Wall Street Journal Spreecast live chat with Rush today at 3:30PM

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 7:12AM

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#26 - Posted 3/1/13 @1:00PM by jaeger [contact]

Spreecast spraycast...
#25 - Posted 3/1/13 @12:54PM by jaeger [contact]

It's true.
#24 - Posted 2/27/13 @12:45AM by Jennifer

#23: I'd say part of that was just the format. That would exhaust anybody. I cringed when the moderator got tired of reading and told Geddy to just read the question himself, and Geddy peered at the screen and said he couldn't see it.

Come on, Wall Street Journal! I know you're keen to show off your new technological gadgetry, but if it was going to look like that, you should have stuck to the 1990s chat style, in which the special guest would be in the room with the moderator, who would scroll through the questions himself, read the best ones to the guest, and type back the spoken-word responses. This was just goofy and confusing for everybody.

And somebody owed it to poor Kyle to make sure his microphone was fully working before putting him back on screen...
#23 - Posted 2/26/13 @10:43PM by kjbird [contact]

Happy birthday hermy!!

#22 - yeah, i wish there was one female to represent! I got a request to hop on as i was typing comments and questions, but my cam in on the laptop not my home pc - CRAP!! Technically couldn't do it.

Was it just my perception, or did they seem very tired - i really think this tour is it for awhile for them. I wonder if after the TMT, they were on such a high, they wanted to keep the machine running, as they've said numerous times, they're playing better than ever, maybe they had an epiphany like "hey man, what did we get ourselves into here!" Maybe it was just this format that made it look this way, i don't know.
#22 - Posted 2/26/13 @10:27PM by limelighter [contact]

poor geddy and alex sitting through that torture. same old questions. surprisingly neil wasn't mentioned. where were the video rush chicks? the host was terrible by the way.
#21 - Posted 2/26/13 @9:45PM by hermy [contact]

Thanks #3......

Checking out the replay right now.
#20 - Posted 2/26/13 @8:27PM by kjbird [contact]

I think RIAB should have a spreecast video chat session sometime with Ed moderating -hahaha. That could get kind of ugly, eh? Everyone can show off their Rush swaaaaaag.
#19 - Posted 2/26/13 @8:05PM by smiley [contact]

Loved you RIAB Vaners in the interview, serious scoring! Great questions and answers our Congratulations RUSHON
#18 - Posted 2/26/13 @5:08PM by The Analog Kid [contact]

Really cool that Geddy could answer my question! People always ask them what their favorite song is, but I've always wanted to know what Geddy's favorite song to play on his BASS was. Although, can't say I was surprised by his answer. YYZ and La Villa are staples.
#17 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:55PM by kjbird [contact]

#14 - i agree with you. It was cool to chat with other fans, although the scrolling kept one on their toes. Whew!
#16 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:54PM by kjbird [contact]

It was good to see the guys on the live chat - had a missed op. Got 2 requests from the producer to go on camera with my question, but did not have capability to get on (CRAP!) so i was typing in hopes they would just answers the text questions. Honestly, what question is so pressing or has not been answered at this point in time? But would have been cool to say "hi" and technically chat with my favorite band!
#15 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:50PM by nhlrush [contact]

Sounds to me like Geddy isn't too interested in doing an R40 tour...he gave the impression he wants a break from touring. If they started an R40 tour fall of 2014, that would be a year off, but is that enough for Geddy? then again, the longer they wait to get back to touring, the older they will be...tough call...
#14 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:29PM by Frankie P [contact]

It was terribly uncomfortable for them .. The moderator was a stick in the mud , and the technology was division 3.. But it was fun to chat with some hardcores in the chat room..
#13 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:29PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

and I won't call the whole thing terrible. the interview was really bad, though. He kept cutting everybody off. But Geddy and Alex handled the whole thing really well, as always. All the technical difficulties and delays were annoying, but I'm not going to complain because I still got to see a new Rush interview
#12 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:27PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Just watched the whole thing. Some of the questions weren't great but it was still a good interview. Great to hear that there's nothing really stopping them from writing another album.
#11 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:27PM by Toronto Writer [contact]

That was terrible. TERRIBLE. It's like they didn't test the technology before going live. I also didn't like the way the host kept cutting Geddy off mid-answer. They'll never do that show again.
#10 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:25PM by brytor33 [contact]

Wow, that was a sh*tshow. I feel bad for everyone on that train wreck, Rush most of all...
#9 - Posted 2/26/13 @3:26PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Who is going to ask them a question? I was considering it but I think I'll just watch. Other the obvious and annoying ones, I don't really have any burning questions for them right now. I'd much rather meet them in person and thank them for everything. But what are you guys going to ask them?
#8 - Posted 2/26/13 @12:58PM by snowdog20 [contact]

#4. Question #1 should be "What do you guys think of Omnium Gatherum's cover of 'Subdivisions'"?
#7 - Posted 2/26/13 @12:48PM by snowdog20 [contact]

#6. Godspeed brother! Let us know you made it there safely...
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