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Happy 20th anniversary Counterparts!
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UPDATE - 10/22@1:49PM: Here's a nice little write-up on the albums from Ultimate Classic Rock (thanks ou812112).

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Rush's 15th studio album, Counterparts. Counterparts along with last year's Clockwork Angels are Rush's 2 best charting albums in the US, both reaching as high as #2 on the Billboard album charts. The album was recorded between April and June of 1993 at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec and McClear Place in Toronto. It was produced by Peter Collins and was certified Gold on December 7, 1993; it has yet to reach Platinum status. The album's first single Stick It Out (watch video) reached as high as #1 on the mainstream rock charts, with Nobody's Hero (watch video) and Cold Fire both reaching #3. Audio Fidelity released an SACD version of Counterparts earlier this year. Happy 20th anniversary!



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#50 - Posted 11/6/13 @2:37PM by What-A-Rush

I consider 'Counterparts' to be a solid album, but NOT a truly great one. It's shining moments are 'Cold Fire', 'Nobody's Hero', 'Animate', and 'Leave That Thing Alone'. I do agree with others who said that their return to "heavy" guitar is arguably the MAIN reason why the album was a breath of fresh air for some fans at the time, and understandably so. However, there's no doubt in my mind that the guys were CLEARLY paying attention to the rock scene in the 90's as they commenced work on the album. Nothing wrong with that, mind you! A lot of great music came from that era. For better or worse, Alex was definitely in the driver's seat on 'Counterparts', DESERVEDLY, I might add. Overall, the "best" Rush album of that decade. Three out of five stars. Great comments everybody pro and con.
#49 - Posted 10/22/13 @11:40PM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

If they'd released "Between Sun and Moon" as a radio single, this album would have gone platinum, or closer to it at least.
#48 - Posted 10/22/13 @11:37AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Just listened to all the tunes. favorites- Safe and Sound, Hide my Crazy, Cardiac and Pretty Girls. Something Soft...different but o.k.- Magical...not my cup of tea, too boy-bandy, but hey these are younger guys and they have to appeal to a younger audience as well right? Can hear Big Al's influence for sure! Although like I said, they still remind me of The Killer's. They sure know how to write good, catchy tunes and it's evident that they can play and I'm sure they have nothing but good things in store for them! I'm going to buy their album on i-tunes.
#47 - Posted 10/22/13 @11:16AM by Jodeo [contact]

Since my moment of inspiration (see #34) I've taken my diatribe, cleaned it up a little, and posted to Amazon. I haven't given CP a proper listen in a few years so it's on my radio today. And my review was right on. 5 stars.


#46 - Posted 10/22/13 @10:43AM by Jediyyz [contact]

Thanks for listening Jupe. His band does their own thing music wise, but his playing has the influence of Alex written all over. link This is their cite....any interest can only help a new band attempting to be heard....sound familiar?
#45 - Posted 10/22/13 @8:39AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#43- Just listened to "Safe and Sound". Very good! Sound reminds me of The Killers. I'll check out more of their tunes for sure.

Hey pali just call me jupe or Rob if you want, no need to write out that stupid username!
#44 - Posted 10/21/13 @11:25PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

jupeguyowensound, no problem!!
#43 - Posted 10/21/13 @10:12PM by Jediyyz [contact]

Speaking of recommending new music, my son plays guitar for a Seattle
Based band called "These Young Fools". He grew up a huge Rush fan,
And lists Alex Lifeson as his number one guitar influence. Please check
Out this review and give their music a listen. link
#42 - Posted 10/21/13 @7:02PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Thanks for the insights pali!
#41 - Posted 10/21/13 @7:00PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

hey mgrushfan. check out a band called Maze of Time. Album, Tales from The Maze.- songs, Ocean of Dreams, The Maze. Similar to Phideaux. Just stumbled upon these guys on i-tunes.

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