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Posted on Friday, November 16, 2012 at 10:36PM

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#63 - Posted 11/21/12 @2:53AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

"...Many people cling to the fantasy that an elusive phantom called "success" or "wealth" would bring them freedom from pain.

Let me tell you, it does not..."

aka, "the gold and glory/it didn't always feel that way"

Neil rocks.
#62 - Posted 11/20/12 @4:59PM by Homey M Holmes

"Women shouldn't be slaves to the opinions of "conservative" people imagine that they know when the fetus becomes a human being. Ever wonder why witch hunts were primarily hunts of women?"

Ever wonder why some people were so dumb they actually thought this election was about contraception?
#61 - Posted 11/20/12 @4:19PM by jiminseattle [contact]

This thread is dead. Put a fork in it.
#60 - Posted 11/20/12 @3:18PM by jaeger [contact]

#39. "I found it slightly troubling that Neil bought into the who "woman's re-productive rights" distraction. By Neil's logic, then does that mean that a man should have absolutely no say or rights as relates to his future child?" I didn't get that. I did get that, as usual, Neil is sensitive to the rights of the socially vulnerable.

Women shouldn't be slaves to the opinions of "conservative" people imagine that they know when the fetus becomes a human being. Ever wonder why witch hunts were primarily hunts of women?
#59 - Posted 11/19/12 @12:15PM by Liverpool 78

If one just takes the writing for what it actually is, a descriptive journal and travelogue, then it is an enjoyable essay - as are all is essays.

I see lots of comments on this blog from people grumbling at others, saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion, well, I guess so is Neil Peart whether one agree with it or not.

I enjoy his descriptions of what he sees around him. it's just a travelogue.

#58 - Posted 11/19/12 @10:36AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

Boy, a lot of people sure get huffy about Neil's ever-evolving political views. Personally, I agree that he's not as erudite/educated about politics as he is about things like travel, culture, and drumming. Then again, there are certainly a whole bunch of people (Democrat/Republican/Independent/whatever) who blather on about their political views, who are as uneducated as a toadstool, but in this country you're free to prove yourself a moron. That's the ugly underbelly of "freedom of speech", and yes, it's worth dying for.

I would never question how anyone deals with the loss of a child (or the loss of any loved one, for that matter). It's different for everyone, and the pain (particularly of losing a child) is something I don't think any totally get over. As for philosophies on burial and such, I believe putting a body in the ground is foolish waste of real estate, but I respect those who need a grave to provide a form of closure, or who are positive they're going to hell if they don't have a "proper Christian burial". Whatever helps you get by.
#57 - Posted 11/19/12 @7:32AM by subdivincent [contact]

It seems that Neil has reached the stage of his life where he wants to say what he feels, and doesn't really give a shit what anybody thinks else thinks of it.

I've recently reached that point in my life as well, and I find it quite liberating.
#56 - Posted 11/18/12 @7:29PM by kjbird [contact]

#52....perfectly stated and aligns with my opinion on the subject.
#55 - Posted 11/18/12 @5:07PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Well said #52. I wish there was more humility in all involved. Keep your shit to yourself, live your life how you wish and let others be.
#54 - Posted 11/18/12 @4:17PM by michinman [contact]

#53 - Posted 11/18/12 @4:17PM by michinman [contact]

A great American once said, "Can't we all just get along." hehe
#52 - Posted 11/18/12 @4:10PM by Stixtwirly [contact]

I'm a huge fan of Neil and his drumming has inspired me since I first became aware of it in 1985.

That being said, I have found that when his prose veers into religion and politics his erudition drops off precipitously. Certainly, he is entitled to his opinions and conclusions, and to say he is well read is an understatement. So I always give him a fair hearing (or reading). But his intelligence makes his lapses into unwisdom, ad hominems, and non-sequiturs puzzling and painful from a fan standpoint.

At the end of the day I take the good and realize he is operating from a worldview that is as deficient by my reckoning, as I'm sure my worldview would be to him.

I am thankful for their wonderful, thoughtful music. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday week.
#51 - Posted 11/18/12 @3:31PM by Liverpool 78

Yeah but, yeah but, yeah's just a travelog, his observations and view on what he observes as he rides. Like all his other books, innit?

If any of you weant to talk/argue about religion or politics why don't you BUGGER OFF to a site where people who want to talk/argue about religion or politics are welcomed and then those of us who like Rush and want to come to this site to read/opine about Rush can do so?

Go on... away wit'cha!! :-)

#50 - Posted 11/18/12 @3:02PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#49 - Posted 11/18/12 @2:41PM by 4syrinx [contact]

#43....see #47....who just got "smacked upside the head"?
the problem with our liberal friends is that they believe so much that is not true
and by the way the community agitator that now holds court in the oval office is more of a hate- mongering racist than any previous president, with the exception of lbj.
#48 - Posted 11/18/12 @2:36PM by steve k

My computer has been freezing a bit hence the spelling errors. My apologies. And thank you #44!
#47 - Posted 11/18/12 @1:58PM by steve k

#43: While I don't know what I said to bring out whatever anger you are holding, I'll assume it has little to do with me and more with whatever demons you have within yourself. You made some statements that were categorically wrong and while this certainly shouldn't be a site relegated to a back and forth on politics or worldviews, let me simplify what I said so that maybe you'll understand a little better.

1) As an Agnostic, I don't read a Bible, Quran, Torah or follow any organizaed religion. It means I believe (& hope) that there is something beyond what we have here. I'm not smart enough to know what that may be and neither are you. Now having said that, most of my friends have religious beliefs and I respect asnd admire their beliefs because they really have no fear of death whereas I do. So, let's try and strip away some of the myopic thinking on your end shall we. Not everything is black and white as you are portraying.

2) Your political leanings obviously lean towards a Socialist/Communist frame of reference where everyone should earn the same or at the very least where the affluent should "help" the less fortunate not through charity and jobs, but through excessive taxation giving the gov't more power. I just disagree with that notion. It's not importnat enough to me to go through point by point as to why you are wrong, but again, you mischaracterize my viewpoint.

3) For every Scientist and weather nut who claims that Global Warming exists because of human interference, I can offer a rebuttal to that theory. Keep in mind that the Atlantic Ocean is going through a warming period as the Pacific is going through a cooling period. This also happened in the 1950's when the East Coast was pounded with execessive weather related storms and of course the New England Hurricae of 1938 was a result of the same weather patterns we see today. I find it laughable that people such as yourself and Al Gore and others have gotten so nbelivably arrogant that you think that something complex as the planets orb and weather patterns are going to be influenced by people and the inevitable paper vs. platic bags notion. Everyone was a safer planet and everyone wants cleaner air. Your problem is that you have bought into the bigoted and myopic notion that those on the left are great and those on teh right want to kill people and posion the water and all of the other nonsense spewed forth by slanted headlines. I'm not here to change your mind or covince how simplistic your point of view is and quite frankly you don't seem to be the type of person interested in a dialogue. You seem bent more on insulting and stifling differing viewpoints than embracing them which is a shame because you don't learn anything by living that life. Maybe it's because I grew up with a very liberal mother and a Reagan Conservative for a father that I learned early on that political parties do NOT represent a moral code. People develop their morals through their own life experiences and through their families. The idea that you can reduce all of that living down tor elying on a political party or cause is a shame and sad. You should expect more from yourself than that. If you a re proud representative of the far-left Liberal mindset, then I'm happy to maintain my Indepedence from either American political party and thank you and your intolerance for re-affirming my faith that I made the right decision.

So once again, I apologize to the board for this lengthy non-Rush commentary and wish you all once again a happy, safe and healthy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate!!
#46 - Posted 11/18/12 @1:54PM by hazlnut [contact]

#43 Great post!!

After seeing Lincoln this weekend, one has to wonder what happened to the Grand Old Party. I hope it can find it's way back.
#45 - Posted 11/18/12 @11:16AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Climates change. This thread needs to die peacefully.
#44 - Posted 11/18/12 @10:20AM by Homey M Holmes

Lol...classy comment, hkjonus...Steve K writes something fairly equitable, ending by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and you respond by calling him a knuckle dragging caveman who needs to "evolve."

Yeah, liberalism=scientific rationality in all cases, except when it doesn't. Like, say, genetics. Suddenly you guys become the biggest magical thinkers on the planet. Or just look up Lysenkoism.
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