Rush Clockwork Angels tour Dallas open thread

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 12:28PM

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#83 - Posted 12/1/12 @1:25PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I think that the fans in Dallas had a more rewarding experience then those of us who had attended the concert in Phoenix. I wonder if there will be more even selections from "Roll The Bones," by the time that Rush reaches Europe. What are your opinions on this matter?
#82 - Posted 11/30/12 @11:33AM by jaeger [contact]

Evan's dad is a great dad.
#81 - Posted 11/30/12 @10:15AM by caressof2112 [contact]

Celebrity well kind of sighting. Erik Kramer, es Lions and Bears quarterback. Said hi to him, seemed nice enough.
#80 - Posted 11/30/12 @10:10AM by kjbird [contact]

#77/#79 Great posts - i happen to agree with you both. LOVE hearing them play the deep cuts that haven't either been played or ever played. I'm a big CA fan, and all in Dallas were so fortunate to get BOTH WTW and ScoG - wow. Both shows i went to were setlist B, so i missed ScoG. I agree with the hoped for inclusion of BU2B, but at least i was able to hear that on TMT.
#79 - Posted 11/30/12 @9:54AM by Pale Facsimile [contact]

Neil has said on multiple occasions that after a more retrospective tour (R30, TMT), they don't feel burdened to play all the big hits the next time around, and feel free to play whatever they want (S&A, CA). In the internet age, fans know where to get the setlist (except before the first show obviously), and if they don't want to spend the money, they don't have to. And the notion that "the very casual fans won't pony up $100+ for a ticket" is totally off. This tour I went to Bridgeport (Row 17, center), and Buffalo (Row 5, Alex's side), and there were people who looked bored in the seats to my right at both shows (in B-port, it was a teen and his father who both had the Rush jerseys on). It's their loss. To me, it comes down to how much you're into the band you're seeing. If you love them, you'll love the show. I understand the casual fans' point of view, however, because if I go see a band I don't like as much as I love Rush (or Queen or Metallica), I'd want the band to play their hits. My girlfriend and I saw a free concert by Shinedown a few years ago, and 4 of their first 5 songs were most of their hits (Sound of Madness, 45, Save Me, Fly From the Inside). We ended up leaving after about 40 minutes because we'd gotten all we wanted and were ready to go home and cool off in the A-C.

I personally love this setlist. I've been a huge RUSH fan for almost 8 years now (didn't really get into them until the year I graduated college), and I readily admit that there are deep cuts I still have yet to discover (I knew every song this tour except TBE...I already knew most of P/G, but had to go back and do some "research" after I heard TBE live).
#78 - Posted 11/30/12 @5:05AM by BTWilson

PS: My one regret is that Seattle did not get SCOG. :)
#77 - Posted 11/30/12 @4:57AM by BTWilson

Have to concur with #70 on the merits of this setlist. Geddy has often acknowledged that they try to mix it up for the dedicated fans. But I can't imagine these guys ever trying to pander to the "casual" fans (or pander to anyone for that matter). This tour reflects the exact setlist I'd like to see... "what Rush wanted to play." (Thank you #60 for the direct quote.) I'm long past quibbling over this selection or that choice. I want to see what the band is juiced to play!

Don't get me wrong; I'm old school. I grew up on the "classic era" of 74-82. I first got into them in 77-78. The first albums my brother and I owned (and are ingrained in my DNA) were All The Worlds A Stage and Hemispheres. (We later caught up with the Kings album, then the early stuff. Caress of Steel is still my personal favorite.) First show was here in Seattle 1980 -- Permanent Waves. Still the best show I've ever seen. The same thing that struck me then still impresses me now: their generosity in concert, ie. quantity of amazing material and high caliber of performance. Night after night. And yes, I did fall out for a period in the 80's. I did see the Power Windows tour and remember my disappointment at the lack of "old stuff". Almost everything was Permanent Waves and forward.

But I got totally re-engaged with the Vapor Trails album and tour. Went back and filled all the holes in the catalog I had missed thru the 80s-90s. And you know what people? It's ALL good. So I am totally happy that they mix it up every tour, and recently even night to night. Too bad they don't do the Grateful Dead thing and totally mix it up every night. But then they would have to have a pool of 100 songs rehearsed, and video/lighting/pyro programmed for each. (Of course the Dead is another story. Yes they mixed it up, but they NEVER rehearsed.)

So, I didn't mean to write a novel here. But the one ongoing (never-ending) debate for this tour is what they have chosen to play. The new album is fantastic. If you don't like it stay home. Better yet, go! You will be exposed to an hour of totally righteous new material with legs. I'm happy they have never been apologetic about coming out blazing with "a song or two from our new album." Why shouldn't they be jazzed about it? The best album a band has made is always their last album. (At least, this is true with good bands. And who is really in the ball park with THIS band??)

Great to hear the positive reports from Phoenix and Dallas. Looking forward to the DVD release ASAP. Thanks guys. I'll see you again next summer.
#76 - Posted 11/29/12 @6:49PM by CraigJ [contact]

#75 - The only thing that would have made the PHX show better was SCoG. But I'm not complaining. CA was my favorite part of the show, specifically the title track, The Anarchist and the Percussor.
#75 - Posted 11/29/12 @6:21PM by lisah [contact]

#74, The only thing that could improve the quality of CA, is, hearing it played almost in its entirity played LIVE!!! Which is what I am sooo looking forward to, tomorrow night,and again on Sunday night. This way I get to hear both WTW and SCOG. You just can't beat that!!! Hope fully we will get another chance to hear this setlist, sometime after June 2013! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saving my money. I plan on taking my son to the next show. Whether that comes next year or in2014. I want him to be able to see and hear the band that his mom is always talking about. I told him I would try to get some good VIP tickets. I think it's the best way to experiance the entire RUSH epic. Simply Unforgetable. Simply Rush! Accept no substitutes!
#74 - Posted 11/29/12 @5:15PM by jmoist

Right on, lisah #70. CA is a very good Rush record containing strong song writing that in my opinion requires repeated, serious listenings with head phones (what Rush record doesn't, right?). Several of my friends and fellow Rushians thought that CA was just ok until diving into it with phones. I have become more and more impressed with CA after each listen. Producer Nick managed to take what they were driving at with S&A and made it much better with CA. The result is the essence of Rush with some modern and unexpected twists, a truly progressive result. Great decision by Rush to retain Nick for the CA sessions!

Great points jupeguyowensound #59. Didn't Geddy himself once say something like "we're one of the world's largest cult bands"? There are very few people who "sort of" like Rush - most either love them or hate them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert, and hope that they schedule a 2nd US tour leg. Long live Rush!
#73 - Posted 11/29/12 @3:31PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#70- Agreed. Great post.
#72 - Posted 11/29/12 @3:23PM by lisah [contact]

#70, I like your comments. I too am glad they chose this setlist. I love the new material. It is fresh, relevant and it is great music. It gets harder to create fresh music after 40 years, 19 studio albums, and countless shifts in musical tastes. To create something that I feel is the best Rush music in the last 20 years, is a testament to their creativity, and their longevity. I am so looking forward to my shows,and to hopefully still more tours to come. RUSH ON!!
#71 - Posted 11/29/12 @3:16PM by hannuFIN [contact]

So glad that You are glad and so are RUSH caravan too ! Weatherchannelwise, greetings from Suomi, winter is here also in the southern parts, chilly -4 C by the sea and +20m/s winds blowing from the east and promised +20cm snow during the next two days. A dreamers band, that's RUSH
#70 - Posted 11/29/12 @3:04PM by jmoist

Being a long time Rush head, I've been to so many Rush concerts that I've forgotten the actual number. I tend to agree with #60 surfguy. This show was more for the hardcore, open minded Rush fans. I got chills during The Body Electric and Analog Kid, wonderful to hear them live again! It would have been easy for them to plow through all of their classic hits, but isn't that kind of what they did on the Time Machine tour? Personally, I found it refreshing and bold that they chose to mix it up and highlight their very good CA recording, which sounded fresh and powerful in concert along with thought provoking and stunning visuals. The string section was a nice add, too, and really embellished the new material. BTW - how many legendary rock bands still sound fresh?

Crowd was good for a Wednesday night gig, and was pleasantly surprised to see the open upper level full of fans. Though technically not a sellout due to the closed curtain sections, it was a very solid turnout. I was thrilled that Rush played at AAC this time instead of "The Shed" formerly known as Starplex.
#69 - Posted 11/29/12 @1:17PM by PoweringWindows [contact]

#64 hahahaha well I'm only 17.. I did it as a cute little joke and to hopefully get my sign on the DVD.. Of course I'm not actually asking her to marry me! I'm not even in college..
#68 - Posted 11/29/12 @1:08PM by lisah [contact]

#67, Thanks, I will have a great time!
#67 - Posted 11/29/12 @12:33PM by onelittlevictory [contact]

#66 No need to feel bad. The truth is hard to escape! The more you know. Have a good show!
#66 - Posted 11/29/12 @12:20PM by lisah [contact]

#65, I'll be in San Antonio also. Been waiting a hell of a long time for my turn. Today I won't be able to get anything done. Too ready for tomorrow night!! RUSH ON!! That Phoenix thread was a lively one! I do feel bad for Kelly. She seems like a nice gal, and such a devoted Rush Chick.
#65 - Posted 11/29/12 @12:11PM by Jediyyz [contact]

#63 Plenty of that still going on in the Phoenix thread! Even drew me in!

San I come!

Endlessly Rocking!
#64 - Posted 11/29/12 @12:10PM by SRM 1-4001 [contact]

To powering windows.
Dewd, I believe Audrey Solomon IS already married. I googled her (bwahaha) early in the tour and found evidence of such. Not to erase your yearning and maybe she enjoys such crazy appreciation. Or maybe she's open to multiple husbands. Dubious. So... Get a Life, I mean wife.
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