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Rush included in study of classic rock radio
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Moving Pictures coverWalt Hickey at posted an article today where he details the findings of a study of classic rock radio he recently conducted. Hickey monitored 25 classic rock radio stations operating in 30 of the country's largest metropolitan areas for one week in June. He found that the 10-year period from 1973 to 1982 accounts for a whopping 57% of all song plays. This period of time also happens to be Rush's golden era, where they released their first 9 studio albums, 7 of which were certified Platinum - including the Multi-Platinum selling 2112 and Moving Pictures albums. Hickey found that Rush's indisputable biggest hit - Tom Sawyer from Moving Pictures - was the 15th most-played song in classic rock radio. The band was also #21 on the list of the most-played artists, with Kansas City as the city that played Rush the most. You can check out the complete findings online at this location.



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#45 - Posted 7/13/14 @6:20PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I have programmed my Pandora radio channels so that they will not play AC/DC. My Rush channel also plays quite a few iconic artists, as well.

By the way, does anybody here have this channel:


#44 - Posted 7/11/14 @1:41PM by cpb [contact]

42: Oh yeah! And yeah jupe, I know you're eclectic in tastes or you wouldn't have asked for recommendations!
#43 - Posted 7/11/14 @1:04PM by jupeguy [contact]

cpb- For a minute there I thought you said that because of my post #36 about rushradio. As you know I listen to a wide variety of music from Juluka to John Prine.From Yanni to Lamb of God.From Devo to Stan Rogers. From Rush to....RUSH!!!!!! Have a good weekend mofo's!
#42 - Posted 7/11/14 @10:32AM by CraigJ [contact]

link Rush is variety bitch! It's Rush. All Rush. All the time. No exceptions.
#41 - Posted 7/11/14 @9:42AM by cpb [contact]

38 - thanks for the comment!
39 - jupe, it's based on having been here for seven years. I go to several other band fansites even though Rush occupies the top spot in my heart, and NO others have such a high percentage (and it may not be a majority, but it's over 10%) of people who
a) state that they listen to one band and one band only;
b) might periodically listen to a handful of others;
c) will express such a level of hostility for bands that sound not like theirs.

And I don't buy that people are jaded and have tried to enjoy everything else or are burnt out on the rest. Sick of the classic rock staples, sure, as many in this thread have expressed. I think of Frank Zappa saying "most people have experienced such a tiny fraction of the musical universe they can't begin to know what they like". Are you SURE you hate country? James McMurtry too? What exactly IS hip-hop in your mind? Ever given Afro-beat a listen other than as a novelty? Recorded music is like a buffet with thousands of steam tables. To go to the same one EXCLUSIVELY just seems WEIRD to me now...and yet it is a definitive trait amongst many Rush fans.

Hell, even Zappa freaks almost never do that and FZ put out over a hundred albums!

IF YOU LIKE ONLY LISTENING TO RUSH, FINE. That's certainly your prerogative. I can only speak for myself and say I'm very glad I got out of that. I'm glad that, like Neil, I read way more than Only Ayn Rand. That like Geddy, I can listen to and love Bjork and Fleet Foxes. That like Alex, I can actually play using different tunings rather than claim to be a guitar "purist" (which I used to say, when the truth is I was lazy). Constant change is here to stay, and for me, being able to love music in a variety of styles makes me appreciate my progressive background that much more. I'll never miss a Rush concert - but thank God there's more concerts than Rush I'd pay to see!
#40 - Posted 7/11/14 @9:33AM by lapirata2 [contact]

The Eagles! How could I forget! The most overkilled band in the history of the radio. Give me "New Kid in Town" and send the rest into outer space as space junk.

No Bob Segar again, EVER!

Pink Floyd? Give me Animals and The Turning Away.

Heart: I'll take one helping of Mistral Wind.
#39 - Posted 7/11/14 @7:40AM by jupeguy [contact]

cpb- Is that directed at a specific post/poster in this thread or is it just an observation from over time?
#38 - Posted 7/11/14 @1:55AM by Pat R [contact]


As a member of the'broadcast radio'world, I can tell you the industry is on solid ground. A sliver of people listen to satellite radio. Not knocking it. Just a fact. Granted, I'm not nuts about the programming end of corporate-based radio, but it's still THE main source for music fans across the country.
#37 - Posted 7/10/14 @10:31PM by cpb [contact]

I'm not gonna lie: one of my few, but LARGE, frustrations I have with RIAB is that I feel so many forum-dwellers here are VERY closed-minded musically...and PROUD of it. "Why listen to anything else when you've found objective perfection?" Fine, I guess, and I'm quite a music snob myself, but the idea of having more digits on my body than bands I can enjoy...well let's just say that's not a cave I could dwell in again.
#36 - Posted 7/10/14 @7:56AM by jupeguy [contact]

Just listen to and you'll be set.

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