Geddy Lee to appear on How I Met Your Mother

Posted on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 9:51PM

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#7 - Posted 1/9/13 @8:44PM by Geddimus Prime

Disappointed but not surprised at this point to see Geddy part of this Hollywood filth.
#6 - Posted 1/8/13 @1:26PM by kjbird [contact]

#5 - i don't watch the show regularly by any stretch, but i do know there was a Rush reference Season 4, episode 18 "Old King Clancy". Ed posted a link here on RIAB, i believe March 2009. It was a short reference, but one nonetheless. I'll definitely be watching this upcoming show with Ged-how funny.
#5 - Posted 1/8/13 @12:43PM by killernj13 [contact]

#3 - one of the female characters is from Canada and was a former teen popstar in Canada. Her stage name was Robin Sparkles.

I have watched this show from the beginning and they have had several Canadian references and always wondered when a Rush reference was going to happen especialy with Jason Seigle as one of the stars.

This show has definitely "jumped the shark" but I will watch until the end to find out who the f-ing mother is.
#4 - Posted 1/7/13 @10:43PM by Entre Nous [contact]

I still watch the show, goofy and funny. They probably had a blast doing this one.
Should be interesting. Go Geddy Go Canada. got rush?
#3 - Posted 1/7/13 @10:39PM by michinman [contact]

Who is Robin Sparkles?
#2 - Posted 1/7/13 @10:02PM by KeishaMcLee [contact]

I would have thought Alex would be the one to do this, not Geddy, but still pretty cool :)
#1 - Posted 1/7/13 @9:58PM by MCM [contact]

How random, but yet very cool. It's a funny show and Ged's a funny guy.

Hey wait!! Am I first??
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