Friday, July 12, 2013

Rush 2013 Clockwork Angels tour Halifax show #1 open thread
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UPDATE - 7/16@7:31AM: Here's a great photo gallery that was posted over at

UPDATE - 7/15@1:33PM: Here's a review from The MusicNerd Chronicles.

UPDATE - 7/15@9:19AM: Here's a review from Global News.

UPDATE - 7/15@8:06AM: Official photos have been posted at

UPDATE - 7/13@8:09AM: Here's a great review from the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

UPDATE - 7/12@9:56PM: The show is over and they ended up playing the Night A - version 4 set (thanks Kelly D). So the crowd Sunday night should definitely see the B set.

UPDATE - 7/12@8:13PM: It looks like since the band didn't get to play the full Night A setlist in Quebec City Wednesday, they decided they would give it another try tonight rather than play the B set that we had anticipated. Up through the first set the band seems to be playing the Night A - version 4 set for the Halifax crowd (thanks Kelly D).

Rush Clockwork Angels 2013 tourThe wait is finally over for Halifax! After nearly 26 years Rush will finally make a return to Nova Scotia, bringing the Clockwork Angels tour to the Halifax Metro Centre tonight for the first of 2 back-to-back shows there this weekend. They'll play a second show on Sunday night. The last time they played Halifax was on November 2nd, 1987 on the Hold Your Fire tour. The band is due to play their Night B setlist tonight. I'll post confirmation of this as soon as I learn about it. For all of the Atlantic Canadian fans going to the show tonight, have fun, be safe, and make sure to share your photos, videos and reports with us. Rush to Halifax!!!!

Date/Time: Friday, July 12th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 30
Venue: Halifax Metro Centre
Place: Halifax, NS

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#12 - Posted 7/13/13 @3:58PM by Mr. Bill [contact]

Thanks guys! What a blast! Shout out to the Nova Scotia Rush flag guy before they came on stage! Needless to remind of Sunday theres no bread let 'em eat cake!
#11 - Posted 7/13/13 @2:43PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Great pics, great review and sounds like it was a killer show.
#10 - Posted 7/13/13 @12:27PM by Jag2112 [contact]

Here's a link to a nice gallery of photos from night #1 in Halifax...

#9 - Posted 7/13/13 @12:01AM by NSRUSHFAN [contact]

Great show tonight with a full house. Not a seat left in the place. Sound was a little muddy in spots in the low end but the playing as usual was superb. The most popular portion of the show was from YYZ onward and the crowd was really into it. Looking forward to Sunday night!

Rush rules!
#8 - Posted 7/12/13 @10:51PM by scoter [contact]

Saw Rush in 2002 in Toronto at the ACC and Bubbles brought out Alex's guitar during the set. In the episode below where Rush plays Halifax on TPB, they showed Bubbles from the Toronto show..

Play that Diane Sawyer song!!
#7 - Posted 7/12/13 @5:37PM by Rusty Shackleford

I'm not giving anyone a f***** R!!
#6 - Posted 7/12/13 @4:49PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

Never saw that Trailer Park Boys clip before. Hilarious! I love the part at the end where Alex is picking up the loose change that Ricky threw at him.
#5 - Posted 7/12/13 @2:23PM by berniecorbett [contact]

Possible Rush Sighting!

2 Red BMW GS'ers blew by me on the 102 this afternoon. Bikes had Quebec License plates. I tried to catch them but didn't have the HP to keep up.

Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight, I will be there on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!
#4 - Posted 7/12/13 @1:35PM by lisah [contact]

Everyone in Halifax enjoy the show! The boys are in the house again. How sweet it is! I wonder if Bubbles will be Lerxst's guitar tech. again? He was absolutely flawless on his last go around! Rush On!
#3 - Posted 7/12/13 @1:34PM by limelighter [contact]

I just heard that the 2nd show in Halifax is not close to being a sellout.
not good. hope this changes for the better in the next couple of days.

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