Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alex Lifeson participates in Smilezone charity golf tournament
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Alex Lifeson was one of many Canadian celebrities that participated in the Smilezone Foundation's second annual charity golf tournament at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club yesterday. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Oakville Hospital Foundation. Toronto Sports Media writer Mark Szaniawski attended the tournament and tweeted out a photo of himself with Alex Lifeson that you can check out here. For more information about SmileZone visit, and you can see some more photos from the event on their Twitter page.



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#12 - Posted 7/18/14 @10:17PM by drummerboy2112

#11, Thank you for the kind words!
#11 - Posted 7/18/14 @10:08AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

What a wonderfully written letter, Asif. Awesome stuff. Sounds like a great time! On a related note, I had an opportunity to talk at length to Yo Yo Ma a few years ago. Obviously vastly different genre, but I came away with a similar impression: the man is not only an extraordinary musician, Mr. Ma is also an amazing human being. Tremendously gracious, intelligent, charming. It's so heart-warming when the people you consider "heroes" turn out to be everything you want them to be.
#10 - Posted 7/16/14 @2:33PM by drummerboy2112

@GrahamW, Thank you, and your 'macrographs' from your website are amazing man, great job! I'm eyeing the Fountain of lamneth and the Red Barchetta one, how big is the biggest print you make? I'll email you privately.

@ninjadave, Thank you!
#9 - Posted 7/16/14 @1:47PM by conniemack99 [contact]

yeah, I'm jealous.
#8 - Posted 7/16/14 @12:09PM by ninjadave [contact]

great be able to interact with any of the members of Rush in a setting outside of music would be so cool, no matter what it would be, as everyday folks...but this one, knowing Alex's love of golf and his sense of humor, would be truly priceless...ever since i got word that he golfed near my home (at a very prestigious course) before a show in Pittsburgh not long ago, it makes me have this fantasy of playing a round with are a very lucky dude.
#7 - Posted 7/16/14 @7:16AM by GrahamW [contact]

#5 - Your experience (and others who have met the guys) always reinforces my fanaticism and pride in these three, the best of people - surely it is this extraordinary personality and nature that sets the band so far ahead of others and makes their music so special. I am insanely jealous, but your heartfelt account of the day has made me feel part of it, thank you for sharing.
#6 - Posted 7/15/14 @11:36PM by OotS [contact]

"There's no bread, lemony cake" is one of my favorite misheard Rush lyrics (from Bastille Day, of course).
Other favorites:
"At the feet of a garden gnome" - Armor and Sword
"A leper smiles in a diaper" - Clockwork Angels
#5 - Posted 7/15/14 @9:02PM by drummerboy2112

You are very welcome mstmompj and 'Thank you' Most Endangered Species, Ed asked and I complied. I try to keep these things restrained but just couldn't help myself I guess, it was too much to hold in.
#4 - Posted 7/15/14 @5:39PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

Ah, got it. Nice hint.
#3 - Posted 7/15/14 @5:13PM by CraigJ [contact]

Hint: Lemony Cake

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