Rush Clockwork Angels tour Phoenix open thread

Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 11:17AM

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#177 - Posted 1/27/13 @6:09PM by Gerry Lee [contact]

So for those who were at this show, did anybody see any cameras and if so how many? I've seen a lot of pictures and video form this show and haven't seen one.
#176 - Posted 12/3/12 @9:52PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Thank you for responding #175. In my post #117, I had listed several songs which I feel would benefit by the support of a full symphony orchestra. I am glad that you have such a high opinion of "Power Windows," although we happen to disagree on Rush's final 5-star album.
#175 - Posted 12/3/12 @4:32PM by What-A-Rush

I'll be glad to answer your questions # 169. Regarding a full symphony orchestra on the (hopefully) upcoming R40 tour, truthfully I can take it or leave it. I thing having the string ensemble worked just fine. Having said that, I think they should seriously consider playing 'Different Strings' or 'Losing It' if they go that route. Both songs would have been PERFECT, if not obvious, for this tour. As far as 'Roll The Bones' in it's entirety, I have to To me, the material just isn't strong enough to be played front-to-back. Sure, it has it's shining moments, but there's quite a bit of filler on there as well. Ultimately I think that album missed the mark. Like yourself, I also think very highly of 'Power Windows', arguably the second BEST Rush album of all-time, right behind 'Moving Pictures'. So I was more than happy, or completely SHOCKED, rather, to hear five of the tracks played from that album at the show, I consider 'Power Windows' to be the final 5-star record of their career, and one that has held up over time very well! It's about time that album receives some LONG OVERDUE recognition! The guys seemed to have a blast showcasing that material as well! All I know is that the majority of the crowd on the floor were literally FLOORED by what they heard! Great move gentlemen, and great questions #169! Thanks RIAB!
#174 - Posted 12/3/12 @11:29AM by simon r

December and this still trundles on like Caravan! In defence of Kelly who I dont know-from her posts here she does travel all over to see the band.Alex obviously knew this hence his comment!
I agree with 173-good idea to reward the long serving fans-Its 1979 for me and I have seen every US tour since Vapor Trails-usually 3/4 shows. I was lucky to meet Geddy in London when they came over for screening of documentary few yrs ago and managed to shake his hand as they ushered him out of the door exit stage left!! Quite a few fans from UK travel over to US each tour even if they are coming here. Our 13 year ommittance makes us wary-how did we survive? Alas feel I will have to write to Mr Danniels.
#173 - Posted 12/2/12 @5:28PM by kjbird [contact]

#171-yes, it's an unfortunate reality.

You know what i think would be a really cool thing one day? Is to somehow identify those fans that are the truly committed....based on longevity...who have been with and seen shows since the 70's. I hear of fans seeing Rush over 50 times plus over a span of 35 years (NOT over 3 years). Reserved seating, front row - they can sit if they want, stand if they want. Whatever. Nobody in their way - what a gesture of gratitude for accompanying the band on their journey. Every one of those fans gets a shirt, a M&G handshake and photo op. I'm sure there wouldn't be a dry eye among them if this were to manifest.

Obviously, unlikely scenario, a logistical nightmare...but how cool would that be.
#172 - Posted 12/2/12 @3:31PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I cannot even imagine being in the front row of a concert, the closest that I have ever been to, or perhaps have ever wanted to be, to the performers was 7th row center at Cricket Pavillion during the 2002 Yes full circle tour. I had the opportunity to see "classic Yes" : (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White) at that time; unfortunately, it was also my last Yes concert.

My first Yes concert (my third rock concert, overall) was during "The Ladder" tour at Union Hall in Phoenix, in 1999; I had great seats at that concert as well.

My second concert was The Moody Blues at Cricket Pavillion, with the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra, during the "Strange Times" tour in 1999.
#171 - Posted 12/1/12 @5:43PM by 4syrinx [contact]

That is what this world has become... I don't care about anyone else it's ME. it's ME and I want it, so it must be. Many would accept a wristband if offered by security, or whoever, however that sort of thing happens, flash some tat, or wiggle the ass I rekkon. Does not make it right. Especially for the people who have ASSIGNED front row seats. There were 45 seats, or places for people to stand where a seat exists, if only ONE extra person slides in, well you the get the idea. And viola that is what happened to me in Phoenix. I had to stand behind some shorter people, I'm 6'5", rather than take my ASSIGNED spot because people were pushed out of the ASSIGNED seat areas and rather than be a jackass about it and jam my way back in to my ASSIGNED seat area. I was in row 1 and 1/2, I would imagine the folks in Row 2 who were behind me did not dig me standing a bit closer to them because I was forced to vacate my paid for spot. Enough of this, buy your ticket go to where said seat is and enjoy the show from there. And as far as the Boys throwing shirts into the crowd....Please.
#170 - Posted 12/1/12 @3:16PM by fs [contact]

if i do not have a ticket to a concert, and someone from either the arena staff or band's staff offers me a front row wristband, or a front row ticket, or a backstage pass, i am going to take it for sure. i would imagine many of us here would take them too.

if i see someone else at the show get a wristband/front row ticket/backstage pass, i am going to be happy for them.
#169 - Posted 12/1/12 @1:07PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

"Peace, peace Mercutio."

Ladies and gentlemen, could we please discuss the Phoenix concert's musical merits first? I am not quite certain how this thread had taken such an unexpected tangent. In any event, for those of us who have only had the opportunity to see Rush live in concert once every 10 years or so, I would certainly like to discuss your opinion about the set list.

Personally, I think that the attendees in Dallas had an entirely different experience. I would have most assuredly enjoyed seeing a few more selections from "Roll The Bones," in lieu of the 5 selections from "Power Windows," even though "Power Windows" has remained my favorite Rush studio album for the past 27 years.

Of course, I would like to ultimately have the pleasure of seeing the music of Rush played by a Rush with the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra. What are your thoughts, regarding this matter? Do you think that Rush touring with a full symphony orchestra on their upcoming 40th anniversary tour would be an exciting way to interpret older classics? Should Rush play the "Roll The Bones" album in it's entirety, during their next tour?
#168 - Posted 12/1/12 @11:43AM by onelittlevictory [contact]

#164 I was there. She had no ticket. I overheard her bragging about it. There are plenty of ways to get a wristband. If you are looking to score points, try getting a front row ticket :)
#167 - Posted 12/1/12 @12:47AM by RowTheBoats [contact]

So after thrashing through this entire thread, which was quite entertaining from a Reality Show point of view, but for me it comes down to two things:

1) Why not just go to the source to find the truth. #78 ..... Come on down !!!

2) What about the guy who paid Big Money, VIP, (shirt or not) to be up front and close to his/her favorite band, anticipating this show like so many have expressed on this blog, only to be called an Asshole by Alex ?
#166 - Posted 11/30/12 @8:47PM by MajorSkalle [contact]

Just got back home to ol' Norway.
The show was amazing! Worth every single penny!

Now. Countdown to Finland.
#165 - Posted 11/30/12 @7:50PM by kjbird [contact]

Oh my gawwwwwd. This thread has become a catch 22. Put a fork in's done.
#164 - Posted 11/30/12 @5:36PM by CraigJ [contact]

I was there. She had a wristband on.
#163 - Posted 11/30/12 @5:26PM by oriongal [contact]

#160 - by that logic though, there is no point to getting dressed up for *anything*. Ever. Going to the theater or opera, no point to getting dressed up - you are there to see the show, not to see/be seen. Going to dinner at a nice restaurant, you're there for the food. Going to work, depending on what your work is, you're there to do a job, not to be looked at (unless that is in fact an important part of your job). And so on.

I actually cannot comment on the perceptions of #78 either way, because I wasn't there and I don't know her beyond seeing her posts/photos here. I also kind of don't feel qualified to comment on what is or isn't 'trashy' in a generation that I don't belong to. A lot of things my mother called 'trashy' were just a normal part of the scene among my peers, and that kind of thing happens between every generational set as well.

I do know that I've seen much more outrageous outfits at even a folk music festival than I've ever seen (or probably ever will see) at a Rush show, though. And given the sheer size of the crowds at most any multi-day festival, it's not meant to grab artist attention. Mostly, it's just for the fun of it (tutus, fairy wings, you name it).

And I'm not sure how it differs from say the red-jumpsuit guys, which I haven't seen anyone object to on the grounds that it's attention-grabbing, probably nets them more show swag and gets them into more photos than the average fan as well? Which is not me slamming on them at all, I got a huge smile out of seeing them the first time I saw them, and I also got a big kick out of talking with them after the Dallas show on Wed (we were all in the same hotel). They're huge fans and they're expressing themselves uniquely in how they dress; and if it does also get them more attention/swag, then that's a bonus but it isn't the main reason they're doing it (anyone who has seen them rocking their socks off at a show can probably attest to that).
#162 - Posted 11/30/12 @4:19PM by kjbird [contact]

#160 = truth
#161 - Posted 11/30/12 @3:51PM by 4syrinx [contact]

#160=common sense
#160 - Posted 11/30/12 @2:48PM by Modern-Day Warrior [contact]

Seems to me that the original topic has gotten kinda murky.

#78 is upset that she didn't get a t-shirt that was clearly intended for her by Alex. Ok, granted. But from what I'm gathering, she was in a seat that she DID NOT HAVE A TICKET FOR. Regardless of whether or not you think it's alright for a girl to dress trashy, that was a seat that she would not have been in if not for the men (MEN!) who allowed her to be there. So to get upset over something she would not have had in the first place, ON TOP of the fact that she had a glorious seat, is pretty unreasonable (dare I say spoiled and bratty?). That "Douchebag" is probably just as, if not more of, a dedicated fan because one assumes he worked and paid good money for a ticket he earned. God forbid he should make a grab for a tshirt from the hands of Alex Lifeson himself.

On the subject of women dressing up, I always wonder why. Why? Why is it so important for women to think, "Oh, this is my chance to glamor it up."? You should be there for the show, for the chance to see a great band play great music, not show off your looks. I hate to break your narcissistic bubble, but no one is there to see you, your hair, or your "painted camouflage". Is wearing nothing but a corset really standard women's wear? What do you think is the intent in donning that, hm?
#159 - Posted 11/30/12 @1:03PM by oriongal [contact]

Don't get me wrong, I don't care at all about anyone drinking at a show. It just confuses me when it seems like the drinking is actually more important *than* the show, especially when you're up at the front. Why pay for premium seats and then spend so little time at them? (can't say 'in them' since few on the floor actually sit during a show, however little they are into it they do usually at least remain standing). I just don't get that, I don't get why anyone would bother to pay that much for a show and then not get as much from it as they possibly could. If you're not that into it in the first place, why not go for cheaper seats? If you're not going to watch the whole show, why does it matter to you to be that close?

That's what I find confusing - row-jumping by a dedicated fan is a lot easier to understand than that is, that's all I was trying to say. The band at least does get something positive out of an enthusiastic fan who moves up as well - all they get out of people who spend more time away from their seat than at it is really just the price of the ticket. I can kinda see Neil's point about 'rotisserie' seating, even though as a fan I'd absolutely hate being shuffled back after scoring a close's just so much more fun for them when the people they can easily see are clearly jazzed to be there and are excited about the show/music even if they're only staring up in wonder and amazement the whole show. They put so much effort into every show, every single time, that I just cannot imagine being more interested in scoring another beer than in absorbing every moment of the show that I possibly can. I just don't want to miss any of it, and it kind of boggles my mind a little that anyone would pay those kinds of prices if they aren't as into it as I am. I guess I just don't see the point in that. :)
#158 - Posted 11/30/12 @12:37PM by ervnos [contact]

In Anaheim we saw a guy jump over like 5 or 6 rows, past us in the 4th row, and try to end up in the front during "2112". Because he was pushing people, a multitude of fans pointed him out to security and they booted his butt out of our section. He definitely got what he deserved.

I can't speak for other instances of moving up, except for the self described 4'11" woman who was behind the 6'4" guy, in Newark. I don't think anybody got mad when she moved up a couple of rows, but she asked first. If you don't disrupt me, I won't notice you. If you are a horse's ass and take video or dance drunkenly against me, that will be a problem.

I think both security and the row jumpers are responsible. Saw that in San Diego in 2011, and Holmel NJ in 2008. I'd rather stand in a section with mellow fans than crazy drunkards any day. I don't care about the beer drinkers so long as they don't spill on me. It's their money, $10 or $12 for a beer or something like that? Their hangover too.
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