Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Neil Peart's Far & Near: Days Like These limited edition hardcover now available for pre-order
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UPDATE - 8/6@6:16PM: It looks like the Rush Backstage Club pre-sale for the limited edition is now sold out.

Neil Peart will be releasing the follow-up to his 2011 book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time via ECW Press this coming October. The book will be another collection of his blog posts from the past few years and is titled Far and Near: On Days Like These. A limited edition hardcover version of the book is now available for pre-order from the Rush Backstage Club and will release on October 1st:

Neil Peart - Far and Near Limited Edition Hardcover has its own charcoal grey cloth slipcase adorned with a silver stamp of Neil's drumhead logo. Inside the book is a limited edition bookplate that is autographed by Neil Peart. Each book is also hand numbered out of 500. ** Only 500 of these Limited Edition hardcovers were produced**. Get your hands on this rarity before it sells out!

The regular hardcover edition if the book is listed as releasing on October 14th and can be pre-ordered here.



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#10 - Posted 8/8/14 @8:37AM by jaeger [contact]

Can you say "scalp"?
#9 - Posted 8/8/14 @1:21AM by robertrobyn [contact]

One just posted on Ebay $299.99-BIN $599.99
#8 - Posted 8/7/14 @3:32PM by jaeger [contact]

That's heads down.
#7 - Posted 8/7/14 @11:52AM by big lou [contact]

These were on sale as early as July 31st -- that's when I bought mine. RIAB posted the link on Tuesday -- probably causing the Sell Out but there were probably a good number purchased before then. Just a heads-up.
#6 - Posted 8/7/14 @3:04AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

I like the way the image of the cover over at the backstage club alternates from FAR to NEAR, a la Grover.

#5 - Posted 8/6/14 @9:32PM by mrdriven [contact]

regarding the SACD Presto- they underestimated the demand and more are being made-- I received an email from them apologizing and offering an additional 10% off for my inconvenience :) a diamond in the waste of customer service you usually encounter out there...

#4 - Posted 8/6/14 @9:27PM by flyingmelon53 [contact]

Not quite related but I got my SACD of "Presto" today...amazing the nuances that I can hear. "Presto" isn't my favorite Rush album, but it was my first Rush concert and it was part of my High School soundtrack. I hope AF keeps going with these...PW and HYF next please!!
#3 - Posted 8/6/14 @5:54PM by jaeger [contact]

Well that sucks. May I take hope from the wording "This pre-order is now sold out," leaving hope for another pre-order? The wording "The pre-order..." would have dashed all hope, but it looks like the RBS may have left open the possibility of limiting our ire by offering another 500 or 1000 more. :)

Makes me wonder whether the 500 already sold haven't been swept up by "book scalpers."
#2 - Posted 8/6/14 @12:16PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

Man, hardly one day posted and the Special Edition is already sold out! (at least according to the Backstage website.
#1 - Posted 8/5/14 @11:05PM by conky [contact]

First : )

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