Monday, July 14, 2014

Geddy Lee featured in upcoming Primus biography
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Primus and author/journalist Greg Prato will be releasing a new biography in the fall titled Primus: Over the Electric Grapevine. The book is an oral history and biography of Primus as told through a series of over fifty interviews with a number of the band's peers in the music industry including Rush's Geddy Lee. Primus first opened for Rush on the Roll the Bones tour and have remained good friends with the band ever since. The book is slated for release on September 16th and can be pre-ordered at this location. Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.



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#23 - Posted 7/15/14 @7:21PM by jaeger [contact]

Searched the book on Amazon and turned up more than 20 results under "Rush"
#22 - Posted 7/15/14 @1:41PM by CraigJ [contact]

"It ain't ever gonna happen. Regardless of their success, Rush have never achieved critical acclaim and no one will ever vote for them ... most of it gives me a headache... Technical proficiency is not a valid reason to induct an artist, and Rush really hasn't done anything unique." - David Wild

Geddy, Alex and Neil make more unique and creative things during their respective morning constitutions than anything you've ever done, you pretentious douche bag.

Thanks for posting that - I needed a pick me up this morning.

Quick shout out to - auto playing audio with no visible way to turn it off is a very douche bag thing to do. You should be flogged.
#21 - Posted 7/15/14 @9:50AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Of course, this wonderful article had revealed David Wild's original arrogant statement:


My initial reaction to his comments was: Well, we will see about that, won't we?
#20 - Posted 7/15/14 @9:28AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Sorry to change the subject guys, but the author of this particular book on Primus had committed blasphemy against Rush with this particular review:


Oh by the way, I had never read fantasy literature when I was a young child; I had preferred nonfiction books, medical encyclopedias and regular encyclopedias, instead.

By the way, one of my ulterior reasons for supporting Rush's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in the first place, was to get music critic David Wild to finally eat his words.
#19 - Posted 7/15/14 @7:14AM by jupeguy [contact]

Treebeard got some major "wood" when he thought about his beautiful Fimbrethil.

And ya, didn't some guy get killed by a beaver when it bit through his femoral artery or something like that.

This is really Rush related isn't it! Talk about getting off topic...jeez Craig...way to go.
#18 - Posted 7/14/14 @11:34PM by CraigJ [contact]

Well, hopefully the Rush chicks weren't all destroyed by Sauron's armies like the Entwives probably were. Treebeard indicated in a conversation with Hobbits that the Entwives went to plant orchards where the brown lands are (or were at the time of the conversation), as in lands ravaged by Sauron. This suggests that the Entwives came to a bad end.

Oh hell I'm such a geek.

Oh and for the record I prefer my beavers smaller and less brown. Did you know that it's possible to be killed by a beaver?
#17 - Posted 7/14/14 @10:03PM by jupeguy [contact]

Well umm...hopefully there isn't a lot of cheese in the folds of that big brown beaver!! Hey, I usually wouldn't say something like that here in RIAB but let's face facts, there aren't any female Rushians on this blog anymore!!They have all left. Kind of like the Ent-wives. They were here, but are now gone.
#16 - Posted 7/14/14 @8:35PM by CraigJ [contact]

Don't forget to start with some cheese!
#15 - Posted 7/14/14 @6:34PM by jupeguy [contact]

I'll have one Big Brown Beaver for my main course and a pork soda to wash it down, thanks.
#14 - Posted 7/14/14 @6:01PM by The Sphere [contact]

Off topic...

some may enjoy this live version of Battle Scar (sorry, no Geddy) by Kim Mitchell and friends recorded yesterday (by someone else) at the Big Music Fest in Kitchener, Ontario. link


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