Monday, June 23, 2014

Alex Lifeson on Steve Morse in new interview
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Alex Lifeson and Steve posted an article earlier today where they asked 40 well-known guitarists to name another guitarist who they count among their favorites and who is especially inspirational to them. Alex Lifeson named Dixie Dregs founder and current Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse as a guitarist that he particularly admires:

... "I've come across many players over the years and I've learned a lot from a lot of players, but I think one of the most underrated players - and he's respected, but he just didn't get the recognition he deserved - is Steve Morse.

"I remember when we were playing with The Steve Morse band and he'd be there when we were there at soundcheck, at three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and I'd just watch him and he'd be wandering around the hall playing and warming up.

"They'd always play a different song every night for their soundcheck and he was just such an amazing player. He has such an amazing ability. I always thought that he should have been huge in whatever he did. He was definitely successful in whatever bands he worked in, but I don't think that he ever had the kind of recognition that he so deserved. So I'd have to say Steve Morse."

You can check out the entire article online at this location (thanks RushFanForever).



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#28 - Posted 6/26/14 @3:07PM by jaeger [contact]

Alex talks about Morse in the past tense, which is unfortunate.
#27 - Posted 6/25/14 @11:24PM by zebec [contact]

Recently bought a couple of the latter-day Deep Purple albums used, solely coz of Morse's quality (Bananas plus the latest Now What). Not bad at all.
*PS I am taking my ball home now and none of you, except Ed, are invited to my birthday party. Its a Rush-theme costume event. I am done. The end.
(drinks glass of water)
#26 - Posted 6/25/14 @5:52PM by CraigJ [contact]

Oops. Prophet. Dog is my co-pilot.

Guess I mixed in some Spirit of Radio.
#25 - Posted 6/25/14 @4:19PM by jupeguy [contact]

Craig. It was more the "profit" and "dog" that was giving me the ???
#24 - Posted 6/25/14 @11:53AM by CraigJ [contact]

#23 I was dealing with jerk-off douchbags all day. The lyrics to "Show Don't Tell" perfectly described my day.

Today feels like it might be a "Something for Nothing" day.

I think I will take my Z out on Sunday morning for a "Red Barchetta" day. My radar detector is ready.
#23 - Posted 6/25/14 @7:02AM by jupeguy [contact]

#21 Craig. Huh?
#22 - Posted 6/24/14 @10:41PM by stang

While reading some of these post I recall seeing the Dixie Dregs back in 1979 or 1980 at the Carowinds Paladium (CLT). At the time Morse's masterpiece "Punk Sandwich" was getting a lot of airplay and the Dregs were a a hot ticket.
A great show it was. Poco (with Timothy B. Schmidt) was also one of the acts and needless to say The Dregs left a much more indelible impression on me
that night. I can't recall the headliner though. The Outlaws or Allman Bros. ???? Possibly Atlanta Rhythm Section...
Schmidt debuted his hit "I can't tell you why" on that tour as well......
Musical history.....Foggy as it is.
#21 - Posted 6/24/14 @7:06PM by CraigJ [contact]

My Day:

How many times do you hear it? It goes on all day long. Everyone knows everything. And no one's ever wrong.

Until later.

Twist those perceptions jerk-off - twist 'em all you like. Reality won't budge.

Neil Peart's a f***in' profit I swear to dog.
#20 - Posted 6/24/14 @5:33PM by freewilly [contact]

PS No disrespect meant to Petrucci or DT, I was just kidding although I find some things in them (both in sound and image) a bit overtly Rush-like, even if it originates from admiration.
#19 - Posted 6/24/14 @4:41PM by audiorushphile [contact]

Love that our Alex loves Steve Morse, both of whose music have brought much joy into my world. Like Rush, Steve somehow composes extremely complex musical passages that you can't get out of your head.

If anyone is interested in discovering some amazing tunes, my top recommended Dregs albums: Dregs of the Earth / What If / Unsung Heroes (but ALL of their albums are great)

Steve Morse Band:
High Tension Wires / The Introduction / Southern Steel

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