Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy International Rush Day!
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International Rush DayToday is the 21st day of the 12th month - often written as 21/12 in many parts of the world. It's the Winter Solstice and the occasion has also become a sort of unofficial Rush holiday among fans over the years. Last year it was particularly significant and widely recognized because the year was also the 2112 pre-centennial, and even Rush themselves got in on the action. This year the festivities promise to be a bit more muted, but it's still always an occasion worth celebrating. What better excuse do you need to listen to Rush all day long, watch Rush DVDs, wear Rush paraphernalia, and otherwise celebrate Rush fandom? To make it especially significant, do something extra special at exactly 9:12PM this evening; 21:12 in military time. Happy International Rush Day!



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#18 - Posted 12/23/13 @7:09AM by jaeger [contact]

Hang in there, Canada! link
#17 - Posted 12/23/13 @2:38AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I did not listen to Rush on Saturday, I did however watch a portion of the Clockwork Angels Tour BluRay earlier today.
#16 - Posted 12/22/13 @4:21PM by RushFanForever [contact]

Happy International RUSH Day and to the late Frank Zappa who would've celebrated his 73rd birthday on the same day.

Neil Peart selected music to play before the band's concert on the Time Machine Tour and 'Peaches En Regalia' by Zappa was on the list.

#15 - Posted 12/21/13 @11:39PM by man of willowdale [contact]

Was another Great International RUSH Day!!! Got out the RUSH shirt, jacket and new RUSH Buckle and tour hat and spent day with my girls,son in law and grandkids at COSI. When we returned home, turned on the Clockwork Angels "2112" at 9:12pm. Then started the new DVD and still Jamming to RUSH.....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL..
**Can't Wait for the 40th Tour to start.....RUSH-N-ROLL....
#14 - Posted 12/21/13 @9:15PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

Damn, missed by 2 minutes. But my computer clock was telling me it was 9:12.

Oh well, every day, hour and minute is Rush time anyway.
#13 - Posted 12/21/13 @9:14PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

#12 - Posted 12/21/13 @8:37PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Never be another band like Rush when they're gone. Red Barchetta R30, the Best ever. Magnificent audience response crowd dancing waving Alex starting to travel from ESR towards the ESL and Geddy smiling towards Alex (who were the road crew there at that time, Ryan, Jack The Secret..) at 4:10..I cry for joy.
#11 - Posted 12/21/13 @2:44PM by jaeger [contact]

BB album. Sounds a lot like The Cars. link
#10 - Posted 12/21/13 @2:08PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

I wonder what the boys are doing right now:

Oh - found it:


And what does Alex do when not with the others:

#9 - Posted 12/21/13 @1:18PM by jeffc3 [contact]

Happy Rush Day!

Running the Time Machine BD (at maximum volume) here while cleaning house for Christmas.

I just can't watch the Clockwork Angels BD anymore... the bass is too muddy. :(

Happy Holidays Ed and Everyone!

- jeff in North Carolina

Long Time Reader, fan since 79ish
'01 Midnight Wine Lefty Fender Jazz

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