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Gene Simmons talks Rush in KISS Kruise 3 Q&A session
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Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley - KISS Kruise 3The 3rd KISS Kruise took place a few weeks ago and at one point the whole band sat down for a Q&A session. KISS frontman Gene Simmons spoke about touring with Rush in the early days of the band and tells one particular story about when the two bands were sharing a bill at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco with the Tubes, who were managed by venue owner Bill Graham. While the venue not surprisingly treated the Tubes very well, giving them an assortment of food and snacks, Rush was roundly ignored. KISS stepped in and Simmons told the promoter, "You're going to feed these guys or we're not getting up on stage... Everybody got fed". Simmons then goes on to speak kindly of Rush and even does a humorous Rush impression. You can watch Gene tell the story below or on YouTube at this location (thanks John I. S.):



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#26 - Posted 11/26/13 @8:35PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Kiss ssuKs
#25 - Posted 11/23/13 @1:04PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

Kiss is awesome. Rush is awesome. How do you not love Creatures of the Night?! I don't get the hate. And Kiss Alive is just as edited as ESL haha =p The FULL Yes should and WILL get into the HOF. The Buggles, included.
#24 - Posted 11/23/13 @3:44AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

#11---not saying Stanley & Simmons are saints, but did you go off of Ace & Peter's biographies? That's hardly unbiased information. The picture I seem to get from all 4 is Ace was a massive drunk & a bit of a dick, while Peter quit the band every three months (FROM the beginning), & was generally a whiney, massive pain in the ass. Paul & Gene, again from day one, were running a business, (as if the massive focus on showmanship didn't show you that), & they kept Ace & Peter around as long as they possibly could. It's still confusing if Peter left or he was kicked out, but either way, independent producers (actually, PETER's producer) deemed him not fit mentally or physically enough to play drums on 2 records, so Peter eventually had to not be in the band anymore. Ace saw Kiss get away from Standard Rock & bolted, & there's something to be said for that---but there's something to be said for Paul & Gene trying new things artistically. Either way, Ace & Peter both abandoned Kiss, so I'm confused why Gene & Paul are the a**holes, when they've kept that damn thing alive for essentially 40 years straight as a fairly major band, while Ace & Peter have done...?

That said, irony/karma IS a funny thing, & Paul wanted Peter gone the 2nd time for the above reasons, but also because he was old, & played even older. He told Peter it was time for a more modern Kiss, & Peter couldn't hack it anymore. Cut to 10 years later, & Paul's voice is fully & truly shot. Yikes. & Gene wanted Ace out the second time because Ace in his opinion had atrophied as a player by the Farewell Tour, & looking at footage, it seems to be true. Meanwhile, Ace always wanted out after the farewell tour, & Gene critiquing anybody's playing ability is pretty funny (that said, Gene has to carry the show vocally now, & he's still strong in that area).

Damn, what am I a Kiss scholar? ;o) They were just my 1st favourite band, & my #1 guilty pleasure now, & the "Paul & Gene are just asses" narrative just seems too easy & overblown to me.
#23 - Posted 11/23/13 @3:31AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

(damn, I'm sorry, these comments are irking me tonight. So black & white, on threads of half information. Welcome to the internet, I guess).

Unless you're just doing it as a fun exercise, no "one" lineup of a band has to go into the Hall of Fame. I think it might be a band/Hall collaboration, i.e., Rutsey wasn't considered to be worthy, but the Chili Peppers had a host of members inducted (& on stage), as did Guns N Roses. Yes (the band) I think are getting in (eventually), & yes, most of their members are getting in too.

As for the Kiss/Rush headline tour. My god, neither band would go for that now. Somebody said "OH, GENE EGO = THEY HAVE TO HEADLINE", when Kiss co-headed with Aerosmith about 10 years ago, & I think Aerosmith insisted on headlining, so they did. A (somewhat) healthy ego is Paul was on record as "Well, they have to follow us then, & good luck with that".
& Kiss didn't even tour alone (they brought Motley Crue as a co-headline) in America for the new record, so no, Kiss are not on the same level of popularity as Rush. That said, it's probable(?) this next Rush tour might be the last, & they probably won't do three hours again, so I was thinking---maybe Rush will bring a headline-worthy act, but will have them open for a string. Foo Fighters, Metallica, that kind of band. The bands would do it as a tribute to Rush, but frankly, I can't see it happening, because of finances. Still a good thought.

& my god, Ace & Peter are so far out of Kiss it's not funny. They had a cool 3 tour run ("Farewell Tour" meant farewell to the original lineup), & Paul & Gene pretty much despise Ace & Peter, & from everything I've read, for decent reasons.
#22 - Posted 11/22/13 @10:30PM by MGRushFan

#21, while I totally agree with your induction worthy lineups, Deep Purple probably works out better in that regard than Yes. While there is no doubt the lineup of Yes you mentioned is the most influential and "classic" lineup, the Anderson, White, Rabin, Squire and Kaye lineup was arguably the most popular and had the most record sales and hit songs. So it gets very tough to judge. To me, the HOF is a referendum on popularity, not influence, which is why King Crimson will never even be considered, although they were and are hugely influential. The same holds true for the lineup of Yes you mention. Hugely influential, but popular? Maybe to us, but ask the average person what Yes song they remember the most, and it will undoubtedly be "Owner of a Lonely Heart," a song not even written by a member of Yes (written by Rabin before he was a Yes member).

But to me, the best lineup of Yes wasn't even Yes. It was the ABWH album, which in my mind was the best Yes album ever written. That tour was amazing also.

Regarding Rush/Kiss, it will never happen so probably not worth going into. To me, it would cheapen everything Rush represents, besides not being a necessity financially for Rush. I'm not even sure Peter can even play anymore (he's at least 70 years old), and quite frankly, the Simmons/Stanley ego would never let them go on first. They would insist on being the headliner of any "co" headlining tour. It's probably just best to let Simmons continue to dine out on the old stories of how he personally discovered and introduced Rush to the world. Whatever gets him thru the night i guess.
#21 - Posted 11/22/13 @9:23PM by What-A-Rush

I agree with some points you made #11. If Kiss and Rush ever considered a co-headlining tour you're absolutely correct that it SHOULD be with the original Kiss lineup. That said, while that would PROBABLY be unlikely, the current lineup would have to "open" the show without a doubt. In that scenario, Rush DESERVE to "close" EVERY show. Furthermore, if the OFFER was substantial enough, I guarantee Ace and Peter would accept it! To that end, BOTH bands would have to switch "opening" slots simply because each one on their own draw very similar numbers as far as ticket sales, so I think a "co-headlining" tour would be the way to go if it was to ever come to fruition.

As far as your question regarding which incarnation of Yes and Deep Purple to induct into the Rock Hall? That's easy.

Yes: Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Squire, Wakeman

Deep Purple: Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, and Paice.

Both are arguably the DEFINITIVE lineups even though they are NOT the "original" lineups. Of the two, I voted for Deep Purple. Great comments everybody.
#20 - Posted 11/22/13 @4:04PM by MGRushFan

Thanks #18.
#19 - Posted 11/22/13 @2:23PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Lettin r rip is the way to go, agreed. I think Kiss was probably much more sincere in the early days but Gene is really off the rails with arrogance.
#18 - Posted 11/22/13 @2:18PM by Alexfan [contact]

MG you're awesome. While I tiptoe around trying to be so polite and nice about it, you just let 'er rip.
#17 - Posted 11/22/13 @2:10PM by MGRushFan

Gene's memory is probably very selective. I'd be wary to believe the story about Rush not getting food until he intervened unless it was verified by Lee, Lifeson and Peart. In either case, thank god the guys in Rush don't have to resort to giving cruises to their fans in order to survive, nor do they have to "dine out" on stories from 40 years ago either. Screw Simmons and Stanley!

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