Lifeson-produced David Barrett Trio track Hollowbody now available

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 11:58AM

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#20 - Posted 3/18/11 @8:33PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

(A little late to the party, but ...)


I don't recall seeing that video (#9), but I did see this before:

I wonder if she has a whole Rush catalog (I haven't checked the other Related's)?
#19 - Posted 3/17/11 @7:46PM by deanmass [contact]

Is it just me or is this a little sloppy for a released version, and about 1:50, is that a La Vila Strangiato riff I hear? Definately Rush-ee sounding...
#18 - Posted 3/16/11 @12:40PM by patrush

Was this live video recorded at the Orbit room?

Kinda looks like the orbit room
#17 - Posted 3/16/11 @10:48AM by drmike [contact]

Alex shouldn't be on rushisaband, he should be in the studio working on Clockwork Angels! jk lol

I enjoyed Hollowbody a lot--that's great! Sounded more like Triumph, IMHO
#16 - Posted 3/16/11 @9:20AM by RushFanForever [contact]

I like David Barrett's comment that he posted on the RushIsABand Facebook page:

Ed thanked David for letting him know about the songs:

David replied with the following:

'Thanks a lot Ed, we really appreciate your help. Al even said, make sure you contact Ed at RushIsABand, so he appreciates it too!'

So it is apparent that the guys in Rush are aware of the existence of
#15 - Posted 3/16/11 @1:04AM by Spoons and Forks [contact]

That Alex....does he ever sleep?

#14 - Posted 3/15/11 @10:52PM by Kelly D [contact]

Eh meh gawd, Alex shouldn't have his own life outside of Rush!!!1! He shouldn't be doing interviews!!1!!! HE SHOULD BE WORKING ON CLOCKWORK ANGELS >:O GOSH!!!!!1
#13 - Posted 3/15/11 @10:36PM by Son of a Mitch [contact]

This song kicks some tail. Bought it and can't wait for the others. Check him out on youtube(David Barrett Trio), especially Eastern Sun. Everything he plays has Lerxst's influence in it.

Hollowbody and other progressive rock tunes along with RUSH will be featured on my radio show, The Mind of Mitch, every Monday morning ET from 5-7 AM on 92.1 WPTS Pittsburgh and streaming live on! Thank you and tune in!!!
#12 - Posted 3/15/11 @9:56PM by dadof4 [contact]

Nice tune!!!

27 Days till Chicago... Got the train tickets, got the hotel room, dang, still need to get those tickets.
Time to Assess and Improvise.
Perhaps Geddy will be selling some outside the venue.
#11 - Posted 3/15/11 @9:20PM by Mandrake

Your welcome cincyrushgirl, I thought it was pretty humorous also! Enjoy Louisville.
#10 - Posted 3/15/11 @9:11PM by cincyrushgirl [contact]

That's it!! Thank you so much Mandrake! You owe me , Ed!!!
#9 - Posted 3/15/11 @7:43PM by Mandrake

cincyrushgirl Here is one I stumbled upon a while back. I hope this is it.
#8 - Posted 3/15/11 @4:18PM by cincyrushgirl [contact]

Sorry this is off topic-

A long while ago, someone posted a vid of a lady belly dancing to a Rush song. She was good but the fact it was a Rush tune made it hilarious. A friend of mine wants to see it ( and so does Ed ;D). Any body else remember this??


20 days til Louisville!!!
#7 - Posted 3/15/11 @4:17PM by zakziggurat [contact]

Youtubes got a vid of David Barrett Trio playing Rush medley here link
#6 - Posted 3/15/11 @3:39PM by Pat [contact]

"Hollowbody" does sound quite a bit like Alex's playing. Good stuff.
#5 - Posted 3/15/11 @2:10PM by icamera [contact]

Oh man, this is awesome! My advice: play it loud!!!!
#4 - Posted 3/15/11 @1:23PM by Big_Al_Fan [contact]

Awesome. I've heard David Barrett's music and he's a great songwriter and guitarist. I'll have to check it out.

It must be cool to record with Alex. I wonder if he'd be willing to produce my latest writing project: 2113 - I Found a Ukulele. A futuristic, dystopian tale of the overthrow of the Elder Race of Man that overthrew the Temples of Syrinx the year prior. The catalyst of which is the discovery of a ukulele. I'd love to get that Alex sound on the uke. :)
#3 - Posted 3/15/11 @12:52PM by chutch15 [contact]

That's quite cool!

If you dig this hard rock/fusion meld, I implore you to check out Morglbl from France. Christophe Godin is one of the best guitar players on the planet and the band has a gerat sense of humor. They're all sweet guys to boot!
#2 - Posted 3/15/11 @12:50PM by force10 [contact]

2nd!!! 27 days till Chicago!! Rock it!
#1 - Posted 3/15/11 @12:17PM by drmike [contact]

1st! I'll have to check this out.
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