Signals 30th anniversary In The Studio special now online

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 9:52AM

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#8 - Posted 11/13/12 @1:58PM by mcon529 [contact]

Lifeson sounds stoned at the 20min mark clip. Clearly pieced together interviews from over the years, no big deal. Great album, in my opinion Lifesons work on this record is incredible and is way underrated in the grand scheme of all things Rush.
#7 - Posted 11/12/12 @11:04PM by kjbird [contact]

On an unrelated note, Vapor Trails turns 10 1/2 on Wednesday :-)
#6 - Posted 11/12/12 @10:27PM by OotS [contact]

On a related note, Moving Pictures turned 31 and 3/4 today.
#5 - Posted 11/12/12 @12:28PM by kjbird [contact]

Happy anniversary tribute is this vid interpretation of "Losing it" link which I found both beautiful and moving, gave me the chills (i can hear all the guys now..."oh gawwwd, dancing chickvid"). Well, yeah! But, you may find it cool too :)
#4 - Posted 11/12/12 @11:36AM by lisah [contact]

#3 I sometimes think that these "interviews", are someones idea of getting people to visit their websites. Just my humble opinion, I take these interviews for what they are worth. They seem to come from nowhere and everywhere, but some of it is interesting to listen to. So much stuff floating in the ethernet thesedays, can just become a little much at times. Still, it's nice to hear the boys talk about their music. That always interests me. RUSH ON!
#3 - Posted 11/12/12 @10:56AM by kjbird [contact]

Enjoyed hearing from Alex and Geddy in the studio - - although, correct me if i'm wrong, but Neil was NOT in the studio. IMO, definitely misrepresented by Redbeard, not at all surprising he wasn't there though. Sounded like they spliced his talking points from interviews conducted in the 1980's. There's no way that is Neil talking just a month ago (or, whenever this interview actually took place..i couldn't see a date anywhere on the "in the studio" site).
#2 - Posted 11/12/12 @10:09AM by lisah [contact]

You are not alone on that thought. I'd be willing to guess there are a lot more of us in Rushlandia that are hoping to hear some additional 2013 US dates. That would be a great Christmas gift. Either way, I'm starting to save some money in hopes of part 2 for the US. Rush on to Seattle!
#1 - Posted 11/12/12 @9:59AM by robertkincaid96 [contact]

I just wish I could find some rumors of more US dates!!!
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