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[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS: March, 2014 - Not All Days Are Sundays]

Neil Peart snowy selfieNeil Peart has once again updated the news page on his website. The March, 2014 entry is titled Not All Days Are Sundays and in it Neil talks about enjoying the winter in Quebec with his family, and also dealing with the death of his good friend Steve (Steve was the elder brother of his late wife Jackie). You can read the entire update on Neil's website here.



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#34 - Posted 3/21/14 @7:48PM by jupeguy [contact]

#30-Agreed and well said.
#33 - Posted 3/21/14 @6:34PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Great post random_sample. Neil's the man.
#32 - Posted 3/20/14 @10:35PM by CraigJ [contact]

#31 - I think a whole lot of people say a whole lot of things on the Internet that they wouldn't dare say to someone's face. I am occasionally guilty of this myself, but when I think I might be crossing a line I do try to remember to ask myself, "if the person you are speaking to or about was sitting across from you would you say that?". I personally have no opinion about Neil's parenting skills, or his nose. He seems like a kind caring person for the most part, and that's that.

I do take issue with shut up and play drums comments. If that's all he did Rush wouldn't be around today. I suppose Geddy and Alex could write lyrics, but well, no.

As for any upcoming tour? My credit card is ready.
#31 - Posted 3/20/14 @6:50PM by random_sample [contact]

wow. I've made critical comments about Neil and been attacked viciously and relentlessly on here, then I see #19's comments about Neil. Talk about the ultimate personal attack on Neil, as a father.
My opinion....#1 . It's none of our business how Neil spends ANY of his time, whether he retires, Rush makes a few more albums, tours more, etc etc....
#2. Neil doesn't have the average father's life. Since his daughter was born, he's toured quite a bit. There are trade offs there ,and I am sure he's aware of it. He brings in some serious money, for him ,his wife and daughter to live very comfortably. They live in the house they live in, because Neil has done what he does. He's in a pretty successful band and part of that, is touring.
You ,or most other fathers go to work, and come home and can spend time with their kids on a daily basis . You can't really compare your lifestyle with someone like Neil Peart and shake your head, wondering why he wouldn't spend more time with his daughter.
It's obvious to me, he loves his little daughter like crazy. He's also the type of person who (this is pretty well documented, isn't it?) enjoys his solitary time, when he can . His wife understands this, I am sure.
Anyway, your comments on Neil's fatherhood really struck me as strange and way, way worse than anything I have (or others) have said, regarding Neil. His nose looking red, etc. Criticize someone's role as a father....that is mega personal and harsh .
#30 - Posted 3/20/14 @6:16PM by felicia [contact]

For all the folks who posted judgmental comments about Neil's lifestyle - why don't you post a diary of your life, and see what being judged feels like. Seriously - if you're reading his posts, you should appreciate that this is a privilege to get this glimpse into his private life. These are some fairly intimate thoughts being shared with us. Pretty sure no one is being asked to provide snark or other derisive comments just because his lifestyle doesn't mesh with what you think is The Best Way To Live.

I, for one, was moved to tears at the end. Having had a rash of deaths of friends and loved ones these past few years, it really hit home.
#29 - Posted 3/20/14 @3:41PM by nodrush [contact]

More importantly, when is the big premier for mg's drum instructional video? Expert on everything Peart....we'll finally get to see his famed chops, better yet his nose, hope he's got great lighting in his parent's basement.
#28 - Posted 3/20/14 @1:59PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

I too assumed that the arrangement was negotiated before they had kids. His role seems more like a grandpa than a dad in some ways. Again, if that's what the wife signed up for then who am I to judge?

While it's none of my business, I wonder how much it worries him that his daughter will likely lose her father at a relatively young age. If he croaks when he's around 80 then she won't be much older than Selena was.

Okay, sorry for the buzzkill. On a lighter note, it looks like he's still rocking the C.A. wool cap that the fan made for him.
#27 - Posted 3/20/14 @1:45PM by CraigJ [contact]

Forget all that shit. I want to talk about his big red nose.
#26 - Posted 3/20/14 @12:51PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

thanks Gedfan! a little more indirect, but indeed it's there. It was hard to not be thinking about Scars too -- "snow falls deep around my house" physically, and "atmospheric changes make them sensitive again" emotionally.
#25 - Posted 3/20/14 @12:42PM by omegabrain [contact]

I don't think his being away is weird. I'm sure they are both strong and independent people, and southern Cali has a lot to offer a young child. Part of the "artistic temperament" is solitude to create and reflect. Balance is very important, as is time alone and self-identity. Sounds like they've got it down. :)

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