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Posted on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 8:10PM

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#56 - Posted 12/11/12 @8:33PM by CapsFan2112 [contact]

I love these comments. For years Rush has built their image on being true to themselves, and their fans loved that. They've been the champions of being yourself, and not being afraid to be different. And now as soon as one of them makes a comment that some of their fans don't like, rather than respectfully disagree and just move on, people are claiming that Geddy went too far.

The irony is so great. Stay classy, "fans".
#55 - Posted 12/11/12 @11:25AM by simon r

As a wise Scotsman once sang this means nothing to me oh VIENNA!!He did fill in for Thin Lizzy many moons ago.They are still around in some format.
Seems we are jumping a tour but hey lets have your R40 set lists. XANADU must be overdue for an airing and always nice to have BY TOR back!! I agree with others it would be nice to have Losing it and Different Strings with the string ensemble in 2013.
#54 - Posted 12/11/12 @12:51AM by wellweatheredleather [contact]

Moving away from the political banter, and sticking to the subject of the original blog: An R40 would be great, but as far as albums in their entirety go, I'd pick Permanent Waves over Caress of Steel. My main reasoning is that Ged can still sing them all, and Different Strings would be fantastic live. Signals all the way through would be great as well. Ah hell, why not Counterparts? But anyway, just seeing them reach the milestone is awesome enough, and IF they are inducted into the ROHF (I only say "if" because I won't be disappointed if they aren't),I can die a happy man, and won't be able to see them at 40. haha
#53 - Posted 12/10/12 @11:20AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

I do not understand the bile spewed by "fans" of Rush, just because of their political comments. So if you lean conservative, all liberals are a-holes, or vice versa? Huh?!? I guess you only makes friends with people who agree with you ... that's what we call "ignorant" in polite society.

What's funny is, there was a time (not long ago) when Rush was considered to be "the" hard rock band for Republicans. My, how the wind shifts.

Just enjoy the music. If you're going to pick your bands based on their political allegiances (which have NOTHING to do with their talent), that's a deep personal problem, and something you might want to get checked out. I'd rather learn from people that I don't necessarily agree with.

BTW, it's a really cool little interview. Although I'd say The Necromancer is goofier than The Fountain of Lamneth.
#52 - Posted 12/10/12 @9:58AM by jeweloutofreach

There is some interesting discussion here for which I certainly appreciate. I agree with what Geddimus Prime has stated and this is the truth. The political system in America is completely "influenced" by a globalist banking cartel. There are some incredible resources out there in which one can obtain the truth but this is up to the individual. We are citizens of the United States of America which is a corporation- one big corporation. A bank can create millions in order to help folks "influence" and cajole another individual to do just about anything. This is where the notion of money is the root of all evil comes from. As humans, we have proved that the love of money sits at the top of our "wish list". Money makes all our problems go away. Or does it? I think the entertainment industry has proven that money cannot and will not buy true happiness.

Joy, love, family, shelter and a warm meal can be worth more. "The Garden" may actually hint at this but so does the true Garden which is where Neil was inspired to come to his grand conclusion at the end of CA.

Politicians these days are steering us towards a global community. America is the enemy. The United States of America is not. One world globalism will be realized shortly. I am somewhat surprised by the political comments that Geddy made but he knows how to play the game. Maybe this is why RUSH is now the darlings of the rock world. It all makes sense. Geddy embracing global liberalism and Neil making waves on the environmental front along with his never ending rip on God and Jesus.

America WAS about freedom and liberty with God being the center of a moral foundation but the American concept went right out the window due to the sickening concept of slavery which allowed the seeds of globalism to be sown.

Molding minds and altering perceptions takes a little time but the entertainment industry influence along with ushering God out of the equation has really altered the current mind set of this nation. Toss in technology and the whole process is moving at an accelerated pace.

As RUSH embraces globalism their media success rises. Lyrical content has changed and has done an about face. Geddy's line is very telling. Mitt and BO are no different than Tom and Jerry. Mitt is gone and now it is the Big John and BO show. All US Citizens will be forced to pony up MORE unless the "public servants" save the day. The same saviors that rack up the trillions of debt are now going to save us. Laughable but who buys this deception and who helps push it? Why does Geddy care? Why does Neil care? RUSH has sold out. They all sell out. On stage it is the 2112 overture. In interviews it is embracing liberalism and shunning God. Money does funny things to people...
#51 - Posted 12/10/12 @9:32AM by chutch15 [contact]

I'd prefer more new music to an R40 tour.
#50 - Posted 12/10/12 @8:34AM by 4syrinx [contact]

nodrush telling people to shut-up...stay classy junior...and dig this...could it be that the conservative side is sick and tired of paying for the do-nothings of this country...and then we are lectured by some slick Chicago community agitator that gets elected simply by being "cool"...that we are not "giving" enough of the money that we bust our ass for...the clown truly has no vision...
#49 - Posted 12/10/12 @8:26AM by Chicken [contact]

Guess your right...maybe the words need to be updated...."less than half the world the other half takes".........

Rock On!
#48 - Posted 12/10/12 @2:56AM by Willowdale

Love Geddy's political comments!! It's the way the majority of America & the rest of the world feels!!!

Hillary will surely win in 2016, and by the time the Repubs get a chance again in 2024, they will be a completely different "looking" party.

"Different Eyes See Different Things, Different Hearts Beat On Different Strings". True Dat!!!
#47 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:34PM by Chicken [contact]

Shut up?
#46 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:10PM by nodrush [contact]

Shut up, Ged can have an opinion, and can voice it if he want's to, he's just voicing what the rest of the world was thinking during that election...not another bush clone.....who's going to get invaded next in order to kick start the economy.
#45 - Posted 12/9/12 @3:40PM by TheOracle [contact]

This whole thing about Geddy's political comment is very saddening. Just by the effect it's having, we can't exactly say it's generating "healthy debate" but rather dividing Rush fan against Rush fan... and that's sad. Probably not Geddy's intent when he made the comment, but then again, why make it? Yes everyone has their own beliefs, but why make a comment that would alienate a part of your fanbase regardless of which "side" they're on? For the lifelong fan who enjoyed having politics mostly out of the music and interviews (or at least kept very subtle), this was too much in the forefront. I don't know... just sad.
#44 - Posted 12/9/12 @2:45PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

If your 4th & 5th sentence read something along the lines of "through Fox news on the idiot box" it would be a little more realistic...

For those that have only heard, and will always be afraid by decree
will always cry, Beware! - Beware!
For he and she on honey-dew, hath fed
and drunk the milk of paradise
will be the ones who can truly see...
#43 - Posted 12/9/12 @2:31PM by deslock [contact]

#38: Responding by calling Geddy a dick, proclaiming it's now OK to steal from Rush, and no longer reading articles about Rush are examples of what I meant by fans who "can't handle his opinion".

I didn't accuse you of any of those things, nor did I claim that anything in your post was pro-Republican. I asked you "Should Geddy have answered dishonestly out of fear of alienating fans who are so politically partisan that they can't handle his opinion?" because you wrote that Alex "has had the brains to keep his mouth shut".

But rather than answer my question, you resorted to assumptions and insults like "Grow up or do us all a favor and stop voting. You're killing this country with your political ineptitude."
#42 - Posted 12/9/12 @2:14PM by Geddimus Prime

Good to see you can wish yourself well.
#41 - Posted 12/9/12 @1:23PM by driventotheedge [contact]

I totaly aree with post # 33 also with most parts of 35 and 34
for those who are blind and cannot see
I wish you well
#40 - Posted 12/9/12 @11:30AM by Rush-1974-2112 [contact]

@Geddimus Prime,

Enjoyed your posts. Left/Right? They're one in the same, do you want to crash at 100 MPH or 50?
Anyone who wants to wish me well feel free, you'd better wish your children well as this government currently borrows $4.5 billion a day, everyday.

R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40 R40
#39 - Posted 12/9/12 @11:17AM by Chicken [contact]


Geddy can have his opinion,as I have said in both posts, but I have lost further respect for him. It's not just agreeing or disagreeing with my politics, I just find it insulting to use words like "scary" and "out there". I know such words are used to describe those who disagree with another's politics every day, on both sides, but I thought Geddy was better than that.

And I certainly don't think Romney would fool anyone as beeing a scary "right winger", or am I wrong that he didn't imply that either?

As far as victory for liberalism, curious if they ever give out free tickets for their shows, or even offer them at a reduced price for the poor. Seriously don't know, but that would be a victory for liberalism.

Anyway, no hard feelings, just was a bit surprised. Also a bit surprised that that was the biggest news story of the year for him. With so much othr news, like maybe Canada raising its benefit retirement age from 65 to 67, something like that would have been bigger news to him. Isnt that scary?

Rush on!!
#38 - Posted 12/9/12 @11:07AM by Geddimus Prime


Since when is responding with one's opinion about openly public statements made by another human being "not being able to handle it"? It's just a response. Calm down. You and gongbass need to snap out of it.

There is absolutely nothing in my post that is at all pro Republican. The entire point of it was to highlight the now widely accepted fact that both parties at the national level are bought and paid for by the money power that has run this country since at least 1913. I'm sorry you can't see that your guy on the Left is just as much bought and paid for as the other puppet on the Right. For God's sake, he comes out of the Chicago political machine. Are you kidding me? Grow up or do us all a favor and stop voting. You're killing this country with your political ineptitude.
#37 - Posted 12/9/12 @10:49AM by Rush Islander [contact]

Geddy should have just kept his political opinions to himself...reading posts like #35 is frustrating to say the least.

Just. Stop.
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