Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy 61st birthday Geddy Lee, and happy 40th anniversary of Neil Peart joining Rush!
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UPDATE - 7/29@9:46PM: Ultimate Classic Rock put together a nice article detailing the events surrounding Neil Peart's joining of Rush, including some relevant past interview snippets with the band. And sent out a newsletter commemorating both events (Geddy's birthday and Neil Peart's 40th anniversary), complete with details on some new swag from the Rush Backstage Club to celebrate.

Neil and GeddyOn this day back in 1953, our favorite singer/bassist - Gary Lee Weinrib (aka Geddy Lee) - was born in Willowdale, Toronto. That makes Geddy 61 years young today! Not only is today Geddy's birthday, but it also marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most important events in Rush history; 40 years ago on July 29th, 1974, Neil Peart joined Rush, replacing original drummer John Rutsey. He's been the new guy in the band ever since. The day after Neil joined the band Rush bought equipment for their first tour at Long and McQuade Music in Toronto, including Geddy's black Rickenbacker, Alex's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and Neil's Slingerland kit (aka Chromey)... and the rest - as they say - is history. Happy birthday Geddy! And happy 40th anniversary to the new guy!



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#27 - Posted 7/29/14 @5:26PM by bravest_face [contact]

#8: I was personally disappointed when I stayed up all night and waited for the big announcement that they'd play "Moving Pictures" in it's entirety and that's just because I heard it too many times, except for the "Camera Eye" (live), which was the exception. Although, I missed the first leg, when I did see them on the 2nd leg his voice sounded great, that night. I guess,it's a hit and miss situation.

Maybe they should spread out the touring since it take's band's, these day's, five years at a time, to release new material. They might as well spread it out.
#26 - Posted 7/29/14 @5:12PM by jupeguy [contact]

Thanks guys! I wish it was 28 but unfortunately it's 48.
#25 - Posted 7/29/14 @5:04PM by bravest_face [contact]

Happy Birthday,Geddy Lee.
#24 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:54PM by cpb [contact]

Happy birthday Geddy and happy anniversary Lerxst-Dirk-Pratt Rush!

At this very moment, my wife is meeting Tori Amos. If ever a human being could hang with being the fourth member of Rush, it's Tori. Which is of course why it would be a terrible idea for all involved.
#23 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:51PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Happy belated Bday Jupe. 29 going on 28?
#22 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:42PM by What-A-Rush

Happy Birthday Geddy and Happy Anniversary to Rush Mach "II"! And many more to follow!
#21 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:25PM by RushFanForever [contact]

RUSH recorded 'Caravan' and 'BU2B' at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, that was started by recording and live sound engineer John McBride and his wife, country artist Martina McBride.

Martina McBride and Geddy Lee share a birthday.

#20 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:09PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Hyvää syntymäpäivää Geddy ! = Happy b'day ;) Hannu from Lake Saimaa, Finland
ps. Geddy's the boss, as other two almost alike ;)
#19 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:06PM by Runkerry

Nice coincidence Liver re your son's birthday. Happy birthday Geddy. You still look awesome at 61. Now, as summer rolls on, and Autumn beckons, some news of a tour/new album? Bring it on.....!
#18 - Posted 7/29/14 @3:06PM by Alexfan [contact]

Happy belated birthday Jupe.

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