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Geddy Lee's double-neck Rickenbacker featured in VH1 news story
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Mayer Hawthorne with Geddy's double-neckThe Hard Rock Cafe recently named American musician Mayer Hawthorne as their very first Hard Rock Artist of the Month. To celebrate the occasion they gave Mayer a tour of the Hard Rock Vault as shown in this VH1 news story. One of the items shown in the news video is Geddy Lee's double-neck Rickenbacker. Unfortunately they spelled Geddy's name wrong in the accompanying story!

... Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan acts as our guide, and he keeps the hits coming with an insane lineup of jaw-dropping items. From seemingly out of nowhere he produces the Rickenbacker double-neck guitar played by Getty Lee of Rush during the Permanent Waves tour in 1980. Now that multi-instrumentalist Mayer has incorporated playing guitar as well as bass into his live performances, he might have to invest in a similar model. If we see him rocking out on one of these bad boys, we'll know where he got the idea! ...

You can watch the video below or at this location.



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#16 - Posted 8/22/13 @4:06PM by G-Man [contact]

There's a picture floating around of a young Kip Winger (huge Geddy fan) with a similar white double neck Ric. Were these things readily available as production models?
#15 - Posted 8/22/13 @12:55PM by Taurus Pedal Boy

Yeah, if you listen to the live version of "A PASSAGE TO BANGKOK" (which was an EXIT: STAGE LEFT leftover that appeared as the b-side of the "NEW WORLD MAN" 45 rpm record), you can hear Geddy playing this white double neck. Ged would play the 6-string guitar during Alex's guitar solo, while playing the bass part on the Taurus pedals. It sounded awesome. I'm sure it's on Youtube if anybody wants to hear it.
#14 - Posted 8/22/13 @12:04PM by Rob1855 [contact]

I've never owned a double neck... seems like they must be incredibly impractical to store. Do they make special double-neck stands? I suppose you could hang it flat on the wall, with two separate hangers. I'd get irritated putting it back in the case every night.

Of course, I don't think those things were made with practicality in mind.
#13 - Posted 8/22/13 @5:43AM by digitalfries [contact]

And I'm sure that musician was asking, "Who F is Geddy Lee"? That spelling error is nearly unforgivable.
#12 - Posted 8/21/13 @12:37PM by kjbird [contact]

#11 - Posted 8/21/13 @9:41AM by alx gd nl [contact]

Yeah. I only remember the Black Guit-Bass (and have some great pics). I must've been exploring the Passage To Bangkok during the song and didn't even SEE the White one. 8^)!!!
#10 - Posted 8/21/13 @7:12AM by jaeger [contact]

Yeah, that Alec guy who played Obi Wan Kenobi, right?
#9 - Posted 8/21/13 @3:53AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

What about Neal and Alec?
#8 - Posted 8/20/13 @5:20PM by Taurus Pedal Boy

Pretty sure Geddy used to use the white double-neck (4-string bass/6-string guitar) on "A Passage To Bangkok" while the black one (4-string bass/12-string guitar) was used on "Xanadu".
#7 - Posted 8/20/13 @3:37PM by jaeger [contact]

Too much museum on the brain, I guess: link

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