Friday, February 7, 2014

Imagine Dragons to cover Rush's Tom Sawyer on upcoming tour
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UPDATE - 2/9@11:14AM: Here's some camera phone video of the band's cover of Tom Sawyer from last night's show:

----- snip -----

Imagine Dragons are a Grammy Award winning alt-rock band from Las Vegas. They are coming off a highly successful 2013 which saw them named by Billboard as The Breakthrough Band of 2013 and where Rolling Stone named their single Radioactive the biggest rock hit of the year. They'll be embarking on an arena tour which kicks off tomorrow night in Boise, Idaho and they told Rolling Stone that they'll be performing a cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer:

During their years as a club band on the Las Vegas strip, Imagine Dragons covered more than 100 songs, by everyone from U2 to the Cure. For their upcoming arena tour, which kicks off on February 8th in Boise, Idaho, the band wants to step up its game, but also pay homage to their early days. The group ultimately chose to learn Rush's "Tom Sawyer."

"It's just an intimidating song," says frontman Dan Reynolds of the 1981 prog-rock classic. "It's so cool, because I found this whole new register. I've been taking additional voice lessons and figuring out how to tune into my upper range more. The band loves prog, so it's kind of their dream." ...



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#33 - Posted 2/10/14 @10:14PM by CraigJ [contact]

not as good as these kids: link
#32 - Posted 2/10/14 @3:29PM by drummerboy2112

these kids kinda play it better, no?

#31 - Posted 2/10/14 @3:25PM by drummerboy2112

someone needs to give the old drummer there a xanax, or a bud, man he's flying during the fills and solo, and aint no one who can keep up
#30 - Posted 2/9/14 @1:09PM by krlowe [contact]

I thought they would be more creative with the song. Kind of disappointing.
#29 - Posted 2/9/14 @12:45PM by sdb1001001 [contact]

The singer screwed up the lyrics but at least the crowd seemed to respond well.
#28 - Posted 2/9/14 @11:04AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I find it quite ironic that a Grammy award winning band, Imagine Dragons, is covering a Rush song. I think that it bodes well for future awards for Rush. However, this also shows you just how out of touch with reality, that the Grammy awards are. Why hasn't Rush received a lifetime Grammy award for their work?
#27 - Posted 2/8/14 @3:33PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

I'm with cpb on this one.

Feedback was recorded in a studio so it counts as a studio album.
#26 - Posted 2/8/14 @12:26PM by CraigJ [contact]

I agree about Feedback. Needs an asterisk.
#25 - Posted 2/8/14 @11:35AM by jupeguy [contact]

I respectfully disagree cpb. Yes they did go into the studio and record songs,but they (obviously) weren't their original songs, they were covers. Although the boys did Rushify these tunes, in my books a cover album should not count as a full fledged "studio" album. But hey! that's just me.
#24 - Posted 2/8/14 @10:51AM by cpb [contact]

Why do we keep calling CA their 19th studio album?

I think people are forgetting a little thing called


(still counts, people...still counts)


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