Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rush to enter exclusive sponsorship deal with Walmart
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UPDATE - 4/1@6:14PM: APRIL FOOLS!!!! ... in case you hadn't already figured it out. I hope everyone enjoyed the joke! Thanks for playing along and being good sports about it. Let's hope Walmart doesn't try to sue me. Now I just need someone to come up with some lyrics for Walmart Man. :)

Rush WalmartBack in February US retail giant Walmart began running a commercial featuring Rush's Working Man as part of its new ad campaign aiming to put the spotlight on the company's initiative to invest $250 billion over the next 10 years towards creating new manufacturing jobs in America. The move garnered mixed reactions from fans and pundits due to Walmart having been the subject of a lot of criticism for their business practices over the past few years. In yet another move that is bound to raise a few more eyebrows, Rush is now rumored to be entering into an exclusive new deal with Walmart where the band will become an official sponsor of the retail chain, similar to recent deals the retailer made with acts such as Journey and The Eagles. In an article from the Hollywood Star released earlier today, April Fulton reports that the deal will make Walmart the exclusive retailer for all of Rush's music and dvds going forward, beginning with a new 5.1 Surround Sound Deluxe Edition re-issue/re-master of the band's debut album (different from the vinyl re-issue due out later this month). This re-issue will include a bonus recording of a modified version of Working Man titled Walmart Man, featuring vocals from American Idol contestant Kaleb Johnsen. The deal is also rumored to include provisions for Rush to appear in further Walmart commercials on TV and radio, along with a possible performance at the company's upcoming shareholder's meeting. Here's a promotional video featuring a snippet from the new Walmart Man track, due out this summer.



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#50 - Posted 4/3/14 @8:07AM by jupeguy [contact]

#48- Nice! Made my morning mood a good one.
#49 - Posted 4/2/14 @3:15PM by nodrush [contact]

Nice one! Ha, you don't even like Rush mg.
#48 - Posted 4/2/14 @1:46PM by InukSean [contact]

Ok! I'll bite:

I get up at seven, yeah
And I go to work at nine,
Got no dimes for living
Yeah, they won't let me work full-time

It seems to me
"How do I live my life?"
Means nothing to the Walton clan
That's why they screw me,
The lowly Walmart Man

They call me the Walmart Man,
I'm in a terrible jam

I get home at three o'clock
Choke down Ramen like a slob
Always seem to be rushing,
To get to my second job

Well, it seems to me
I'll never have a wife
Don't have the time to even use my hand
Oh so sad and lonely,
This meek little Walmart Man

Well, I'm the suffering Walmart Man,
The rich don't give a damn
#47 - Posted 4/1/14 @10:33PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

For all it's worth, that Casio synth has a killer vibe.............:)
#46 - Posted 4/1/14 @10:29PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

F#%KING Brilliant Ed Man!!
#45 - Posted 4/1/14 @9:27PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Thanks Ed, a bet of levity is always a good thing. An aside: I love how Rush finish songs when they are supposed to be over. Many bands could learn from them the simple way to finish a song and not drone on and on with the same stale lyrics and chords.
#44 - Posted 4/1/14 @7:53PM by jupeguy [contact]

I'm sure Lance is working on those lyrics right now!
#43 - Posted 4/1/14 @5:18PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Wal*Mart Man... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

#42 - Posted 4/1/14 @4:29PM by e2 [contact]

Great fool's joke as always, Ed
#41 - Posted 4/1/14 @4:19PM by Big_Al_Fan [contact]

Well done Ed!

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