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Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci on Rush's 2112
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John Petrucci - Dream TheaterGuitar World recently published a feature where they interview Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci to talk about Rush's 2112 - the album that changed his life. From the interview:

If I had to pick a favorite band of all time, it would be Rush. ... 2112 was the first time I heard something where, lyrically, it didn't have to just be about the typical rock and roll topics, that it could be about something more heady or esoteric, something that makes you think. That really influenced me as a lyricist. I was also blown away by how a three-piece band could sound so majestic and huge and play in a style that's inherently rock and roll yet still pushes the boundaries of what they're doing musically-this idea of being experimental, using different time signatures and not really being concerned about song length and traditional constraints. I can't tell you how huge of an impact that had on me. 2112 basically set the course for my musical career and how I approached Dream Theater.

You can read the entire interview online here (thanks RushFanForever).



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#16 - Posted 7/28/14 @2:03AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Ah yes, you are quoting lyrics from the song 'The Lamia,' from "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway," by Peter Gabriel era Genesis. The only songs that I do not like from that album are: 'Back In N.Y.C.' and 'Counting Out Time.' The rest of those songs on that recording are great, however.
#15 - Posted 7/26/14 @12:53PM by zebec [contact]

"With their tongues, they test, taste and judge all that is mine.
They move in a series of caresses
That glide up and down my spine.

As they nibble the fruit of my flesh, I feel no pain,
Only a magic that a name would stain."
#14 - Posted 7/26/14 @10:58AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Or perhaps an imaginary, ménage a trois instead, n'est-ce pas?
#13 - Posted 7/26/14 @10:55AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

My first experience with "2112" was playing the lp version on my parent's turntable when they were on vacation visiting my sister. I had liked most of that recording, although I still strongly detest 'Lessons.' Thankfully, my introduction to Rush was via "Hemispheres," instead.

As far as Dream Theater is concerned, I really like 'On The Backs of Angels' from "A Dramatic Turn Of Events."
#12 - Posted 7/25/14 @10:55AM by keith 82 [contact]

Hey #7 I also had a pioneer supertuner with a booster in a 71? volkeswagon which I took the back seat out and had those old large house speakers in. Bringing back memories.........
#11 - Posted 7/25/14 @8:48AM by OotS [contact]

Seems like a lot of musicians were influenced by 2112. You never hear anyone say that they heard Roll The Bones and immediately went to The Guitar Center.
#10 - Posted 7/24/14 @8:49PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Good call RR!
#9 - Posted 7/24/14 @8:04PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Jim, you can't have a threesome (or a foursome) with only one friend.
#8 - Posted 7/24/14 @8:01PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I meant my "friends", had more than one. :>)
#7 - Posted 7/24/14 @8:00PM by jiminseattle [contact]

My first car stereo in 1976 in an '69 Buick Skylark was an underdash Pioneer Supertuner with 6x9 coaxials Pioneer as well. It kicked ass at the time and my friend were all quite envious. Good times!

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