Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy 61st birthday Alex Lifeson!
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Alex young and oldOn this day back in 1953, our favorite guitarist - Alexandar Zivojinovich (aka Alex Lifeson) - was born in Fernie, British Columbia to Serbian immigrants, Nenad and Melanija Zivojinovich. He turns 61 years young today which catches him up with his bandmates; Alex is the youngest member of Rush, being born about a month after Geddy Lee and just under a year after Neil. In honor of this occasion here's some video of a much younger (and hairier) Alex arguing with his parents over his future as a musician back in 1972. It's taken from the Alan King documentary Come on Children. Happy birthday Lerxst!! May you have many more.



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#51 - Posted 8/30/14 @11:03PM by Diego [contact]

Yes, he is. link
#50 - Posted 8/29/14 @10:50PM by CraigJ [contact]

yes, but who's on first?
#49 - Posted 8/29/14 @9:53PM by Diego [contact]

I was thinking that 2112 base-4 is 73 in base-21. But I was off base.
#48 - Posted 8/29/14 @2:50AM by Enigmaticus [contact]



#47 - Posted 8/29/14 @12:09AM by CraigJ [contact]

I thought I said digital because binary would have been too easy...
#46 - Posted 8/28/14 @11:16PM by Diego [contact]

CraigJ, b4 you said binary, I was thinking 21. And thus 2112.
#45 - Posted 8/28/14 @11:02PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Cool CPB, that is a lot of shows. I love Texas, the Lone Star state I believe.
#44 - Posted 8/28/14 @10:45PM by CraigJ [contact]

1001001 = 64 + 8 + 1 = 73. I used to wonder if Neil picked that number on purpose but I couldn't figure out anything definitive. 1001010 is 74, which would have made sense since that's the year he joined the band. but 1-0-0, 1-0-1-0 doesn't sound good when sung. 73 is the ASCII code "I", which makes sense given the subject of the song (I as in me, I as in I Robot). I found other complicated theories, this one is my favorite:

Morse Code:
. = 1
- = 0
e = .
g = --.
1001001 = .--.--. = egg
The inner sleeve (I have the vinyl LP) has a picture of an egg in a c-clamp.

My conclusion is that Neil needed to groups 1s and 0s in such a way as to create proper phrases in 4/4 and that there was no meaning to the numbers.

OK, I have some real, actual programming I need to do - thanks for playing along!
#43 - Posted 8/28/14 @10:29PM by cpb [contact]

That got me thinking of my Rush shows. I'll keep it to tour and city...

1) HYF - Detroit
2) Presto - Detroit
3) RTB - Dallas
4) Counterparts - Dallas
5) T4E - Dallas ("The Trees" recorded there for Different Stages)
6) VT - San Antonio
7) R30 - San Antonio (Neil called it one of the best of the tour in "Roadshow"!)
8) S&A - Denver
9) S&A - Dallas
10) S&A leg 2 - Dallas
11) TMT - Dallas
12) Clockwork - Dallas (on DVD!)

Dang, not as many as I'd thought.
#42 - Posted 8/28/14 @10:13PM by jupeguy [contact]

Haven't missed a tour since Signals and from VT up they have all been multiples, so i'm up to 18,19 shows maybe. And that is NOTHING compared to some of these crazy RIAB'ers in here.We're talking 60,70,100 or more shows.I know Dr.Khan has been to many,many shows.Or acellofawareness and his dogs followed them around for almost an entire tour I think. Or Lance,PetieLee,KellyD. They have seen tons of shows.

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