Rush wins the 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 9:53AM

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#7 - Posted 2/4/13 @4:39PM by smiley [contact]

RUSH Fans only stop for the Best
#6 - Posted 2/4/13 @1:25PM by gag2man [contact]

GNR beats Led Zeppelin. Thought it was going to be the Dewey Defeats Truman thing. Sacrilege.
#5 - Posted 2/4/13 @1:15PM by drmike [contact]

GnR seems to have a determined fanbase. They didn't make it easy on us Rush voters in the poll. And they beat Led Zeppelin and the Beatles before taking on Rush. What this one little victory shows is that we Rush fans are much more rabid than any other band's fans!
#4 - Posted 2/4/13 @10:49AM by lisah [contact]

Smiley, you took the words right outta' my mouth. "Celebrate the moment as it turns into one more, another chance at victory, another chance to score." Can't wait until April 23. RUSH ON!!
#3 - Posted 2/4/13 @10:10AM by Entre Nous [contact]

That's a no brainer!!!!
#2 - Posted 2/4/13 @9:59AM by igolfbad [contact]

A natural choice, especially against a third rate act like GNR! RUSH ON!!!
#1 - Posted 2/4/13 @9:59AM by smiley [contact]

one little victory
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