Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rush fan Caleb Johnson wins American Idol season 13
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Caleb JohnsonBack on Wednesday, March 5th American Idol contestant Caleb Johnson called Rush his favorite band of all time and then proceeded to belt out a truncated, 2-minute version of Rush's Working Man as his choice of song for the show's Home Week, impressing both the fans and judges with his soulful performance. Last night on the show - nearly 3 months later - Johnson was crowned the winner of American Idol's 13th season. You can watch Caleb's introductory segment and performance of Working Man below or at this location. In the beginning of the segment Caleb explains his choice of Working Man for his Home Week song, telling stories about his hometown and the personal relevance of Rush and the song to him. He concludes his segment by saying that, I'm really excited and thrilled to sing some Rush on American Idol.

There's also this post-show interview with Caleb where he responds to the judge's comments and talks about his love of Rush. Johnson will be releasing a solo album this August.



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#19 - Posted 5/23/14 @3:23PM by NYX [contact]

So Jack Black won American Idol?
#18 - Posted 5/23/14 @2:55PM by CraigJ [contact]

#15 - I wonder how high they had to be to come up with that?
#17 - Posted 5/23/14 @11:02AM by Rubinowits [contact]

Oots: Highlarious.
#16 - Posted 5/23/14 @9:01AM by hazlnut [contact]

Too bad Steve Tyler wasn't still on the show: "I think I used to tour with those guys...maybe?"
#15 - Posted 5/23/14 @2:38AM by OotS [contact]

Ladies and gentleman, you're NEW American Idol winner...
He takes the mike...
"Sunlight dances through the leaves, soft wind stir the sighing trees, etc"
#14 - Posted 5/22/14 @8:58PM by michinman [contact]

#13 I agree with you too. I have strong opinions about the show that I guess I should just keep to myself. Sorry folks for crapping on a positive thread.
#13 - Posted 5/22/14 @3:22PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Agreed Craig. The guy is a huge Rush fan and for that we should applaud his efforts whether we care for the venue or not. Just my humble opinion.
#12 - Posted 5/22/14 @3:15PM by CraigJ [contact]

#11 I will endeavor to stay off of your lawn!
#11 - Posted 5/22/14 @1:27PM by michinman [contact]

#8 I agree. A new twist on The Gong Show. Just a bunch of clowns IMO. I don't see anything particularly original in any of these performances either. Any handful of folks is going to have 1 or 2 that can sing covers well. Big deal. But it's selling so who am I to say. Nothing against Caleb. I hope he enjoys some success and I'm glad that he favors rock, particularly Rush. Now excuse me while I get back to my rocking chair...
#10 - Posted 5/22/14 @1:23PM by littledrummerboy [contact]

Criag, the backing band actually has beyond the talent to play Hemispheres. Look into their backgrounds, their all top-notch studio musicians. This is a kick-ass rendition of WM. Love the vocal style he brings to the song, even if AI is a big cheeze-fest. Well doe Caleb!

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