Rush mention in new Peter Criss autobiography Makeup to Breakup

Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 4:24PM

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#43 - Posted 12/1/12 @2:37PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Nah...just about anybody but those 3 chord clowns...
#42 - Posted 12/1/12 @1:15AM by What-A-Rush

Agreed #41, but that tour of 1974-75 would have been the ULTIMATE concert pairing of all time to have witnessed! What I would give to have been 15 years old at that time! Whoever was lucky enough to have seen it, YOU SHOULD FEEL HONORED! Great comments everybody! Thanks RIAB.
#41 - Posted 11/30/12 @9:39PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Wow ! RUSH & Kiss ???
Talk about complete contrast when it comes to musical prowess !
#40 - Posted 11/30/12 @9:27PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Alex needs to have a couple weeks of nightmares about not being able to get that bag off of his head while he's yelling at groupies to stop being ho's...Then to exercise those (Fear) part IV demons, he needs to write La Villa Strangiato part II.
#39 - Posted 11/29/12 @5:09PM by grauw013

@19 @38 Both Kiss and Rush play the Sweden Rock Festival although most likely not on the same day.. The upper part of the poster looks very retro though..
#38 - Posted 11/29/12 @2:01PM by What-A-Rush

The thing to remember here is, just as #37 stated, it's a "story". As a longtime Kiss fan, the guys have always had a knack for telling, and exaggerating, many things in Kisstory. Having said that, both bands were in their early 20's,(funny enough, except Peter) paying their dues, touring, and apparently partying together as well! Frankly, this doesn't seem any worse than the the stories we'd hear about the Stones, Zep, and virtually every other rock band of that era. For me, the most disappointing part of Peter's story is the fact that ALL FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS still carry a lot of resentment towards one another, something that has never been put to rest. Sure, some is justified, some is just flat-out petty. I have to agree with #19 when he says "Kiss and Rush in 2013", that would be THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS! Although if it ever happens, I would think it would take place in 2014 to celebrate both bands' 40th anniversary of their respective debut records. However, it should be the ORIGINAL Kiss ONLY! That way, both could properly co-headline and alternate nights closing the show! Let's face it, if the money and timing are right, Gene and Paul would JUMP ON IT! So would Ace and Peter! Hell, I think Rush would agree to it to if all the planets alligned! Well, in any event, I'm allowed to dream if I want to! Anyway, looking forward to Peter's book signing in Tempe,AZ. on 12-6-12. It's always cool meeting fans of BOTH Kiss and Rush. Great comments everybody, thanks RIAB!
#37 - Posted 11/28/12 @10:05PM by MalignantNarcissism444 [contact]

Seems pretty clear how Alex felt about "Groupies" in his youth. I doubt he's changed his opinion with age.

Great story!
#36 - Posted 11/28/12 @8:34PM by moving my pictures [contact]

I like cheerleaders but not Gene Simmons.
#35 - Posted 11/28/12 @8:33PM by moving my pictures [contact]

whats wrong with porn ?
#34 - Posted 11/28/12 @4:22PM by kjbird [contact]

The story is funny.... And if the "women that were there" were the girlfriends or wives of the band (not) then yeah, that's insulting. But I have a feeling they weren't there to discuss the thought process behind the creative songwriting and musical stylings of the show that night. So, calling a spade a spade? I'd say affirmative.
#33 - Posted 11/28/12 @10:40AM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

It sounds like Rush was doing Tony Clifton before Andy Kaufman! And we only thought they were musical innovators...
#32 - Posted 11/28/12 @9:53AM by random_sample [contact]

I thought "The Bag" thing was pretty funny. I know the little story didn't offend me at all.
As far as Gene Simmons goes, I never really took him very seriously. Only know a few songs by Kiss. Their music never did much for me, really, but Geddy made a few positive comments about Kiss ,in the documentary.
#31 - Posted 11/28/12 @7:56AM by alexmai [contact]

@5 the only thing Peter wrote against Paul is that Paul can drew the better dicks he never seen in his life... and Ace commented "you can't drew those that good if you haven't seen those very close" ;)

PS Peter wrote also that a stoned Ace made him some job ;)
#30 - Posted 11/28/12 @7:47AM by alexmai [contact]

@25 Gene Simmons 2004 solo album title is Asshole ;)
What can you expect from him? I'm a Kiss fan since 1980 but I can't stand him ;)
#29 - Posted 11/28/12 @6:37AM by michinman [contact]

And Peter made his bed in my opinion. He gets no sympathy from me. But who really cares, right? This is a RUSH site. I'm finished bashing kiss.
#28 - Posted 11/28/12 @6:31AM by michinman [contact]

#26 I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Rush probably weren't angels when it came to groupies but not to the extent of depravity the Gene has proudly expressed. I remember seeing him on a talk show and talking about how he slept with a mother and daughter simultaneousely. I mean... who would do that? Believe me, I'm no angel either, but Gene's whole existence from my vantage point has been pure and utter selfishness and decadence. It's just without the booze and drugs, but morally deplorable. His whole reason for getting into show-business was for money and to get laid, and I really don't know which takes precedence in his world. You would have to ask him.

#23 Sorry I broke your heart, but if it were possible, I would invite you to meet me for one day and meet Gene on another, and then tell me who's the douchebag. I'm typically not this sarcastic/mean, but with Gene I make an exception.
#27 - Posted 11/28/12 @5:31AM by freewilly [contact]

(sorry for typo, detoriation = deterioration)
#26 - Posted 11/28/12 @5:25AM by freewilly [contact]

The bag itself seems not so inapproprate but the supposed things said with it...

Really awful to me is the whole groupie thing (which Rush did not step into I think) like Kiss did. The groupies themselves too of course.
It feels like the total degeneration/detoriation of sex, and humanity, just like porn.
#25 - Posted 11/28/12 @4:34AM by Xaromir [contact]

Everyone's been an asshole at some point in some way in life, some people (like Gene Simmons) are assholes all their life, and that's where the big difference is to me.
#24 - Posted 11/28/12 @3:48AM by michinman [contact]

They're not all douchebags. Just me mostly. I feel a little extra douchy tonight, especially when it comes to Gene Simmons. He seems to bring that out in some people.
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