Canadian cosmonaut Chris Hadfield talks Rush from aboard the ISS

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 4:08PM

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#11 - Posted 1/31/13 @6:04AM by Jaybird [contact]

This is so cool - thanks Ed!

Nit pick- Is it Canadian cosmonaut or Canadian astronaut or doesn't matter?
#10 - Posted 1/30/13 @11:04PM by smiley [contact]

Ontario summer's will always be on the A List, my mom was even born in London,,, Sarnia, Molson, excellent times, recommended highly
#9 - Posted 1/30/13 @10:52PM by michinman [contact]

Mr. Hadfield... Hats off to you sir. Your taste in Canadian music is very similar to mine. As a fellow Canadian, I'm proud of you indeed, but the pic shown of you here looks like someone is holding you at gunpoint.
#8 - Posted 1/30/13 @10:43PM by michinman [contact]

I thought he would mention Loverboy and Nickleback. What kind of Canadian are you!?!?
#7 - Posted 1/30/13 @9:35PM by paul [contact]

Odd. I thought Chris was a Canadian Astronaut. When did he become synonymous with Russians?
#6 - Posted 1/30/13 @6:01PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

One more reason to enjoy watching the ISS fly over on clear nights!


#5 - Posted 1/30/13 @5:56PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

Speaking of Rush and space, how to you go straight from 2112 to Countdown, thereby skipping completely over Cygnus X1?
#4 - Posted 1/30/13 @5:31PM by 4syrinx [contact]

And the genius politicians have deemed the space shuttle obsolete. Nevermind that the real geniuses at NASA says the fleet had another 50% of life in them. Now NASA is nothing more than a tool of the administration, with one of the main subjects being the alleged global warming catastrophe. A once proud entity reduced to a clown act. Piss off politicans.
#3 - Posted 1/30/13 @4:40PM by Tom [contact]

funnily, countdown was one of the first songs I remember hearing from them - was part of a top 40 countdown in the UK - and was impressed with the space connection at the time.

The man puts it very eloquently - impressed! I suppose the off-earth market has n't been cracked yet by Rush, so this makes a start....
#2 - Posted 1/30/13 @4:38PM by Surfguy [contact]

I was drawn to Rush from the Signals album on and really identified with "Countdown" because my father was heavily into the space shuttle training (he was project manager over the building of the shuttle simulator which they trained the astronauts on and did astronaut training in the early capsule days) and I was a NASA brat growing up. That sucked me into Rush besides seeing all the older friends (was in sixth grade at the time) wearing the infamous Signals tour shirt with the dog/fire hydrant and being exposed to Moving Pictures by my guitarist cousin back in the early 80s. I remember they came to Houston on the "Hold Your Fire" tour and a friend of mine from school who ran in my surfing crowd circles...his Dad also worked at NASA and had the honor of giving Rush a tour of Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake when they stopped for their tour date in Houston. Of course, he got the backstage passes, meet n greet, drumsticks, royal treatment, etc. . And, he wasn't even really a fan. But, of course I run into him at the show and am jealous as can be. That's my Rush NASA space how-I-got-into-Rush story. Whoopity doo...
#1 - Posted 1/30/13 @4:12PM by jaeger [contact]

First in cyberspace...
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