Monday, February 25, 2013

Omnium Gatherum covers Rush's Subdivisions
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Omnium Gatherum - BeyondThe follow-up to Finnish death metal band Omnium Gatherum's 2011 release New World Shadows is titled Beyond, and is set to release next Tuesday, March 5th in North America via Lifeforce Records. The band recorded a cover of Rush's Subdivisions as part of the album's bonus material, and the track can already be purchased as a standalone mp3 on Amazon and via iTunes. You can give the track a listen on YouTube below or at this location:



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#51 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:55AM by jchardern [contact]

Its sort of a sad commentary on the Death Metal genre. To my ears, there is nothing more disappointing than getting into a tight, melodic, metal groove intro only to be assaulted by what can barely be passed as vocals. I've never understood the whole growling, death metal style. For me, it practically ruins every song. It's too bad - with "normal" singing I might find a band like Omnium Gatherum interesting. Unfortunately, they are just unlistenable. I would take Ged's vocal stylings any day of the week and twice on Sunday!
#50 - Posted 2/27/13 @12:41AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Hang on - this just in hot off the newswire.

It wasn't Cookie Monster as lead singer ...... It was By-Tor ! Let the fray begin !!!!
#49 - Posted 2/27/13 @12:04AM by Ku [contact]

Priceless. Didn't anybody bother to tell these guys that "roar" and "growl" are nouns or verbs and not the actual sound of a roar or growl?

"Move along folks, nothing to see here. Jesus, O'Malley, you're standing on the decapitated head of this song. Can't you look where you're stepping and direct traffic at the same time?!"
#48 - Posted 2/26/13 @10:41PM by cheech24 [contact]

LOL. If you heard this, you know where I'm coming from. No editorial needed.
#47 - Posted 2/26/13 @9:27PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

Ah, come on now, let's not insult Cookie Monster.

Imagine this guy doing Bytor, along with someone to do Snowdog? Any nominees? The guy from the BeeGees?

Good evening's laughs (the vid and the comments).
#46 - Posted 2/26/13 @7:10PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

Was way late in reading this, but it has been, by far, the most humorous and entertaining read in a long while! Every funny thought I was going to post was already written down! In my best growling voice:

#45 - Posted 2/26/13 @5:19PM by PLesinski [contact]

Dying over those vocals. "Subdevesioooons! Grrrooooowl!" But the music is damn good. I'd buy this w/o the vox for sure.
#44 - Posted 2/26/13 @4:42PM by Rusty Shackleford

I think i first heard this guy on Tony Bennett's duets album.

His rendition of "I left my heart in San Francisco" just kills.

#43 - Posted 2/26/13 @3:10PM by Babelfish [contact]

Has me in fits! Is that one of the characters from Lord of The Rings ? I think it is the lead Goblin or is it one of the Trolls ! Anyways fair play for covering and to be fair the guitar and musical side of it is very good, but PLEASE leave the vocals to Geddy! This guy will NOT be standing in to cover this on any part of their European Tour ! THANK GOD, or should I say THANK GED! Good luck, and certainly put a smile on my face :)
#42 - Posted 2/26/13 @2:32PM by Tom [contact]

Shame, I think the music is great - particularly what they've done with the guitars adding something new and good to the song. However, the vocals don't do it with me - the growling just does not work. It might work on other material but not this song - far too melodic for the vocals. Shame, I really like the guitars!

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