Rare 1977 Alex Lifeson video interview

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 9:56AM

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#19 - Posted 1/19/13 @2:39PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Yeah, that was easy...any knowledgeable RUSH fan (who,me,geek?) knows Alex didnt have all those axes yet.
#18 - Posted 1/18/13 @7:40PM by jaeger [contact]

It is great to see the continuity in '77 with the teenage Alex we see in the documentary. What a lovable guy!
#17 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:40PM by kjbird [contact]

#14 - NICE. And AFTK was at least nominated for Best Selling Album. Boy, Dan Hill cleaned up a bit that night!
#16 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:14PM by aboyalone [contact]

Awesome! Just wish the quality was a bit better, but I still like. Took me awhile to figure out what he was wearing. At first I thought maybe it was one of his absurdly prophetic robes/kimonos. Definitely 1977. Another clue is when he's talking about his 1968 es-335 and says it's almost 10 years old. So this must have been the Farewell To Kings tour eh? Just wish there was more like this..
#15 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:37AM by snowdog2113 [contact]

Thanks #14! I'll re-label it when I put up a non-watermarked copy.
#14 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:35AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#5 - That was the Juno awards 1978. I actually remember watching that.


Check out who the band of the year was :-)
#13 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:15AM by Alexfan [contact]

Awesome. I would love to see more of these relics.
#12 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:05AM by kjbird [contact]

Great relic! My take-aways? I am very ignorant when it comes to knowledge of the tools that produce the sounds of Rush i adore! My background is in piano and singing. Period. But I appreciate the time, the countless hours that Alex (and all 3 ,really) have invested to create the plethora of sounds, tones, etc for the incredible tunes i so enjoy. This is so early in his career, and yet he speaks with such veteran experience. I respect true musicians so much.
#11 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:00AM by jottinger [contact]

Oh, this awesome... Alex looks like he's totally baked, and his explanation of the sound is hilarious, especially in light of the fact that he uses so many "mushy" solidbodies nowadays.

It's great to watch, though.
#10 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:46AM by snowdog20 [contact]

Thanks Ed, great find! Alex's jumpsuit is awesome!
#9 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:28AM by G-Man [contact]

What an awesome find!!!! That made my day.
#8 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:26AM by winstontizzer [contact]

thanks Gabby..but I think that my powers of deduction are enhanced today only because I am snowed in and have too much time on my hands today. BTW I know that your avatar is Phil Specter but at first glance he looked uncannily like Robert Plant! sorry Percy
#7 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:25AM by Rubinowits [contact]

at #5, Yes that's Kim Mitchell.

This video is cool but the camera guy didn't do so well. Still great to see vintage footage of anything Rush. We need more of this and it's out there.
#6 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:23AM by icred [contact]

The 355 didn't start showing up in his arsenal until around the time of A Farewell to Kings, which is another clue.

Really awesome to see this! He sounds exactly the same today. Lol
#5 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:15AM by snowdog2113 [contact]

On a related note, can anyone help me identify a video that I've got on my youtube channel of Alex in the late 70s? It looks like Kim Mitchell with him and it's at some awards show but I'd like to know the event and date so I can label it properly. The quality's not very good but I am just about to replace all my watermarked videos with clean copies including this oneso at least that'll be gone soon.

Thanks for any help!

#4 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:13AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Interesting interview ... horrible camera work.
#3 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:11AM by Gabby [contact]

winstontizzer...you're just more proof that Rush has the smartest fans. :-)
#2 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:05AM by rushman110 [contact]

also, he would not have had the double-neck in 1975, but he would have by '77 for Xanadu. Cool vid!
#1 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:04AM by winstontizzer [contact]

First.For the first time...
Yes, this clip is from 77, not 75.
Alex mentions his guitar being from 1968 and being "almost 10 years old" therefore I deduce Watson that the video is from 1977!
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