Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour television premiere tonight
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Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray was released back on November 19th, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Video charts, with the CD debuting at #33 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. The film had a one-night theatrical premiere across North America the night before its release, and it will also be getting a television premiere on VH1 Classic and Palladia this evening at 9PM. This television cut will likely just consist of the same 2nd set concert footage that was shown in theaters and not include the Can't Stop Thinking Big documentary. You can see the official trailer for the film here and order your copy at this location (DVD, Blu-ray, CD).

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#59 - Posted 12/8/13 @3:41PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Totally agree Jim.
#58 - Posted 12/8/13 @3:10PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#57. You have written the best post on the release that I have read. I know a lot of people like it but many more don't. We are all obviously huge Rush fans but this is embarrassing.
#57 - Posted 12/8/13 @1:28PM by steve.crump [contact]

I have ALL the Rush videos. I was at the Dallas concert. That the Bluray is awful I cannot oversell. I am not even going to go into audio. IMO, the video alone is dizzying and really unwatchable. Who did Rush use to record and edit this? What lamebrain thought it would be cool to change the viewing on the concert ever 3.5 seconds including view from looking between heads, arm waves, and the back of the floor and arena. Here's some basic advice: for most of concert videos, people want a centering, close to front 5-10 rows view. Especially with Rush's visual show, we want to see the lighting, video backdrop, special effects. Yes, you can pan from SOME different perspectives. Changing views and angles ever 3.5 seconds from every distance, angle, from bad seating views to showing them walking up to the stage while the intro video is playing. MASSIVE over edit. I have no feel for even being at this concert, and I was, on the 14th row. It's a video disaster. Try to put this video back together, please. It looks like the high school video department edited the event.
#56 - Posted 12/6/13 @11:51AM by CraigJ [contact]

Agrees with #55.
#55 - Posted 12/5/13 @9:49PM by drjohn99 [contact]

I got to see this on Palladia a couple of nights ago. Having attended their excellent performance at Orlando's Amway Center earlier this year, I thought this recording was a good representation of what I enjoyed live.

As for the complaints about the sound, remember that live recordings are tough to mix and master. If the end product sounds too balanced and smooth, then there are accusations of too much studio wizardry. In this case, I think the producers were trying to give the viewer more of the raw concert experience.

Yes, Neil's drums were a bit down in the mix, but that is due to the difficulty of miking drums live. And Geddy's voice occasionally sounded like a 60 year old trying to hit notes of a 25 year old, but at least they went easy on the AutoTune. Yep, even Alex's guitar once drifted out of tune, which happens every now and again in real performances when playing slinky strings. The takeaway is that this video showed our heroes playing better than ever, tiny warts and all.
#54 - Posted 12/5/13 @8:40PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I respectfully disagree. We the fans pay a lot of money for quality releases and this is not one of them.
#53 - Posted 12/5/13 @8:20PM by limlight81 [contact]

Seesh lots bitching and moaning the guy bitching bout Alex solo on limelight dude go to the bloody second disc it has the full version and full solo on Alex guitar. Mindless freaks love to bitch about something and then oh it's on the second disc DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who give a shit bout the sounds on the cd and dvd it sounds great. You people ears are solo out of whack. Gotta tell ya today is the first time in years and see these blogs bitching and moaning my god lighten up for fuck sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#52 - Posted 12/4/13 @2:05PM by Kaneda2112 [contact]

Hmm...well I got the Saga 'Spin It Again' bluray at the same time and it blows the sound quality of this disc away, it's not even close - 5.1 or 2.0. Kind of a bummer. I have a decent 5.1 system as well. Oh well...maybe next time.
#51 - Posted 12/4/13 @9:27AM by lamneth steel

There is a new credit I don't recall seeing before on a Rush DVD, 'Audio Consultant'. Isn't Brad Madix the band's live soundman? What was his contribution to this?
#50 - Posted 12/4/13 @7:21AM by hannuFIN [contact]

Interesting that the CD reviews of this have live package have received 5 stars almost from all customers (Amazon reviews) BUT BR/DVD a lot of complaints, one say that and one that. I haven't received mine special package yet (6-12 weeks regular mail..). Sometimes think it's a bit strange that Neil doesn't follow the mastering process and trusts to others ears.

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