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Metallica's Lars Ulrich on how Neil Peart turned him on to Tama Drums
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Lars UlrichEarlier this month Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich sat down with Guitar Center for a video interview and tells a story of how Neil Peart helped turn him on to Tama Drums back in 1984. Neil Peart was one of Tama's primary endorsers at the time, and mutual friend Cliff Burnstein helped set up a phone call between the two where Neil helped convince him. You can watch the entire interview below or on YouTube here. The part where he discusses Neil comes in at about the 2:12 mark. Thanks to Coelho for the heads up.



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#48 - Posted 2/28/14 @11:24AM by CraigJ [contact]

#47 - Posted 2/27/14 @7:32PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Put a fork in this one!
#46 - Posted 2/26/14 @8:31PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Bman, you nailed it. We gotta talk some time
#45 - Posted 2/26/14 @6:26PM by Bman [contact]

#44 - I can appreciate that. However, just because Phil Rudd doesn't make the same top-of-the-top list of 10-20 drummers.... guys like Pocaro and Bonham and Gadd, Purdy, G Harrison etc, it doesn't mean he gets shuffled into the "he sucks" category. I guess that's the main point for Rudd. And the other kid who goes to interlochen was dead on, in my opinion - you can't make it FEEL like he can. Meaning the way Phil Rudd is with time. I mean, maybe YOU can, I have no idea, but someone like Mike Portnoy couldn't lol, I guarantee it. His groove sucks. His playing is shallow (for lack of a better word). He totally has the wrong vibe. And his drums sound lame.

The reason I get so passionate about this stuff is when I was young I used to think I knew what a good drummer was (mainly before I actually became one-sort of). And I was ALL about the prog. And I would say shit like Phil Rudd sucks and nobody's better than Peart etc. Then I grew up, learned to play, recorded, and most importantly took some wisdom from my elders who could really play all the fancy shit (the guy I have in mind would make Portnoy look stupid in a drum solo. Seriously). Now when I see who I think might be the old me, the guy who preaches about people like Mike Portnoy while bashing Phil Rudd, I tend to jump on it. It's just a reaction of mine.

For the record, most of Portnoy's stuff is smoke and mirrors. It's NOT as hard as it looks. But the main point is that it kinda sucks musically. And the thing with guys like him, that's their "thing". That's their only trick. And it's a stupid game because there is always a faster gun, as the great Vinnie Colaiuta once said. And, to keep picking on Portnoy, for example, he loses that game as soon as you compare him on that level to someone like... Danny Carey. So then what does Portnoy have after that comparison? Sadly, nothing. Nothing original or compelling at all. That's what young players need to know about dudes like that, cuz it gets really obnoxious with other players. Most mature musicians I know don't want a monkey on amphetamines providing the foundation of their music.
#44 - Posted 2/25/14 @8:09PM by dr7915 [contact]

#38 - you are spot on. Civil discourse is always the way to go regardless of our opinions. Phil Rudd did exactly what was required for AC/DC but that doesn't mean I am impressed with his work.

#32 - where do I begin. You have been playing for 11 yrs. I've been playing for longer than you have been alive ...and what does that mean? Nothing.
You are entitled to your taste and opinions just like I am but I do take exception with statements like "It's almost impossible to play Back in Black and make it feel as solid as Phil Rudd did. End of story. If you're a drummer, you'll understand". I'm sorry, who elected you the drum king?

My dislike of Phil Rudd's drumming is not personal and I am a huge fan of the Beatles and the Stones but I do know how to separate great drummers from famous ones. On the rare occasion a drummer transcends both such as Buddy Rich or Neil Peart but, IMO, Ringo and Charlie are more famous than great. Solid...for sure but I can name many, many others that will drum them under the proverbial table. I'm not bashing them but simply putting their abilities (and work) in to perspective.

I have spent my life following the greatest drummers from all walks and none of the ones I mentioned (sans Neil & Buddy) fall into the greatest category. Give me, in no particular order, Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Rich, Ed Shaughnessy, Alan White, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdy, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison, Terry Bosio, Ian Mosley, etc...

The truth is I could go on and on with a ton of great drummers I haven't even mentioned but the point is that NOWHERE in my list will you see Phil Rudd, Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts or heaven forbid...Lars...

Like whom you like and more important...Happy Drumming!
#43 - Posted 2/25/14 @7:10PM by ToadBrother [contact]

#32 Whenever people mock Ringo, I think about what the great drummers, guys like Phil Collins have to say. They have nothing but good things to say about him; about how good a compositional drummer he was, how he provided the solid backbone even with some pretty oddball songs (think Rain here, which Ringo himself picked as his best drumming). I'd put Charlie Watts in the same category. Neither Ringo or Watts are flashy drummers; they're not bombastic or maniacal like Bonham or Moon, but they do what they do well.
#42 - Posted 2/25/14 @4:48PM by nodrush [contact]

Sounds like Ulrich has alot in common with you #6, although a much better drummer..... where can we see you play mg, you know, so we can see a real ex-pert!
#41 - Posted 2/25/14 @11:06AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Love the Beatles, I am old.............
#40 - Posted 2/25/14 @10:52AM by CraigJ [contact]

#37 Specifically the Beetlejuice Keaton, not the Batman Keaton.
#38 +1

And now for something completely different, yet Canadian: link
#39 - Posted 2/25/14 @10:28AM by riab4cameraeye [contact]

In this thread you are talking about two very different subjects. Creating music & performing music. I bet half of us could play Neil but who amongst could create like Neil? Or these other's that are mentioned? That's what separates .... Why aren't all models great actor's? Because they cant create. They look good but they don't have that creative spark that separates them. You know it when you see it just like you know it when you hear it!
I saw Kenny Aronoff (Melencamp's druumer amongst other titles) give a drum clinic at a music store back in the early 90's. His main point was exactly what some of you are saying. It's not about playing super fast or with amazing chops (although if that what your genre asks for it might fit - see Mike Portnoy), it's about playing tastefully within the music and adding something. Now he was talking about creating - not just performing. He could play really fast and all these fills but he learned that sitting in the pocket and adding tasteful fills etc.. was more satisfying.

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