Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Heaven Below covers Rush's Subdivisions with help from William Shatner on new Sleeping Giants EP
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Los Angeles based hard rock band Heaven Below released a new 4-track EP titled Sleeping Giants this past Tuesday. One of the songs on the EP is a cover of Rush's Subdivisions which features a guest vocal appearance by William Shatner! You can listen/watch the official (and very weird) video of the song on YouTube below or at this link. Shatner says the subdivisions line in the chorus, and the video features his disembodied head during these parts of the song. And the really cool part is Shatner reciting the attention all planets of the Solar Federation... lines from 2112 at the end of the song (at around the 4:45 mark)! You can purchase a download of the track on Amazon or on iTunes. It's also on Spotify. Thanks to Will C for the heads up.



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#38 - Posted 12/8/13 @12:08PM by random_sample [contact]

I think it's a pretty good cover of Subdivisions. Jacob Moon's version is hard to beat, though. The video for this strange. Some interesting/cool visuals, but not much of the video seems to have anything to do with the song.
#37 - Posted 12/6/13 @6:44AM by starscreamsrevenge [contact]

I don't normally like other people covering Rush' songs, but that version of Subdivisions really rocked!! It gave the song a ferocity that I hadn't felt before. The vocals could have had less autotune I'll admit, but imagine if Rush a re-record like this?? Shatner was great too, at least he didn't use his 'singing' voice for the passages!!

That would be a great project for the 40th, re-record 80s songs with that harder guitar driven edge rather than more synth based. It could work, what does everyone else think?
#36 - Posted 12/5/13 @9:30PM by drjohn99 [contact]

Terrific cover of Subdivisions! The video is also amazing! Thanks for posting!
#35 - Posted 12/5/13 @8:13PM by limlight81 [contact]

OMFG Simply amazing cover and Shanter awesome choice very cool!
#34 - Posted 12/5/13 @6:33PM by CraigJ [contact]

FYI all the visuals are from here: link
#33 - Posted 12/5/13 @6:26PM by CraigJ [contact]

Why the Shatner hate? The Shat is awesome.

Just analyzed that album cover a bit. Love the 2112 reference and the Federation sleeping bag.
#32 - Posted 12/5/13 @5:35PM by Lynne G [contact]

Really good cover! Listened to it a few times.
Not happy about Shatner being it though!
#31 - Posted 12/5/13 @4:20PM by RushInHawaii [contact]

#28 Even better than the real thing!
#30 - Posted 12/5/13 @3:05PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

#28 X1YYZ........Thanks for a great laugh! I am new to guitar playing, and know how hard it can be to tackle Rush. I am fine with Working Man up until the solo, then I bow out ;-) I can do a few other songs, but just the 1st part and then I'm done. VERY FUNNY STUFF!

#29 - Posted 12/5/13 @2:16PM by CraigJ [contact]

#28 - Best ever. AAAA+++!!! would listen again.

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