, why is that "creepy". Who thinks Walter White kills A.Jessie B. The Grey Matter couple. C. Todd and his creepy relatives D. His family E. Himself ?
#10 - Posted 9/29/13 @5:22PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

#9 - Posted 9/29/13 @9:46AM by random_sample [contact]

#5- Kinda creepy
#8 - Posted 9/29/13 @9:07AM by Alexfan [contact]

I remember going to Sam's to pick up my first Rush tickets from the BASS ticket outlet at the back of the store. Great memories.
#7 - Posted 9/28/13 @11:19PM by Taurus Pedal Boy

@ #2 ~ Thanks for the confirmation on my guess! I love it when I'm right. (;

Yes, Jason Sniderman played piano on the PRESTO record on (I'm going by memory) "RED TIDE", "ANAGRAM (FOR MONGO)", "AVAILABLE LIGHT", and "CHAIN LIGHTNING".

He played piano on "THE GARDEN" on the CLOCKWORK ANGELS record.
#6 - Posted 9/28/13 @8:21PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Ya Ged, ditch those season BlueJays tickets and save the sign!
#5 - Posted 9/28/13 @4:17PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

I think Alex should hang it up at his new house. The red goes nicely with the kitchen cabinets.
#4 - Posted 9/28/13 @3:57PM by MGRushFan

#3, exactly. In the words of Peart, so eloquently sung by Lee...."show me, don't tell me!"
#3 - Posted 9/28/13 @3:40PM by drmike [contact]

I would think if Geddy wanted the sign repaired and rehung somewhere, he could contact some of the music industry folks that were helped by Sam's and come up with the $250,000 needed.
#2 - Posted 9/28/13 @3:31PM by drmike [contact]

#1 Yes, son of Sam Sniderman, Jason Sniderman apparently played keyboards on Presto and Clockwork Angels.
#1 - Posted 9/28/13 @3:22PM by Taurus Pedal Boy

Is Rush guest pianist JASON SNIDERMAN any relation (son, perhaps?) of Sam Sniderman (aka Sam The Record Man)?
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