Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Neil Peart to appear in new Global TV documentary series Walk the Walk
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UPDATE - 10/3@11:50PM: The show is also apparently airing on Slice and already premiered this evening (thanks Get up and go the distance). Both Slice and Global TV are Canadian cable TV Networks; it's not clear whether this will be shown in the US or other countries.

UPDATE - 10/3@7:52PM: The Walk the Walk Facebook page posted this minute-and-a-half preview video of the episode with Neil Peart in it. You can check it out below or at this location (thanks RushFanForever):

----- snip -----

Walk the Walk is an upcoming six-part documentary series from Global TV which celebrates the work done by community heroes, surprising them with a visit from a celebrity they admire who has already been inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. Rush was inducted back in 1999, and Neil Peart makes an appearance in one of the episodes. The episode with Peart focuses on London, Ontario based musician Karl Sloman, who shows compassion, along with perseverance and ingenuity, with the band he formed in 2005 called Trainwreck - an eight-member band divided equally between players with and without disabilities. From the Toronto Star:

... The four disabled musicians are all percussionists, with instruments rigged up to their wheelchairs or, in one case, a drumstick with an electrode running through the middle that makes it easier to drum on cue.

Sloman, who idolizes Neil Peart, drummer for rock group Rush, thought he was being given an opportunity to meet and consult with Peart's technician. He wasn't expecting the notoriously private icon to join the visit.

"I know people think what I do is a big deal, but I don't see it that way," Sloman says. "To be treated the way I was by the band and by the Rush organization, it really turned me on my back." ...

You can check out a photo of Sloman with Neil Peart on the Walk the Walk Facebook page. Walk the Walk premieres on Saturday, October 12th on Global TV at 10PM.



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#17 - Posted 10/9/13 @10:28AM by The Sphere [contact]

An article on this appeared today in the local London, Ontario, paper... online version here: link

Congratulations and great work, Karl!!

#16 - Posted 10/4/13 @8:14AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

One thing to add. If you watch the "A Work In Progress" instructional DVD's, Neil has his snare super high and I think over the years he has slowly moved it a bit lower to where it is now. Anyone else notice this?
#15 - Posted 10/4/13 @8:00AM by Ajax5 [contact]

#13--I'm not all that surprised. These aren't purely "fans". These are drummers, active working musicians.
#14 - Posted 10/4/13 @7:41AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Must have been an awesome experience. One thing that still amazes me is how high Neil's snare is (Freddie's influence). Karl Sloman is taller than Neil by a few inches by the looks of it, but check out how high the snare is even on him when he sits behind the kit. Christ if I ever had the chance to sit behind one of Neil's kits that snare would be even with my chest as i'm only 5'11".
#13 - Posted 10/4/13 @7:32AM by holeinone53575

It's really odd to see Pratt so warm and inviting with fans.
#12 - Posted 10/3/13 @11:17PM by barney_rebel [contact]

SOB!!! I would have recorded this. This is AWESOME!
#11 - Posted 10/3/13 @9:55PM by Get up and go the distance [contact]

Just watched it on SLICE TV. The time was incorrect in the listings. Neil was awesome - such a kind thing to do. People are asking me to post it to youtube, but I have no idea how to do that, or if it's even possible with my pvr. Wouldn't the network just it anyhow if it was uploaded to youtube?
#10 - Posted 10/3/13 @8:48PM by Ajax5 [contact]

For those of you in the States, Global is one of our commercial networks (our equivalent of an NBC or CBS).
#9 - Posted 10/3/13 @8:40PM by Get up and go the distance [contact]

My listings show it is going to be on at 6pm PST TODAY on Slice TV. It is channel 254 in my area. I don't know why is it is being publicized as only on Global TV. I have my PVR set to record it.
#8 - Posted 10/2/13 @8:29PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

Neil was stellar as usual....That guy sure works hard and with his talent, any song would be graced with his presence!!


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