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Geddy Lee featured in special 200th edition of Classic Rock magazine
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UPDATE - 7/17@11:03AM: Eric over at Power Windows has transcribed the 1-page interview and made it available online here. When asked whether his children are Rush fans here's what Geddy had to say:

I don't think so! I think it was difficult for my son, as a teenage boy in Canada, where we're considered very mainstream. I think it was hard for him at school to be independent, so he tried to create a life away from being my son. He's an academic now and I'm incredibly proud of him. And he's about to become a father himself. I think it was easier for my daughter, as a girl at a girls' school, because they weren't so bothered about Rush and my kind of music.

----- snip -----

Tomorrow on July 16th, Classic Rock magazine will be releasing a special, 244-page issue to celebrate their 200th edition. The issue will include a short, 1-page interview with Geddy Lee with the tagline The Rush Man on Life and Love Outside the Band where Geddy talks about family. The 200th Classic Rock will be available on newsstands beginning tomorrow and has already started shipping out to subscribers. Facebook user Alan D already received his copy and posted a photo of the feature which you can check out here.



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#22 - Posted 7/17/14 @10:04PM by Pat R [contact]

Actually, I find it refreshing that Geddy's children are not fans. I think that's what makes them a fairly normal family, considering the trappings of the music business.
#21 - Posted 7/17/14 @2:30PM by Alexfan [contact]

I really enjoyed that article. Nice to see some new questions are being asked.
#20 - Posted 7/17/14 @7:59AM by joerock213 [contact]

cpb- I'm glad someone got it. We must not allow a sarcasm gap!
#19 - Posted 7/16/14 @11:48PM by OotS [contact]

#5 - I'm totally fine with Geddy's kids not being Rush fans. My father was a famous podiatrist and I didn't grow up loving feet.

OK, so he wasn't a podiatrist, but you get the point...
#18 - Posted 7/16/14 @10:55PM by CraigJ [contact]

#17 HEY! I resemble that remark!
#17 - Posted 7/16/14 @10:27PM by cpb [contact]

I read #8's comment to be a joke and quite a good one at that.

NEVER knew anyone thought that was Julian doing the Slim Pickens ride.

But I do remember reading a Rush newsletter from the mid-90s when a guy named Flavio asked Neil if the kid on the RTB cover was Julian Lee, to which Neil replied in his inimitable snarky pre-blog way:

"Flavio, I'm only answering this because you're from Brazil. No."

The inescapable conclusion to draw here is that all white people really DO look alike.
#16 - Posted 7/16/14 @10:22PM by CraigJ [contact]

#15 - RE: Julian and that video, I just assumed he was on set with his dad and got to play with the props.
#15 - Posted 7/16/14 @9:43PM by zebec [contact]

As for that supposed movie, I'd be awfully surprised if it were real. Good fakery though. Remember, Neil nixed Buddy Rich's daughter's similar proposed film project. I am glad that he did. The whole idea of such a film serves no purpose IMHO. As for Julian in the old video, I dunno why the discrepancy between Geddy's old claim and that of his son. Seems an odd kind of claim for either to make. As I've said here recently, Julian and his family live very close to us. We frequent the public library that is a 2 min walk from his home. He looks an awful lot like he could've well been the kid in that video. I taught with 2 of his old high school mates and plan to mention that fact if ever we should meet. We will.
As for Justin, my brother walks his new girlfriend's dog. Justin apparently refers to my bro, a luxe apartment super, as 'the gardener guy.' I am done. The end.
#14 - Posted 7/16/14 @9:41PM by graceedna [contact]

Rubin, No. The story about the movie is made up. link
#13 - Posted 7/16/14 @9:20PM by Rubinowits [contact]



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