Rush on the interview circuit in New York City today, will appear on VH1's Big Morning Buzz show Thursday

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 4:43PM

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#11 - Posted 2/28/13 @8:50AM by kjbird [contact]

I was on the live chat, and though painful (mostly, seeing the host cut off Alex and Geddy quite often)my curiosity and really wanting to see it through triumphed over cutting away early. But, i'm sure it wasn't easy for the host either. I'm sure he had time constraints, plus dealing with the technology, long winded fans not being clear @ what questions they were wanting to ask, possibly some delay with feedback? I don't know. But i DO know the question that made me chuckle was the guy with the wife on video, that asked "how do i prepare my wife for her first Rush concert". One could have a field day answering that one, and the boys had a little fun with that by pretending to roll a doobie on air. But you know, what else could they say? They're so humble and classy, they can't exactly boast that "hey, no preparation needed, we will blow her away with our awesomeness". I would advise (as a fan) to just stand up, raise your arms like you're about to get filled supernaturally, and let it happen. She'll come out a bigger fan than the hubby.
#10 - Posted 2/28/13 @7:59AM by maple_leafs_4evr [contact]

Tom, could not agree with you more. I too found it too painful to watch. The questions from the fans were banal and, as you say, the moderator was a disaster. Another 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
#9 - Posted 2/27/13 @4:40PM by Tom [contact]

That wall street spreecast thing was a disaster - could not watch for more than a few minutes - down to the moderator. I am no mr.charisma but i would have done (as i would guess most posters on this site) a hell of a lot better!
#8 - Posted 2/27/13 @2:25PM by kjbird [contact]

michinman! Glad to see ya. I agree with you. If you look at all the progress that's been made since the 8-track, in our lifetime, it's amazing to me. Probably how our parents and grandparents felt about the auto/travel industry in their day. I'm in my early 40's, and what makes me feel old is when my young kids ask me if i had a cell phone when i was 10, or what was the internet like when i was a kid, or could i video chat when i was their age. OMG - the looks on their faces when i tell them it didn't even exist is priceless.

I actually thought the Spreecast was pretty cool, and i really think it's a great way for people of Rush's caliber to communicate/field questions from their fans. It would take a moderator to be more on top of things, keep things moving along more smoothly, but for a first time shot (at least for me, anyway) i liked it.
#7 - Posted 2/26/13 @11:31PM by michinman [contact]

In 25 years time, this Spreecast thing is gonna crack up our (great) grandkids. Telecommunications in the early 21st century is going to be "the joke" for tomorrow. I watched the whole half-hour thing. It's always great to see our heroes, but this whole web-cast, web-cam whatever is a painful work in progress. I agree with a few others, that there wasn't a whole lot new in what they had to say, but Alex and Ged were being their charming selves and it was great to see, despite the bugs.
#6 - Posted 2/26/13 @8:42PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Oh...DJ (said) "new RUSH"
The Anarchist is a "new single"
#5 - Posted 2/26/13 @8:22PM by smiley [contact]

Geddy Knows his Baseball, that is abundantly crystal clear, anyone who played little league is smiling)))
#4 - Posted 2/26/13 @8:07PM by hazlnut [contact]

Their PR people are working overtime getting the boys a lot of exposure. Neil at an Oscar party? Wow. How the times have changed.
#3 - Posted 2/26/13 @5:30PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

New Rush song? live maybe?
#2 - Posted 2/26/13 @5:02PM by The Analog Kid [contact]

Really cool that Geddy could answer my question! People always ask them what their favorite song is, but I've always wanted to know what Geddy's favorite song to play on his BASS was. Although, can't say I was surprised by his answer. YYZ and La Villa are staples.
#1 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:48PM by rosmakloma [contact]

Sadly - that Spreecast chat was a joke. Fans need to give up feeling like they all have to prove how big of a fan they are. Also, like most of these opportunities - the questions were wasted on people that really didn't ask anything that most don't already know.
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