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Canadian Music Scene interview with Allan Weinrib and Dale Heslip of Fadoo Productions
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[Allan Weinrib and Dale Heslip: Fadoo Productions - Toronto, Ontario]

Allan and DalePaul at the Canadian Music Scene recently sat down with Allan Weinrib and Dale Heslip of Fadoo Productions for an interview where the pair give the behind-the-scenes scoop on all of Rush's tour videos. Fadoo Productions are responsible for Rush's last several tour videos and Geddy's brother Allan is the Head of Production. If you ever wondered who played Koogle in the Time Machine Tour video, or where the name Harry Satchel came from, then you are in for a treat. Allan and Dale describe how they come up with all of the crazy ideas expressed in Rush's tour videos, how the band weighs in on the decisions, and what it takes to make these ideas a reality. The interview contains several hilarious anecdotes and a bunch of great behind-the-scenes photos. Be sure to check it out online here.



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#38 - Posted 12/21/13 @1:03PM by lisah [contact]

Finally one great Rush mystery has been solved. Geds daughter Kyla was "Kuggle." It was a good article from a different perspective of the Rush "machine". We also know that the video of the concerts is put out by someone who has the bands blessing.It wasn't a secret that Geds brother was at the helm, so we know that the concert footage they put out is what they wanted.Like it, or not. I personally like the CA dvd. It's not perfect, but it's still a hell of a show from my favorite band! It's also a souvenir of great times and great Rush friends.Thundering Onward to the next great "Rush adventure!"
#37 - Posted 12/20/13 @4:36PM by omegabrain [contact]


I do not condone what security may have done in any way. Next time find a way to take action. Find an attorney who will work on contingency.

However, I am bit dismayed by your arena story. The takeaway: DON'T EVEN TRY. Sure, you are probably just a big fan, but it crosses the line of decency and respect. Don't be "that guy". Not only would it make EVERYONE uncomfortable, but you are asking for trouble.
#36 - Posted 12/20/13 @9:10AM by joerock213 [contact]

#33 I've said that Riverbend was a different story than Columbus. Sure I wandered into the wrong part of Nationwide arena that night, but I wasn't attacked for it. You know sometimes it can really pay off if you wait around after a show. In 2005 or 06 I was at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati for a Medeski Martin and Wood show. The concert ended and my buddy left with his new girlfriend so I was on my own. I walked over to some tents behind stage. There was a food buffet set up and several people hanging out talking. Next thing I know the guys from Medeski Martin and Wood show up. I end up not only meeting them but talking about music, got Chris Wood's autograph, and smoked up in the tent. You know, you can do a lot when you're alone. Riverbend though was a real nightmare. Every word I wrote is true.
#35 - Posted 12/20/13 @9:08AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#33-Also, in one of Neil's books he tells of an incident where a fan got thru security and was on Neil's bus when Neil came out of the bathroom/shower or something like that, and it really shook Neil up, so security probably has very strict orders regarding people who are messed up trying to worm their way into the backstage areas.However 12 security guards to handle one guy?If that's true then it is authority going over the top.
Hey Jim! get some real interesting banter going in here will ya? Make shit up if you have to! Remember embellishment is the essence of good story telling.
#34 - Posted 12/20/13 @7:06AM by holeinone53575

I've seen many people get forcefully hauled out at Rush concerts. They really have zero tolerance for anything.
#33 - Posted 12/20/13 @4:13AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Ok no offense, now seeing Joe's *other* stories (overindulgence in substances, wanting to bug Geddy), the Riverbend story seems like it has a million holes in it. They brought 12 guys to rough you up because you pointed at a female usher?!?
#32 - Posted 12/20/13 @4:10AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Um...most guys who practice MMA get their ya-yas out at a dojo or gym...they're not looking to bust ass on a semi-geeky Rush fan. & they wouldn't use a freakin' headlock. Sorry, just combating a dumb stereotype about that sport.
#31 - Posted 12/19/13 @10:02PM by chuteski [contact]

Not all who lurk are lost.
#30 - Posted 12/19/13 @9:21PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Where is everyone?
#29 - Posted 12/19/13 @5:38PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

sounds like the same type of bullshit Alex went thru at the Naples Ritz Carlton. Sad.

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