Monday, January 13, 2014

Neil Peart DrummerTracks now available from Sonic Reality
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Sonic Reality sound development company has released 16 new DrummerTracks play-along drum groove collections including a title called Drum Legends Volume 1 which features drum performances from Neil Peart and a number of other drumming greats. Drum Legends Vol 1 includes Neil Peart's complete drum tracks from Rush's Tom Sawyer and YYZ (incorrectly labeled as XYZ!) The collection is available for download via both iTunes and Amazon. Sonic Reality are the makers of the drum sample instrument libraries Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit and Volume 2: The Grooves, which released in 2010 and 2012 respectively.



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#11 - Posted 1/15/14 @2:10PM by jaeger [contact]

As one politician put it., "real, real, reality." Or not.
#10 - Posted 1/15/14 @12:44PM by ToadBrother [contact]

Totally unrelated to this thread, but I had to do a long unexpected drive last night to fix a technical issue, so I popped in the Clockwork Angels live CD and when it got to Red Sector A, I was actually totally blown away by the use of strings on that track. It gave the song, which is an extraordinary piece of music and lyrics (in my books one of Rush's top five songs ever), a completely added emotional and sonic dimension.

Total fantasy, but I'd love it if the boys considered doing a residency; two or three nights at one venue, with the string ensemble, maybe even beef it up. If you can make YYZ work with backing strings, I think you could build an entire show around that idea.

Just have to say, despite a few issues I have with the sound on some of the tracks, the Clockwork Angels live album is quickly approaching my favorite live Rush release.
#9 - Posted 1/14/14 @7:20PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Jupe: I am a fan of man! It is so entertaining when MG opens up as it were. I would buy him a brewski as well.
#8 - Posted 1/14/14 @6:22PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#2 Jim - mg and I butt heads every few months and then we exchange cool bands to listen to after that. He introduced me to Phideaux, I introduced him to Subsignal etc. it's all cool, no big deal, in fact, if I ever see mg at a Rush concert I'll shake his hand and buy him a beer!Not that he's attended any Rush concerts recently, but has plenty to say about them....wink wink.
#7 - Posted 1/14/14 @3:25PM by CraigJ [contact]

#3 sometime between now and the start of baseball season is my guess.
#6 - Posted 1/14/14 @3:25PM by CraigJ [contact]

LoL XYZ... This speaks volumes: link
#5 - Posted 1/14/14 @6:55AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

XYZ?? At least they got Don Sawyer right.
#4 - Posted 1/13/14 @6:14PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Music is just a part of their lives, not everything..Remember Spirit of THE real radio. Waiting for Neil's updates after the tour, winter memories from QC "cottage" and so on. All the best to the best and winter wonderlands !
#3 - Posted 1/13/14 @5:32PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Jim, #2


Now, I wonder how much Neil is making off this? D'oh!

Just joking...

Anyways, I wonder how much longer before Ged calls Alex to come over to play around a bit in the basement?
#2 - Posted 1/13/14 @5:24PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Alright a new thread. That last one was getting rather testy.

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